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    Quote from TheDFO

    Instead of letting the super hardcore minority direct all effort towards "end game" by whining

    Quote from Xenocow

    /edit/ 7100 now

    If that isn't a minority, I'd be worried about the game's future.

    Seriously, what is more hardcore than a 1 hour hardcore race for some shinies? I applaud that they are aiming for a different group with a different approach, but "accessible" is not what I would call this.
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    Quote from Benegesserit

    2) Notice how they have to say "subcription-based"? Nearly all MMOs out there are NOT subscription-based. Congrats on being #1 in a nearly empty room Blizzard.

    Because the sub-based games can't get 9 million players, so they go free to play. See SWToR most recently.

    I don't think there's even an F2P MMO out there that can put up those numbers.
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    Blizzard knows exactly how many people are logging into the D3 servers how often. They can see exactly how those numbers responded to PoE, TL2, etc. coming online. They don't need you to try and tell them with your complete lack of evidence.

    BTW Pandaria has a user rating of like, 4.3. And going by sub numbers, it's still the most profitable PC game right now. Meanwhile PoE was bragging about 50k concurrent logins on launch day. That is a real accomplishment for a new F2P game, but for Blizzard, it's Tuesday.
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    Rumor is they won't raise the standard level cap, so there's your solution. They didn't do it in D2 (albeit they raised the reasonable level cap...). Majority of players quit sometime after normal so you don't really need to raise the level cap just to accomodate a new expansion. They will probably throw in some ilvl 64 items in Inferno and that will be it.
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    Things I think Jay and Co have to add to appease the screaming masses:

    - More interesting affixes. Fun proc effects that cause skills or explosions, elemental absorb, skill charges, something.
    - Possibly dominant legendaries because that seems to be what people want.
    - Some way for gear to enhance skills on a per-rune level. There's no way all those runes can be viable if they don't get the randomness of drops involved. (Wonder why the whole idea started out as item based eh?)
    - Some kind of post-60 character-based progression. It doesn't have to do much of anything power wise, just be something that you can't just get by items and can steadily progress by playing. This can go hand-in-hand with allowing characters to be sold on the AH.
    - Existing Inferno made trivial through more readily avaliable gear. Then copy Torchlight II or PoE for an actual "endgame" that sends you to random maps disconnected from the storyline. There should be a variety of difficulty choices here. A lot of players are set up to think Inferno is just supposed to be "hell+" when it's not, a new system is needed to get this across better, and also annoy us less with stupid dialogue.
    - Some hard cap on resistances to limit their importance on showing up on every single item. Maybe say a limit of 1000 before any skill modifications. Also buff the single resistance affixes, and probably nerf One with Everything some.
    - Mechanics to combat the importance of the AH. Bind on Equip, account bound crafted items. What I'd really like is something that lets you hunt for specific item types, maybe an "item type find" stat that either raises the MF on say crossbows, or makes it more likely to draw a crossbow than other weapons.
    - Upping the level cap is really going to screw the game up, but they almost have to. Dragging out the progression from 1-60 means less rewards per time means people are going to be unhappy by XP 2. Not sure how they can handle this one. Perhaps an alternate post-60 progression method would be enough.
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    posted a message on The endgame in Diablo 3 is pathetic, and disapointing
    This is Diablo. No you're not going to have reams of endgame content like an MMO or something.

    Would it be too much to ask for a little something besides bigger numbers? Maybe not. But exclusive content? Yeah, that is a bit much.
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    There was a time when RPGs didn't require you to meticulously plan out your character builds from level 1 you know. You might have even played such a game. (Diablo 1) If that's too "actiony" for you though, you might look at every single RPG based on AD&D 2nd edition, which had downright minimal customization options for building a class. And if D&D isn't an RPG, I'm not sure what is.
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    Quote from Astion

    The floor is made out of a yellow'sh color pallet, which doesn't coincide with Act 1.
    But does coincide with a act 2 desert style.

    Because that has nothing to do with the low yellow candle lighting.

    This is Diablo 3 Rainbowland. We've seen plenty of shots of the cathedral with green, blue, and lavender floors and walls, thanks to the extreme cartoony lighting. Look how differently the exact same tilesets can appear:

    There's also none of the strewn sand that we have seen in the act 2 shots, along with floor being polished instead of cobbled bricks. Here's Act 2 interiors:

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    Quote from Jaelzadeon

    If I base it off how WoW's AH works, when you successfully sell an item, you get your deposit back, but the AH takes a percentage of the price the item sold for as their own.

    So, I believe Blizzard will still take their cut when the item is sold, and it will be based off a percent of whatever the item sold for, and you get the rest.

    Just a guess that it would work the same way.

    That isn't how the D3 RMAH works at all.

    There are two fees: a listing fee, and a selling fee (only if item sells successfully.) Neither of these are refunded. The fees are also flat and do not raise with the value of the item. If you try to draw the money out to Paypal or such, *then* you get hit with an additional % fee. But if you leave it in Blizzard's system as e-balance (to spend on Blizzard products or future D3 trades) there is no such cost.

    Not clear to me if only the first X listing fee is free, or the selling fee as well. In the absence of info though I will assume only the former.
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    Quote from jaclashflash

    Can you imagine looking through all those runes on the AH?

    No, only the miniscule most valuable percentage.

    Without filters it would be impossible to sort through them all in a timely manner.

    This is what AH is for... intelligent search, not spamming through trade games trying to find your rare item.
    Did you really think you were finding anything on a global AH without a filter? Or have you just never used an AH before?

    #2) Not enough inventory space.

    That's rather part of the point. Runes are the new "build." It's a soft inhibition on your ability to swap to any skill combo you want at any time. The "respec cost" is trading runes on the AH.
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