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    Quote from cying

    on TOP of all that, i also get awesome new legs that nonseasonal players can only dream about.

    Quote from cying

    all i ever hear are nonseasonal players bitching and moaning about wahh why cant we have this and that wahh. you made your choice. stick with it.

    It's funny that "all you ever hear is non-seasonal players bitching and moaning" because it sure sounds to me like you are bitching and moaning that you need special snowflake content.

    You made a choice to play seasonal content just like others made a choice to play non-seasonal content. Yet, it really seems that you cannot live with your choice unless that means that you get exclusive content. Somehow you don't see the complete hypocrisy in that stance.

    Why do some seasonal players have this God complex where they believe that everyone else is inferior and undeserving? Besides, storage space is a massive issue for everyone in the game. It knows no bounds between Seasons, Non-seasons, and Hardcore. It's a problem that we all grapple with regardless of our game mode. When you have a problem that effects everyone, like storage space, you don't put it in one of the three game modes. Tying a very basic game feature such as storage space to any specific game mode is tantamount to the developers denouncing the other game modes as not the "real" game.

    Imagine if you had to do some specific task in Hardcore or Non-season to unlock the tabs. That would be just as wrong. I support your desire to play Seasonal characters. It would be completely unfair of Blizzard to give us more stash tabs and simultaneously tell you, the Seasonal player, that you had to spend a few dozen hours playing Non-seasonal characters to unlock them. It's similarly wrong to tell Non-seasonal players that they have to spend a few dozen hours playing Seasonal characters to fulfill a basic need.

    I haven't played much of the game since 2.2. I tried some 2.3, it was OK. I read the 2.4 patch notes. I saw how they were removing season-only legendaries. I was happy with this news. Then I saw that they tied storage space to seasonal play and immediately my happiness was replaced with incredulity. They managed to make the situation worse. They managed to thumb their noses at Non-seasonal players even more than they were in the past. I cannot imagine why they'd want to be so spiteful and hateful towards a segment of their playerbase. It just doesn't make sense.

    I was ready to give 2.4 a whirl simply because of Legacy of Nightmares because, at this point, I simply have no desire to even attempt to push leaderboards. This single issue, though, will keep me from even trying out 2.4. It's high time they stop treating Non-seasonal players as if we're playing the game "wrong." At the very least with the items in previous seasons we were able to earn them eventually. With the current stash tab proposition we can't even do that. We can't even get them after the season has ended. It's "play seasons" or "go to hell."

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    posted a message on Know we know why Rob Pardo left.....
    Quote from ShikiSama

    The point is, 7 years of development canceled, and no one is blaming anyone.
    You sound more like a bitter shareholder than anything else.

    The #1 thing I hate about this absolutely fucking shitty community is the constant need to blame people. Something went wrong? We need a public execution to make amends.

    It's like we've completely lost our sense of civility because we've all turned into spoiled little man-babies.
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    Quote from Jamoose

    OT: As i've said before, the main problem with the game right now is not the dh, it's the overall design of GR and the scaling of damage + unavoidable damage that encourages extreme kiting which makes builds like m6 shine and basically kill off any chance of pure melee specs like swk to compete in high gr.

    The DH, via M6, has the BEST ability to (reliably) deal damage while also having the best chance to out-range, line-of-sight, or whatever other tactics necessary to avoid the incoming damage.

    My WD sure as fuck can't out-range jailer if I want to kill the monster any time before next Tuesday. And therein lies the imbalance, which is really only an imbalance when monsters are doing SO FUCKING MUCH DAMAGE that the only way to kill them without constantly running back to your corpse is to do so from five screens away.

    Greater Rifts need a lot of work, philosophy-wise otherwise this will continue to be a problem no matter how many skills, items, passives, mechanics they buff/nerf.
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    Quote from Autocthon
    Conduits however are fair, they're distributed equally for everyone.
    Everyone has the same CHANCE to get the "perfect rift." But the number of people who actually get that rift are the severe minority.

    It's much like the lottery. And I don't think that anyone with any brain would argue that holding a lottery to determine the #1 spot in ANY semi-competitive environment is the right way to do it.

    World Series? Nah. Just draw straws. It makes so much more sense. That's PRECISELY what Conduit Pylons push the "endgame" towards. So it doesn't matter if it's "fair" because it's absurdly-bad gameplay.
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    They don't really need to "nerf" the DH.

    What they need to do is sit back and take ANOTHER long, hard, look at itemization.

    We still have 100% useless legendaries. Most specs are 100% set-centric. There's very little room to assemble a "set" of legendaries that create synergy and roll with that because Firebirds, Akkan, Maraduers, etc. are just far too strong. This means that the RoRG is, by virtue of the set-centric endgame, a virtual necessity for most players.

    The only competition between orange and green items is basically for whichever slot you choose not to equip because of your RoRG and most of the time that's determined by which non-set piece gives the best synergy with the set (Quetz, MoJ, T&T, etc.).

