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    I'm pretty sure they spitballed a $20 figure for the DLC at last year's Blizzcon, but I can't find a source for that. Maybe it was just conjecture.

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    This is just a logical fallacy. I don't think it's the job of moderators to try to teach people to structure better arguments or use better evidence.
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    Quote from TwilightRealm

    As we both know, this community lived off of the hope D3 would become a reality - once it did everybody was thinking "now what?" I tried D3 when it first came out and was pretty disappointed... I've been thinking of trying it again because I hear the recent patches and new expansion really helped it a lot.

    Anyways, I would like to become more active but mostly for just good conversation more than anything. I was part of many great discussions on these forums and would love to get into some again. Good to see you're still around Murderface! Nice hearing from you again!
    Yeah. That's really how I felt and part of why I just couldn't go at it for much longer after the game release. It just wasn't Diablo to me. I played a bit after release, but I basically just play WoW now, which is a new development. I started that right after BlizzCon 2010 with Cata, quit for a while because of school and work, and came back with Pandaria and pretty much played it straight through to today. When I was younger, I relished Diablo's gameplay--I still enjoy 2, but it's just not the same now that 3 is what everyone cares about.

    I started poking around here to see who's still on for pretty much the same reasons you are. Discussion and stuff. I miss you guys and the stuff we used to do.

    Quote from undefined »

    So what do you do these days though? Going to school? Working? What do you spend your days doing?
    I finished college in December, so now I'm halfheartedly looking for a job. I mostly just work part time, play WoW, and wish I had half the determination and commitment I did years ago so I could get myself out of my parents' house.
    Quote from Murderface

    If you remember, SICK was intended to be a D3 clan when it was finally released. I'm not sure how active SICK was when Carloseus and Silver left, but the point was to stick around till D3 released so we could be "the D3 clan" lol. After the owner sold the site to Curse they got pissed off and left, and with them any hope of becoming "the D3 clan" left as well.
    I'm thinkingabout emailing them, but if you know how to get hold of anyone it'd be a big help. It's good to see you around though. When I look around the general forums the only familiar names I see are the staff. It makes me sad. I really miss everyone, and all their forum shenanigans.
    SICK was basically dead before the takeover. Silver--who, with Elfen, were the leaders--didn't really have any affiliation with the ownership of the site. Silver just got demodded at some point over something and--as you pointed out--got angry and left. Elfen...I can't remember what happened to him. He kinda just faded away like us. I see him pop up on Skype (which used to be Windows Live Messenger, which used to be MSN Messenger, which is when I added him for staff stuff). Never talk to him.

    Daemaro is on Battle.net, sometimes, and I have him on Facebook and stuff. He's still going through some tough shit.

    Quote from TwilightRealm
    I went back through many of my old threads last night... I was literally laughing out loud... my wife was just rolling her eyes when I told her I was reading forum threads on a video game site from years ago - it was great. I would like to see more old-timers here too and get some of the nostalgia back... [...] the General Discussion and Off Topic threads are where I personally feel a lot of the older members are going to get their fill from... and if we only have all these new threads about the game (which is cool too - we need those and if I start playing again I will definitely get in them) then where are we going to shoot the breeze, laugh, discuss philosophy and science, conspiracies, etc. ?
    Yeah, I went back to some old stuff. The Ikariam threads, some old RP threads, contests, my first posts (some of which I can't actually read in entirety due to the numerous site overhauls), old news articles (all ridiculously broken now), old arguments on religion and government and god isn't it amazing how my viewpoints have all changed so much since then? I seriously credit time arguing with people here for a lot of how I see the world now. I wish more people sat around to defend their beliefs.

    TBH, O/T and General forums are the only places I feel like I can sneak in now. I don't play enough Diablo 3 to really comment on classes or mechanics, and I haven't read the newer books or played the latest game so I'm behind on lore.
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    Quote from Siaynoq
    I just remembered today how I once made this awesome thread about AOL people stories. Man, I was brilliant even back THEN!
    Yeah. Some things never change.
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    It was fun for a couple months. Then it was repetitive. Back to WoW now.
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    Quote from Enty

    Quote from Magistrate

    The ability to link builds was probably its most valuable asset. It wasn't lavish.
    You' - ... you've returned :') Oh man I've seen a lot of oldies start posting again! Makes me kind of excited
    Just happened to sign on. I was checking something. Not really into the franchise like I wish I was, anymore :c
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    @#1: If you've been a fan of the series for any amount of time, you know that it's kind of a thing with Tyrael for whatever reason. He only destroyed the Worldstone as a last resort. I think his caution plays into his role as the Aspect of Wisdom now. Destroying the stone that houses every prime evil could carry serious repercussions--apparently, destroying the original soulstones on the Hellforge did not destroy the primes like was previously thought. At least if they're in a rock, you can move them around and know where they are. Until they get stolen, that is :3 But at least they're not acting of their own accord, exactly.

    @#2: The obvious answer (which you know and we all agree is meh) is because #storyreasons. If you could be one-shotted, there would be no story. It would be over. I haven't played through RoS yet, but I'm guessing it's probably because you're a nephalem. That's the general catch-all explanation.

    @#3: Yeah, that's kind of silly.

