Rob Pardo Regarding Jay Wilson, Dyes for Legendary Items, Hellfire Rings to be Salvageable in 1.0.7, Blizzard Comic Contest Entr

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    Quote from overneathe

    Rob Pardo is executive producer of Diablo 3. Ex-boss of Jay Wilson and Chief Creative Officer at Blizzard.

    He has worked as designer on:
    Diablo II
    WarCraft II

    Sorry, overneathe, but you're way off.

    Rob wasn't hired until '97 - meaning he missed War 2 by a good margin, and, also he didn't have a design role on Diablo II, no one in Irvine did. He was on the "strike team", which was basically elite QA, but far from design.

    I don't mind revisionist history from the fanbois here, but expect a little more from you.
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    Quote from pikke

    And I'd like to know who was the person, Jay or else, who uberfailed Legendaries (in an item hunting game where stats on items make most of the difference, no less!!!) on release.
    Come on, don't be shy, we won't eat you....maybe.

    That would be Andrew Chambers. He was the guy that made light of David Brevik's chance of success after D3's successful launch in Jay's infamous "FTL" facebook post.

    There's a lot of fail to spread around D3's development team. Jay takes the fall, and rightfully so, for being dim-witted enough to act like everything was perfectly ok after release.
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    Quote from bruteMax

    That would be Andrew Chambers.

    As long as I'm doing some historical clean-up, might as well cover this, someone recently had them mixed up.

    There are two Andrew/Andy Chambers, and they've both been associated with both Games Workshop properties and have both worked at Blizzard in the past decade (confused yet?).

    Mobygames even conflates them, and wikipedia calls Andy the current "creative director" at Blizzard, which is ridiculous.

    Andrew Chambers currently works on the D3 team, and worked with Jay at Cryptic, including a credit on "Homeworld", which is fondly remembered by many gamers.

    Andy Chambers is a writer who worked on Games Workshop's titles, most notably WH40K. He worked as a writer on SC2, but left Blizzard years ago after working there for only a few years.

    He's British, and a little older than Andrew.

    I know this confusion was keeping many of you up at night, YWIA.
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    The bungling of PvP alone was fire-worthy. That screams mismanagement. You cannot axe something that importnant from the game, and then utterly mangle the follow up. Honestly, what have they been doing?
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    No matter how well formulated these posts are - They all just boil down to beating a dead horse that has already been beaten a very long time now.

    "I'm mad,disappointed or otherwise had my expectations failed even thought i blindly fail to comprehend logic repeated by Blues - There for i will ignore/argue/troll and or use semantics just to vent my anger".

    And if you feel offended - don't be - I'm mild in comparing to a lot. - Let's Play of Eastern Sun/Other stuff
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    I really want the new director to come in, get shit on for 8 months, then mysteriously quit out of nowhere. I'd laugh so hard.

    I can see it now:

    Cliffy B. has decided to step down. He hates each and every one of you.


    Rob Pardo

    ...and then another eight months later!

    Shigeru Miyamoto has also decided to step down. He also hates all of you.


    Rob pardo
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    Quote from bruteMax

    There's a lot of fail to spread around D3's development team. Jay takes the fall, and rightfully so, for being dim-witted enough to act like everything was perfectly ok after release.

    Yes, there are failures from all over the team, which doesn't mean their failures were their fault. Look how Wyatt Cheng could improve the game with a little more help and a lot of time. Yes, he is to responsible for making a lot of crap at launch, but not on his own volition. The fact that he ALONE made every skill of the game and most of interactions between them (monsters and players alike) would result in an OBVIOUS disaster. And who decided to dump the responsibility of a TEAM to a LONE developer?

    Not to mention that error 37 was an oversight that I really doubt programmers didn't alert Jay Wilson of the risk. BUT (RM)AH was the highest priority in Wilson's head, so fuck those loser players.
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    I can't hear your retarded comments rob..too busy playing torchlight2. ^_^
    No More Auction House!
    My faith is restored to them :Thumbs Up:
    Now just give us and a offline mode like sc2 B)
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    Quote from Benegesserit

    Rob is a gentleman and feels pity for the rotten little imp. I doubt Rob coerced him into doing/saying some of the outrageous things he's said/done. That and since Jay is still with the company, if he's working on something we're gonna see in the future, he's doing damage control in hopes that we won't pre-emptively crap on the next Blizzard title with Jay's name on it.

    Time to ruin Starcraft and Warcraft universe. :hehe:
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    Diablo 3 is lost, there is no rescue coming. They killed their best game. Execution style, two to the chest one to the head.
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    I hope the next person that takes on the Diablo designs in the future is more suited for it and has the correct vision and view of the game as a whole. Jay Wilson took away many things that kept Diablo going for so many years and expected to do better by implementing new features upon new features and totally ignoring the best parts from the old games. The worst misstakes Jay Wilson did after the release of Diablo 3(and i believe it was his downfall) was that he ignored all the feedback that he and his team got from the community. People cried and cried on the forums(and they had right to), i've never seen the forums so flooded with negative comments before and it was all completely ignored. "Keep giving us feedback on what to change, bla bla bla", it dsnt matter what we did, Jay Wilson just kept ignoring it all thinking the game was a huge success. The title was the success, not the game itself.
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