D3 Beta Hysteria made me learn social networking (and I am now ashamed of myself)

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    For years I have fought off the soul-crushing pull of twitter and facebook, mostly because I prefer to call my friends on the telephone (OOH AAAH OLD SCHOOL HUH?!)

    But with the rise of all of these Beta Giveaways.. I gave in.. I created both a FB and Twitter account and I have been a slave to the machine for the last 2 weeks.

    Now all of these contest are coming to a halt and I am left with only one thing.. and no it's not a beta key.. its the shame of giving up my personal ideals to win a sweepstakes..

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    lol bad pun.
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    Me too... me too.

    I got on to follow Bashiok and Jay's updates. :( I don't post anything though. It's a good resource I guess. I got a good answer to a question I had for Bashiok about items.
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    i dont do any socail networking at all ( does dfans count)

    cos i havent got the time and cant be arsed to
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    I hate phones, I hate twitter, and I hate facebook.
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    Same here, except i did get in tnx to facebook :P
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    I got one awhile back for the Steam contest achievement in December. My name is Steam Achievement (good luck finding me, annoying family members).

    So I'm free to enter contests and NOT get bothered. win / win

    Other that that, Never used any of the silly popular social networking things.
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    same here, I tried a bit but it was useless.
    I'm more disappointing than before, I don't have a beta key and I lost interest in most sites which run these contest.

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    Just delete the accounts if you're done with them.
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    i know, social networking will always lead you to this :P
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    it's alright I created a FB and twitter for the contests. And I don't use them at all. i refuse to tell me people what i'm doing every day

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    Just took a deuce !!!

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    I use facebook but not much it can be usefull when traveling to keep in touch with friends.

    This said I don't much like it and flat out refuse to sign up for a twater bleep account uggh

    Im sure forums don't count as "social networking" so it's all good residing here.
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    I can't really wrap my head around the social networking obsession some people have... I created a Facebook account in High School and had a little fun with it, had a little fun with it in college, but I don't even touch it nowadays. I've had a Twitter account for ages too, but I've barely ever used that. Signed up when Google+ went live, but again, don't touch it.

    Honestly, if I want to have a conversation with someone, it's not going to be screaming out loud where everyone can hear. I wouldn't do it in real life, why should I do it online? And if I want a personal journal, I'm not going to read it out loud to millions of people, yet people seem to think we all want to hear their innermost thoughts...

    But, it seems the world really wants social networking to stick, so I'm sure it's not going anywhere.
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    i guess its true that you get a beta key only if you dont care about it anymore helped me, i got acces just this morning (Thank you Gametrailers.com Crew) good luck to you all

    btw: http://www.escapistm...eaway?fbfirst=1
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    Quote from TGrizz


    The answer is simple:

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    People gasp when I say I don't have (and never have had) a cell phone. I'm 24 and I want to go to school, work, and leisure in peace.
    Facebook sucks (I'm the kind of person that likes to experience things they dislike just to hate them, and facebook is great for that).
    Fuck twitter.
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    Quote from jaclashflash

    I hate phones, I hate twitter, and I hate facebook.

    Forever alone .
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    I appreciate the honesty of the OP though.
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    Quote from Philss

    Quote from jaclashflash

    I hate phones, I hate twitter, i hate facebook and i definitely hate girls

    Forever alone .

    fixed for accuracy
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    I've had a Facebook since I was 12. But cause I am of a younger generation, it is more natural to me. But I ABSOLUTELY refuse to make a twitter account. I see no need for it and I don't need one to read tweets from others, like Blizzard or Bashiok.
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    What I dont get is why people feel the need to denounce social networking publicly. I have facebook, only used it to play some games at start, got bored, and now only using it to enter contests like the beta ones. I also have twitter, but only use it as a newsfeed with flipboard. But I dont have a problem with people using those tools in other ways, and I dont look down at them.
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