    The inherent power of some of the set bonuses is just so immeasurably strong and that's where the problem lies. DHs are pretty shitty, but M6 makes them unbelievably powerful. This is the problem at hand. A set can take a class from "Oooooh I wish I could clear T2" to "HAR HAR HAR HAR GR45 NUBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ."

    When Josh talked about build-changing legendaries, I really didn't envision itemization completely dominated by sets where legendaries were sprinkled in only where sets weren't necessary. I think more people really believed we'd be able to find a "set" of legendary items that all had good synergy and assemble those into working builds (electro-stun wizard comes to mind here as high synergy among items but generally low effectiveness).
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    Quote from Zeriel

    While challenge is an important part of endgame, I make the distinction that a proper endgame has to have interlocking systems of progression and challenge. If your "endgame" content offers the same drops as everywhere else, it's not much of an endgame. Likewise, an infinitely scaling statistical system is more of a curiosity and time-waster than a structured challenge.
    Greater Rifts are almost offensive to me as "content."

    They are rifts... with a timer... and infinite scaling. It's just not my cup of tea in terms of "something I'd like to do forever and ever into the future" which means, from my perspective, it's not really "endgame." I have come to expect Blizzard to be innovative and think outside the box, and Greater Rifts don't feel like any thinking, let alone thinking outside of the box, ever happened during the development process. They just seem like panem et circences - stuff to keep us entertained enough that we don't realize how crappy the stuff we have is.

    I would honestly prefer if the "leaderboards" amounted to who could clear T6 rifts fastest and not who could manage to ninja-click their way through the most one-shot mechanics. I'm just not into such binary challenges. If you fuck up and misclick at any time it's over. To me that sounds more like a bullet hell game than an ARPG, and I guess that's what fundamentally has held me back from really enjoying 2.1. The "challenge" seems to be something that really isn't appropriate to an ARPG. It seems misguided and off-target.
    Quote from Solmyr77

    Also, I hate that Blizz overlooked the single player disadvantages in this regard when they fixed rift keystones to require one (and only one!) per player. Why do 4 players get 4 amulets for the price of 1?
    Because Josh and friends really seem to think that there is one "best" way to play the game and anyone who doesn't follow that exact mold is doing it wrong and has no business playing the game. In addition to Hellfire Rings/Amulets, it's plenty obvious that the only "right" way to level your legendary gems is in co-op games. Why? Because the scaling between solo and co-op isn't even close to right. Things like this SHOULD be plenty apparent and should be fixed - there's no reason that co-op players should be able to get more ranks on their gems than a solo player. Then again, this is also a testament to how ass-backwards the current gem leveling paradigm is. It shouldn't have anything to do with what GR level you're clearing. This was echoed by almost EVERYONE during the beta.
    Quote from Solmyr77
    Well, while the build diversity in D2 was considered better because the low difficulty of the game allowed you to stomp anything anway, I wouldn't want that back. In D3 there are plenty of opportunities to create such exotic characters, you just don't get to excel in grifts with them. Just like you don't bring a stock car to a Formula 1 race. Also, even in D2 you could very well get alienated if you didn't bring your Java/Hammerdin/Smiter. Now the addition of a game mode that enables players who like efficiency to test their limits is a good move. It has some flaws, but it doesn't hinder anyone playing their melee Wizards in t6 and below.
    If they removed the legendary gem ranking up from Greater Rifts, then this problem would *mostly* rectify itself as Greater Rifts would basically be for ePeen only.

    So long as Greater Rifts have actual rewards (in this case, more powerful legendary gems) then the issue that they stifle diversity matters. It's an absurdly simple fix, though. Which makes me wonder why they went with the LEAST-FAVORITE method for leveling legendary gems among the community. Tying gem progression to Greater Rift level is just so bad and creates far more problems than it solves.

    Just give us an xp-based system. Separate legendary gem progression from Greater Rifts. If you do that then suddenly trials are so very easily removed because it doesn't matter one goddamned bit if you can "spam" high-level Greater Rifts and you've killed two major problems with one, very straightforward, change.
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    Quote from Twoflower
    What's left? Leveling against the clock in narrow, static tunnels. That's how blizzard wants you to play the game, and that's the ONLY way you can play this game.
    Unfortunately, and somewhat shockingly, 1.x was actually better able to hold my attention than 2.x. This is mostly due to Josh's stance that player choice needs to be removed.

    I find it absurd that they removed trading because players could circumvent the natural flow of the game and gain some kind of "advantage" over other players. Yet, when faced with people exploiting a bug with XP gains in rifts, they just fix the bug and move on. If one is a problem then the other is a problem. If one problem requires compete eradication of trading then the other surely requires more than just letting the people who exploited keep their spoils. It's inconsistent stances like this which frustrate me.

    They want to open up diversity? So they implement a game mode that actively encourages us to seek out every last little .5% increase in effectiveness of our builds. Greater Rifts are the biggest hit to build diversity (and related item diversity) since the horrible decision to "double it" in regards to Inferno difficulty.

