Zombie Dogs-- Worth the active skill slot?

Poll: Are Zombie Dogs worth the active skill slot?

Are Zombie Dogs worth the slot?

Are Zombie Dogs worth the active skill slot? - Single Choice

  • Too soon to tell/ wait for release 26.2%
  • No 4.9%
  • Yeah 68.9%
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    In the previous Diablo game, summons were more of a "what the hell, why not?" to non-summoner based builds. Elemental druids would cast ravens and wolves because other than the negligible mana toll, there wasn't any true payment needed. Personally, I've always loved summons and thought they were cool to have as helpers even if my character wasn't build to support them. However, skill slots are highly valuable in D3 and I'm trying to decide whether it seems viable to occupy one with the Zombie Dogs spell if my Witch Doctor build uses DPS in a non-summon oriented way.

    If you're wondering, my other active skills in the beta are Fire Bomb (main attack), Grasp of the Dead (as an AoE DoT/impeder), and Zombie Bats (burn enemy health as an AoE when mobs are close.) I just keep Zombie Dogs up at the moment because I don't really have any other skill that I'd use, but when I observe their damage output, it is extremely low compared to other attacks.

    In case you guys don't have the Beta or just aren't up to date with the current stats, Zombie Dogs do 15% weapon damage each and three are summoned at a time. While a total of 45% weapon damage seems fairly weak compared to most other attacks (which are usually above 100%), try to keep in mind that the dogs are constantly active until they die and it isn't needed to constantly cast them like one would need to do for other attacks.

    So, what I'm debating is... is it worth a skill slot to have as a constant background attack? What do you guys think?

    PS: All my experience is based off the beta, but you're all free to debate whether you think the skill is worth it in beta or in the actual game; both are cool to hear.
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    I'm going to vote yes, not just because they are nice to have as a constant background attack, but they also act as a distraction to monsters and will allow you to attack them while they are busy going after the dogs.
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    Unless they fall over dead instantly, which given the comments from blizzard shouldnt happen, then obviously they are worth it.
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    Wont be able to tell until after release to see the end game. In beta, yea. but they arent needed either.
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    I voted yes, but that doesn't necessarily mean I will use them in later difficulties. Right now I'm looking at builds with no permanent minions for hell / inferno, but that may very well change before release.
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    Quote from TobiasKr

    I voted yes, but that doesn't necessarily mean I will use them in later difficulties. Right now I'm looking at builds with no permanent minions for hell / inferno, but that may very well change before release.

    Blizz already said those builds would be viable, but not optimal in later difficulties. Warning: The bar on the word viable is set pretty damn low.
    One is never hurt by being given additional choices, only by taking them away.
    A QUADRILLION MAGIC FIND is worthless if you can't kill shit!
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    I won't go anywhere near HC NM+ without zombie dogs + indigo rune.
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    FIre bomb sucks, and having both fire bats and fire bomb is kinda useless since you will only use one or the other.
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    Yeah, suppose its wishful / oblivious thinking to believe they'll manage to keep the optimal and viable builds within 0,5% or 5% difference (don't recall what the blizzcon '11 panel video said right now)
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    Yes, it is worth the active skill slot for the added effect that you can have on the dogs due to the rune that you socket the skill with.

    No, if you do not really care about the rune effects but more so want them as a 'why-the-hell-not' aspect. Your better off getting them from another skill through the use of summoning them when you kill something that is effected by that spell like Mass Confusion or Circle of Life.

    Note: This is assuming that these effects work even without having the zombie dog skill itself active.
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    I think they are, but we haven't seen half of what they can do with skills and runes that are not present in the beta.
    Also I would love to see how they scale in the harder difficulties.
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    I think it will have a spot, its got good utility.
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    Depending on build, of course, they seem completely worth the skill slot, simply given the fact that the witch doctor is designed to be away from the enemy. While the little bit of damage the doggies do doesn't seem particularly great, they will serve as an added layer of ablative defense against enemies as you adventure.

    That said, if we get to Inferno difficulty and they are being one-shot by basic monsters, I can see them disappearing from people's builds.
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    Oh yes. I will go for a zoodoctor myself, but ofc, it all comes down to when the game is actually out if it's a Yes/No.
    Depending how good they actually are in the later stage of the game. If they are idd very useful, then ofc it's a worth having skill holder.
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    It definitely feels like these are going to be a wait and see sort of thing... While they are obviously very practical on normal difficulty in act 1 of the beta, the question is what their survivability will be like at higher levels. If all three of your puppies get wiped out in less than a minute, and you're constantly sitting there with the skill on cool down waiting to suppon them again, then I think they won't be viable. But if they are able to survive in higher difficulties, then they will be useful to draw attention away from the WD so he can go to town on badies before they get into range.
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    although you can also get zombie dogs from rune effects or passives i think its worth the slot because you can cast them whenever you need them, especially when you have life link and they absorb 50% damage you really want to have one out all the time in pvp.

    the question is rather whether you want to have the "sacrifice" skill. its basically a wasted slot if you have no dogs out and its kind of slow to cast the dogs first, then sacrifice them. probably more useful when you really need a lot of aoe dmg or at the end of combat when you would not need them anymore.

    the sacrifice skill has a lot of flavor though and it would be cool if you could sacrifice other pets, too. i'd like if they would give you other bonuses for example if you sacrificed your gargantuan it would make you superstrong or something.
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    If they aren't I'm sure they will be buffed. Since they limited the slots every skill has to be worth it. Especially something as iconic as the dogs.
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    Zombie dogs + blue rune will absorb 40% of the damage to you. Aside from that they have a moderate amount of damage together and they are a good distraction for the enemy.
    In my opinion zombie dogs is a great skill!
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    zombie dogs as an isolated skill maybe isn't so great. but there are other skill/rune combinations that buff and are buffed by zombie dogs. plus you can blow them up and get more. I would say they are definitely worth it, if your other skills and runes are set to match.
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    I think they will be. I base this on the rune affects though, without the runes i wouldnt use the skill but since there are such great benefits i think its totally worth it.

    Life Link and Leeching Beasts are a must have for any of my witch doctor builds so ill probably go with the little druggies every time.

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