DiabloCast: Episode XXV

Poll: What kind of content do you prefer to see from us?

What kind of content do you prefer to see from us? - Multiple Choice

  • Other 8.7% of Users - 70 votes
  • Co-op 29% of Users - 235 votes
  • Commentary/Play experiences 52.3% of Users - 423 votes
  • System overviews 35.2% of Users - 285 votes
  • Class play-throughs 46.7% of Users - 378 votes
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    i want to see in one of the beta videos how u work with the artisan show how u lvl him what he gets for new recipes per lvl up and so on :-) and of course the other things that are mentioned in the vote :D
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    commentary/play experience can go over the other content :) you can do co op and still do commentary while playing :)
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    I love the music, nuff said. :)

    About the login-screens, given that we have been seeing two different it kind of spawned an idea for me. They are both clearly different regarding their overall visuals and colors. The new background feels a lot, like you guys said, like New Tristram and all that jazz. Basically it's the Act I background.

    What if there was one unique background per Act?
    Let's say the game looks at your highest leveled character and which Act it's in and decides which background to be used based upon that said information. If you have more than one character leveled to max, the backgrounds could go completely in a random/shuffle-mode.

    I think I would enjoy seeing some 'let's play'-ish type of Co-op scenarios from you guys. :)

    I don't mind Mana on WD that much, but I agree Mojo/Voodoo could potentially look really great.
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    Force, you have 10 unread messages.

    From the Beta reports it seems that the Artisans are actually shared between your characters.
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    Quote from Doomscream

    Force, you have 10 unread messages.

    From the Beta reports it seems that the Artisans are actually shared between your characters.

    Ok, this is what I have heard as well, I thought they were shared for the reasons they mentioned in the podcast. The only reason I can think they would make them separate for all your characters would be to provide a bigger gold sink in the development of artisans and that each artisan provides different services/items to different classes. So basically, if your are a barbarian, the blacksmith would craft melee weapons, while the blacksmith would provide say casting wands for the wizard or something. That is the only way I could see them separate the artisans per character and not account wide...just my thoughts :)
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    i just want to see everything about D3
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    Please more of the Lore series! Great site btw :)
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    Maybe I misheard the hardware conversation but 5500 was released in like 2004. I foolishly bought one for WoW and could hardly do anything with it. 7800 was in 2005.
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    Artisans are account bound !
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    other items...items...items and crafting plzzz
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    Would like:

    - Crafting mini guide
    - Ideas on gameplay/tactics .... like this skill is lame but this is awesome. We only see a little from most streams. Am speaking specifically about the DH.
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    Do 4 player coop as well please so that we can see how the monster hps and numbers change and the general difficulty of it.
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    I need commentary all day everyday! Need to know what a human thinks about what is going on in the world. All these streams are great but no one is saying anything! Can't really get a feel for the game at all. Force/Sixen stream plz?
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    Co-op and commentary for me.
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    I'll second that co-op and commentary is the way to go.
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    Beta is going to be so much fun, can't wait for all the content force is going to bring soon!
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    There are already enough class play-through and commentary's. Need more system overview/coop.

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    I want to see more 1080P everything. Not worth watching unless it's 1080P!
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