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    Of course comps and xbox/ps3 are the same Wii barely cuts the mark as a PC nowadays so i don't count it plus the Wii U is around the corner. The only problem is when you play with a controller there's a disadvantage, Microsoft had tests run with players cross platforming gaming and always you would see people with mouse and keyboard come up top. The mouse and keyboard just offer a more robust option that can outmatch the controller. maybe if you put pro gamers head to head you'd even it out but most console players are not pro gamers.

    and my bad been looking at 2560x1600 benchmarks this whole time thinking they were the 1920x1080's. Even then a GTX 580 runs decently I'm surprised at that but whatever. I still think a 500$ computer is pushing it. I would buy a 1k computer to future proof anyway.

    it seems like SOME ppl didnt know they were computers. lol but ya i know the keyboard mouse combo handles better , but you could still use a keyboard mouse for ps3 and it would be the same.

    of course thats what i did, i way overkilled the RAM and processor so i wouldnt have to upgrade them for a long ass time and my video card is definitely good for awhile, ill wait until like the 'GTX 600' is out and cheap till i buy a new one :P.

    Have you played with keyboard mouse on a PS3? ... Coz the games I have felt crappy, like the support, either on the ps3 itself or on the games I was playing, weren't working together correctly, it just couldn't register correctly..
    I'd like to know what game you've tried it on (if you have ofc.) and how you think it felt, coz might have been the games I tried who F'ed it up ...
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    The Controller vs. Keyboard + Mouse thing:

    It depend on the game genre. For FPS the second is obviously much better but for many other games the first is better. Controller has disvanateg on aiming and camera control aspects and advantage on movementation (because a sticker is much better then ASDW keys). A exemple is soccer, fightning and j-slashers, those genres are better played on controller.

    D3 was made for keyboard + mouse. It requires some aiming and spot clicking and those things are terrible in the controller. I think D3 is totally doable in consoles but the game have to be remade. Skills that requires aiming need serious damage buffs and aoe effects needs some simplified system. In other hand the player should'nt be able to tank enemy missiles hits because those are a piece of cake to evade while using a stickier instead of the mouse movement (using the same hand to attack and makes evading harder).

    Because of this kind of adaptation i don't think cross platform is possible. But I would freaking love D3 in my PS3. Actually it would be the best news for me since the game's annoucement in 2008. I'm dying to play D3 on the same screen with my GF and brothers.

    And I think D3 should be luanched on consoles because consoles lacks good coop RPG games. PS3 and XBOX360 need D3. And Blizz would certainly appreciate the potential 30 million new buyers.

    Kinda offtopic:
    Yeah they would be expanding their potential sales so much more if they started making games for the consoles as well, hopefully they will stick to they NO PORT filosofi .. would hate to see them drop to that level..

    Most certainly offtopic:
    You want games with spiltscreen co-op right? .. Coz there's a lot of online co-op games for the consoles that a quite nice tbh.., but can't be played offline splitscreen..
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