    @#4: Can't speak for this since I didn't play the expansion yet. I know inThe Black Road, Bramwell is regarded as a crowning achievement in the west for its dense population and thriving economy once Kabraxis' church becomes popular. If it's still a haven of men, it could be strategically useful to destroy it--destroying hope, a center of power, chaos, etc. But I'm guessing none of that was said in-game. The old books aren't viewed as canon by Blizzard, anymore.

    @#5: Lol.

    @#6: More lols. He also has a poor voice actor.

    @#7: Well, in his defense, apparently the vaults of the High Heavens weren't even safe. So safe-guarding it might be a moot point.

    @#8: I would assume that although he remained a mortal at the end of D3, he re-assumed some level of portal or utility when he became the Aspect of Wisdom. I inferred that he resumed a place on the Angiris Council, although arguably that was never specified.

    @#9: Again, story reasons :3 Silly Blizzard.

    @#10: Yep.

    @#11/12: Lol.
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    The ability to link builds was probably its most valuable asset. It wasn't lavish.
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    Finally getting back to the Gothic stuff. Vanilla had amazing structures, but this feels much more like the monasteries, cathedrals, churches, and other buildings that made the previous games so memorable and unique.

    Thanks for the update :D
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    So, I haven't been following much Diablo news since shortly after release. I happened to see this post highlighted in the Facebook feed and... I can't say how happy I am to see the AH going.

    Initially, I was really excited about the AH and what it meant--for all the reasons that it was pitched when it was announced. I'll agree that it made gear more accessible, that it saved time and rewarded casual players, that it gave us another mini-game to fool with, and all that other stuff. But for all these little things that it did, it just ripped out the soul of what I found fun for over a decade in 2 and to some degree in 1.

    It simply removed the need for any form of communication. You don't need to ask anyone what optimal stats are--overall or for a given goal--because you could just look up the best-selling gear and glean the information from that. You didn't need to barter with anyone, which was a big part of the trading experience in the older games (it has its downs, yes, but it also has its ups).

    Because of the brevity of the endgame (which there is basically none of) in this one and the others, trade and PvP became the only real reasons to talk in channels--you know, those things that are basically empty 24/7 on D3. With hardly any PvP to speak of--despite the tantalizing features we glimpsed for a BlizzCon or two before launch--trade is the only real dialog that even has a chance in this game, and that's gone, too.

    Yes, this will mean a lot of spamming if no alternative trade route is created. But I don't really look at that as a bad thing, now. No one talks, anyway, so it's not like anything important would be spammed out.

    Part of the fun is figuring out what you need, doing everything you can to find a buyer or seller, haggling the price, figuring out the market, and learning the street language. Doing all of this also encourages making friends and actually talking with them regularly. We don't even need to talk to friends, anymore--the game tells us exactly what they're doing and lets us hop in without a thought. Questing and killing is so streamlined, so linear, that nothing needs to be said. It's easy to forget you're playing with people. There's a lot of players that hate that this game is online-only--I can barely tell the difference.

    I miss all of that. If it weren't for the bots, I'd probably still be playing Diablo 2. (Arguably, the gameplay is much better in 3, too, but gameplay isn't the only selling point in a game for me.)
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    I hope he lives up to his words. Diablo III was underwhelming.
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    Jaetch actually provided a lot of material here. Thanks for your very considerate replies.
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    I'll admit this is a little strange.

    I'm looking for experienced input on a research topic I'm looking into for a very loosey-goosey project--I neglected taking this class during my sophomore year, so the expectations aren't high. I'm studying an aspect of video gaming culture--the online, RPG-oriented trading community--as a discourse community that practices "trading jargon." This basically means that I'm looking at the specific and unique language, methods of initiation, mechanisms/mediums of communication, and some other things about the trading community present in games like Diablo.

    My tentative thesis is on the historical inheritance of discursive lexis in the aforementioned community. Meaning, I'm going to look at similar, older trading communities in similar or popular games and see how these may have affected the development of the trading jargon present in Diablo III. This would, of course, include Diablo III's predecessors, as well as some other games out there over the years.

    I would really appreciate just a few minutes of your time answering the following questions to the best of your knowledge. As a writing studies project, I'm ethically allowed to use any potentially insightful gleanings here as primary material, since all of you are, more or less, a part of this community--so please, speak your mind, and know that your insights are valued.
    1. Are there any specific words--including acronyms (ex.: "LoH"), abbreviations (ex.: "DPS"), modified names (ex.: "occy"), or other jargon--that you found yourself using in Diablo II or I trading environments (games or channels) that you no longer use?
    2. Are there any specific words--see prior question for explanation--that you found yourself using in Diablo III trading communities that you did not in preceding games?
    3. Are there any specific words--see prior question for explanation--that you've used in other online games of a similar nature (loosely based association here, such as World of Warcraft) that you now see or use in Diablo III trading communities?
    4. Do you feel yourself separated from others when it comes to trading practices, such as understanding any trading jargon or other relevant information?
    5. What mediums do you use for Diablo III to communicate with potential traders besides the in-game auction house, if any? (Ex.: largely defunct d2jsp.com)
    I'm posting this on several large, Diablo-based community websites to get the broadest possible aggregate feedback, so you may see or have seen this topic somewhere else. Again, feedback on some or all of the above questions would be greatly appreciated.

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    How does it feel*
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    I have these massive chocolate chunk cookies I bought. I refuse to start eating them until I get into a game. It's making this waiting mini-game even more loathsome.
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