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    Quote from cying»
    Anyway, my point is that IF Blizzard chose Starcraft (its most successful RTS despite only getting one sequel about a decade too late) or Diablo (the games that sucked the souls of entire generations away and caused countless GPAs to drop horrendously), we would be playing different card games and waiting on different movies. Warcraft became the "bread and butter" of this company because they CHOSE to focus on it. They could've CHOSE to focus on their other franchises and had equal or greater success (unless they focused on their pre-Warcraft games of course).
    Fantasy settings still dominate both the MMOscape and bigger CCGs, I don't think you could have plugged Starcraft into the same level of success in those genres. Diablo would also have to be an even more watered down setting to work as an MMO, the space in Warcraft for bright locations and lighthearted humor adds important variety for a game you are (were) supposed to play full-time to the exclusion of other games. Which also applies to hearthstone intentionally turning up the silly factor even more, to entice players traditionally put off by competitive games.
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    Quote from TheCityOfEvil»

    You can have an offline mode, as long as the characters are different.

    As in you can't play on battle.net or whatever with your offline character.

    This was done in 2000 with Diablo 2. (I'm not saying Diablo 2 was hack free, but...)

    Of course you could. But given how many PCs have internet in America/Europe, why would they want to?

    1) They had much more experience now with running full online service, when it was a new/rough thing with D2 (and barely useable in the first months)

    2) This reduces piracy to zero, more than making up for lost sales from those lacking internet access.

    3) Prevents players from regretting that they can't take their local toons online, which is consistent with Blizzard's "we're smarter than you" attitude. And let's face it, for as mainstream/popular as their games are, for a good portion of their base they are absolutely right.

    4) Ad-hoc true client-server (as opposed to peer-peer or dedicated server) isn't that reliable for local play, again see D2, or how many FPS games still run dedicated servers, and how badly it went when Battlefield? tried to do away with it.

    After the era of immediate D2 clones, I don't know of any game that has tried such a split. If you're going to invest the money in running online servers to safeguard character progression, there's just too many benefits to keeping your players there, and too little lost to the handful that don't have internet connections. The success of Steam should say as much.

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    Quote from Sigma

    you have 12 Character slots

    SC = Wizard, Witch Doctor, Demon Hunter, Barbarian, Crusader

    HC = Wizard, Witch Doctor, Demon Hunter, Barbarian, Crusader

    There is 10 slots used, Leaving Two for Ladders. that's more than enough, as when the season is over your ladder character then goes to the relevant mode, HC or SC. at which point, you simply remove all the gear you want to keep to your stash and delete the character. Now not everyone will have that amount used so it is just an example.

    Are monks really so terrible?
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    Game incentivizing people playing alone in parties is indeed a "problem." Simply because you aren't really cooperating if you aren't anywhere near each other, and there's no reason to reward that behavior over single player.It was a sorry state of affairs in Diablo 2, they tried hard to avoid it in D3 for a while, now its back but I doubt it will be around for ever.
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    Take a cue from "competitive" brick games: every monster you kill summons a fresh one on your opponent...

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    Random guess: everything above normal difficulty is removed. "Torment" difficulty is a post-normal mode that scales content to match the party's level. HIgher difficulty "levels" will be a re-branding of MP (with other possible bells and whistles).
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    Sony is planning to launch a cloud-based streaming service through Gaikai, a company acquired by Sony in July 2012. The service will emulate and render previous generations of PlayStation games, streaming them to the PS4 and, likely, the Vita, over the internet.[67][68]

    a cloud-based streaming service


    There's no emulator that could ever handle running incomplete roms in a reliable way. What get streamed to you is a video feed from their *remote* severs doing the emulation. Expect most of the input lag suckitude that plagued OnLive.
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    Quote from Jamoose

    Connecting to Battle.net for the purpose of copying your account should not be that much of a problem even if it's an offline version of the game.

    I think it is kind of a problem if literally the only reason you connect to b.net is to copy your characters. No not impossible, just don't see it being supported for that use only, which is the only use there would be.

    The article didn't say "you won't be able to access your PC characters", it said "you won't be able to access b.net." The game will use PSN for all social features (not your bnet real ID etc.), there will be no remote character storage, players themselves will be hosting games, etc. There's legal wrangling with sony and eventually MS as much as its a technical issue. (Not insurmountable if you can make a deal, but still a pain in the arse.)
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    So console people get everything better.

    That makes it clear that d3 was designed for consoles.

    If it was designed for consoles, they'd have had that stuff in their initially. They added it because they want these adaptations for console, many of which would be bad on the PC.

    For the best click to move experience you don't want deep angles like the belial fight. You can hardly see where you are clicking anymore. The zoomed in graphics are also cutting off your field of view, and also restricting where you can aim spells with click-aim. Dodge move is way more natural with direct control because you can point your character at the opposite end of the screen in a flick of a button, much faster than swinging the mouse back away from the mob you're targeting just to indicate a dodge direction. Manual movement-dodging was nerfed largely because that kind of play with the mouse is a pain in the ass. Not sure how the attack speed is working but people mashing their 1 key into the ground is not going to welcome for alot of players and their keyboards, not to mention dealing with the inevitable server lag there vs. offline play.

    The PS3 version has no rmah etc. because, as far as I can see, it won't have any online security period. I doubt it will have any AH at all, and effectively public games won't exist unless you don't mind playing with people that have the best dupes of hacked items in the game. Yes there should be offline for PC, but if you're forced to choose between the two, it's really hard to see the console being the indisputably better version here.
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    Where is the downvote button?

    We have enough marginally intelligent critiques of these points that your vague non-solutions do not deserve their own thread.
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