    They want to open up diversity? So they make Campaign Mode completely useless and Bounties useless except as a gate to Rifts and as a mechanism to get a select few items. Our choices as to *how* to spend our time are at an all-time low. Want to rank up your legendary gems? There is only one way to do that. If you're not going a Greater Rift of equal, or higher, level than the gem you want to rank up then you probably aren't going to be making much progress on that front.

    Instead of allowing legendary gems to rank up independent of where you are playing, they chose to limit it which further shoehorns HOW we play. This is OK when it's used sparingly. I'd argue that the Uber events are basically "enough" of it for the whole game, currently.

    And I really think the guy/gal who OKd Trials should be tied to a telephone pole and we should be allowed to punch them in the face until all the bones in our hands are broken. They are truly boring and entirely unnecessary. Since they fixed pet survivability I've been able to enjoy 2.1 much more. It was a major stumbling block for me. But, even still, every single time I realize that I have to do a trial I log off. Trials are not fun. They're horrible. The people who thought they were fun make me so angry that I seriously want to hit someone.

    I've never felt that way about anyone at Blizzard, ever. I've never wanted to take a swing at Jay, or Josh, or anyone. But if someone stepped forward and took responsibility for Trials I seriously would take a swing at them if I saw them in the street regardless of the repercussions. How anyone, including the people QAing that shit, could have given it the thumbs-up as something enjoyable that enhances the overall experience of the game is beyond me.

    Trials are hands-down the absolute worst thing D3 has ever seen. I'd rather have the shitty itemization and AH back than do trials. The fact that I have to spend 15+ minutes talking myself into doing a single trial is mind-blowing. They really should be ashamed of themselves that this is the best they can do given the rocky history that this game has had.

    What's worse is that they keep trying to apply band-aids to a system that many people hate and that really isn't working for the playerbase. I do not know a single person who actually enjoys doing trials. Every single person I know would prefer that they were removed from the game. While that's anecdotal, I think it's pretty obvious WHY people might feel this way and WHY it probably is a majority opinion. It shouldn't be shocking that people dislike a must-perform task that gives no rewards at all other than very poor XP.

    But, this wouldn't be a major issue.... IF I COULD RANK UP MY LEGENDARY GEMS OUTSIDE OF GREATER RIFTS.

    If Greater Rifts were purely "epeen mode" it would help to mitigate how uninspired and boring the Realm of Trials actually is.
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    posted a message on They didnt ban the people that majorly exploited, i guess its okay to exploit on seasons guys!

    Please, tell me more about this magical bug-free software.

    Jesus fucking Christ. If AIRLINE CONTROL SOFTWARE has bugs, despite literally being responsible for people's lives, I'm not sure why you'd think a goddamned video game wouldn't have bugs.

    It's like an intelligence vacuum around here lately.
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    posted a message on They didnt ban the people that majorly exploited, i guess its okay to exploit on seasons guys!
    Quote from mister_p88
    The wisest thing they can do is fix all the bugs, exploits and make sure season 2 is clean. As for season 1, write it off as "PTR Phase 2
    Except that's completely unrealistic. A bug-free final product with a codebase of several million lines is just not possible. There will be bugs. Many of them will be obscure and go unnoticed during PTRs. This is how large pieces of code work.

    What you're saying is that they should attempt to achieve something that is only doable in theory, not in practice.

    They need pragmatic solutions, not theoretical solutions. Pragmatically, bugs will exist. Pragmatically, people will use those bugs to their advantage. It's just life. Trying to play it off as "code harder, get all the bugs" is so blissfully naive it's almost cute.
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    posted a message on Ubers: Organ Droprate Doubled
    Just did three T6 games. Killed all four keywardens in each game.

    Two Act 1 keys
    One Act 2 key
    Zero Act 3 keys
    One Act 4 key

    That's four keys on twelve kills, or an effective 33% drop rate on T6. That is unbelievably discouraging.

    And that is why Ubers still suck. I was on the highest difficulty, did THREE GAMES WORTH OF FARMING, and have zero machines to show for it. You need four machines to make ONE ring/amulet, meaning at this rate I'd need 12+ games of farming just to make one ring/amulet after completing all four uber events with their guaranteed organ drops. ON THE HIGHEST DIFFICULTY SETTING. God forbid you're not on T6 and aren't getting guaranteed organs.

    And then figure most people are going to have to craft dozens of amulets before they get one they want... and Jesus tap dancing Christ. Players are sacrificing legendary drops (by not doing rifts) to make these rings/amulets, and the process is utterly prohibitive.

    Even if keys and organs were 100% each on T6, that would mean you still have to do four games worth of clears just to make one ring/amulet. It's almost like they want to bore people to death with this content. Farming keys is not a fun process at all.

    As redditors have pointed out, they should have made the keys 100% drop on T6 because, at the very least, the ubers fights are more interesting, and less frustrating, than running around Fields of Misery, Dahlgur Oasis, etc. hunting for a random spawn monster. Most people would probably be happier if the Ubers fight were the "roadblock" to making a ring/amulet as compared to the Keywardens. Personally, I'm all for it. It seems more engaging and interesting and I find farming Keywardens to be one of the most boring D3 activities out there.
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