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    Quote from mrsamuelkd»

    I'm trying to figure out a few things in the journey of optimizing my Barbarian build and would be looking for some helpfull suggestions.

    Basically Im trying to build up a ZODIAC WHIRLWIND BK/Wastes build as noted here:

    My barbarian profile:
    or (screenshot)

    I'm very much a noob and still trying to grasp all options in the game, so bear over with me.

    Question 1 - generel:
    Do you have any generel suggestions on how I can or how I should optimize my current profile? Perhaps even some "low hanging fruits" that i've missed.

    Question 2 - rerolling properties:
    I probably don't entirely understand the reroll concept yet, but i've understood that I can reroll a property to something else.

    I currently have a few different items that "should" be a part of the build, however one big minus is that they don't have any sockets.
    Am I actually able to reroll a socket into either my BK swords, or the following rings/amulets that I have?

    2.1. Ring: Zodiac

    2.2. Ring: Unity

    2.3. Ring: Skull Grasp

    2.4. Amulet: Maras

    2.5. Amulet: Eye of etlich

    Question 3 - blood shards
    I've currently had no luck finding: Pride of Cassius - can I actually gamble for that item?

    Question 4 - follower
    As for my follower, im not sure which way to go. Currently using a templar with whatever "good" items I have. However not sure if I should use another follower or whatnot.

    Zodiac: reroll resource cost to socket and equip
    Unity: no use for that item
    Skull Grasp: put it into your kanais cube
    Maras: as soon as you've got your 3rd legendary gem on 25, reroll to socket and put it in.
    Eye of Etlich: reroll resource cost if you are planning on wearing it.
    The best possible neck for you is a Hellfire Amulet.

    Regarding Blood Shards: yes you can get pride of cassius from kadala. Just keep spending shards.
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    Quote from Rob64»

    Botting is not Ok. But i for example live with a friend in a living community and when i am not playing he is free to use my chars.. i am only 700ish para though^^ but just saying. account sharing is ok i think?

    Account sharing is prohibited in any and all blizzard games. Just so you know. If it is prooven that you do, your related game will be perma banned.

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    Nice work. Really easy to use. Bookmarked.

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    posted a message on Have you got your s6 stash tab?

    About 40 hours exactly without rushing for it. Playing SC WD solo. Also pushing several friends in the process.

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    I think some of you should read up on what the different words mean you are using here.

    era is not the same as patch and not the same as season.

    SOME of them ROUGHLY span SIMILAR timeframes. The only time some of these things coincide is when a new MAJOR patch (second number, as in 2.3) hits the live-servers, ushering in a new era.

    Also patches no longer require maintenance. Maintenance just SOMETIMES coincides with new patches as they need extra time or work on the serverside.

    Furthermore there is no need to debate it happening, when it has already happened and official twitter posts are being linked here. I was coming to this thread with hopes on some updated information and speculation time, but there is nothing left to speculate about. While Blizzard veils themselves in secrets and uncertainty (as with every professional public announcement), it is a clear cut case by now.

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    Quote from SadoSpawn»

    You should really pay more attention to these things, when trying to fool us.

    Lol, I just cleared it as well. Maybe you should check your stuff, before making pointless accusations. This is so funny.
    Anyways, the room looks cool and there is a monster left indicator (on the minimap), but nothing else to see there. If you are an achievement hunter, you can save your time and do it once they maybe add a Feat of Strength to it or something. For the moment you get nothing more, but the warm feeling of exploring a new area. It is a bit reminiscent world stone tower in d2 :)
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    Quote from czartaylor»

    Quote from Bnzga»

    -There needs to be more variety in the end game farming,specificaly greater rifts.I think integrating something resembling the map system of PoE into great rifts would be great.

    as in the random layouts? That's already in the game. The rest of the poe map system is terrible. The ability to roll mods on map is both irrelevant to d3 rifts currently and badly implemented anyways in poe (for point of reference, the poe system has item rarity and quantity. there is decent evidence that neither have any real impact on map drops, to the point where you are probably wasting money rolling maps). Having end game gated behind a random drop is also a miserable system as a whole, because it creates a situation where it is entirely possible for you to be able to play the end game content and because of bad rng can't play it. Diablo only really sees this problem when pushing for leaderboards, poe has this problem perputually in any map after 76 or so, when the map tiers go up to 80
    You misunderstand him probably. Both systems have flaws, but also cool ideas, so why not combine them? This has been suggested a thousand times, but let's put it here once more: Add some recipe or material requirement to the obelisk which makes the rift tougher (5th affix, affixes on whites, shorter time, puddles on the floor, etc) and grant improved quality rewards for that (more gem upgrades, higher ancient chance, more experience). What's so bad about it? Just make it super expensive like empowered rifts and exclude it from the leaderboards.
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    Quote from HonestRaven»

    Quote from BlacKcuD»

    Omg, this was meant to be a rough mockup, now they are featuring my rants on the frontpage. Halp!

    This is legitimately hilarious!
    Rough mockup indeed though. A lot of what you suggested is not feasible or is actually already in the game. Whoops lol.
    My wishlist consists of one thing:
    Reworked Sage's Set, AKA The Great Mat Farmer.

    (2) Increases Death's Breath drops by 1 and Gold and Health Pickup now also picks up Death's Breath.
    (3) All salvageable drops are replaced with their equivalent Crafting Mats and Gold and Health Pickup now also picks up Crafting Mats and Gems.
    - All items in this set now roll a 7 yard Pickup Radius as a set secondary stat.
    Pros of this set: When you need to farm mats, you can farm mats harder than anyone's business.
    Cons of this set: When farming Mats, It breaks down EVERYTHING. Legendaries included, no exceptions. To be funny, it could link what you would have gotten had it not been auto salvaged.
    Make it so that it doesn't break down legendaries and set items and I would totally wear this set.
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    posted a message on Banwave for botters incoming ?
    Quote from aztec91x»

    I hope quin69 gets banned. I really, really do

    Quin69 uses the numpad-trick which is legal. This has been established long ago. Don't open a new pot around this issue again.
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    posted a message on Diablo Patch 2.5 - A wishlist

    Omg, this was meant to be a rough mockup, now they are featuring my rants on the frontpage. Halp!

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    posted a message on How to wreck goblin packs?

    Not sure if it is THE best, but I never had so much fun and such ease of play when wrecking goblin packs, T10 rifts off-screen killst and fun in the cow level. The build requires no "setup time" like pre-casting spells. It seeks its targets automatically and quickly and even kills off-screen and around corners.

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    Quote from M3thG»

    Make ancient items + paragon levels less of an impact.

    Make grifts (at least solo) less random. If you're trying to "compete" (rofl) there's so much shit that you have to endure:

    - RNG dungeon layout which dicates the amount of mobs that spawn and how tight they spawn

    - RNG mobs that dictates if you can even kill the fuckers or if they are even worth the time spent killing

    - RNG guardian dicates if you can even complete the greater rift after having done multiple in order for the stars to collide. Some bosses are WAY stronger than others.

    Atm. there's nothing to do in the game beyond the first 2 weeks of playing for people that got a job etc. You spend the first week or two grinding all the pieces + skill gems, and then that's it. There's no point in trying to compete on the leaderboards because those that nerd the game 20 hours a day will be unbeatable since they got way better gear + way higher paragon levels + hit the dream rift way more often.

    That's one of the things that is not true: just because you play 20h a day doesn't mean you have better gear. For the average joe that might not matter, but higher solo leaderboard positions are dictated to a good degree by item drops and crafting luck, e.g. Hellfire amu. What I would like to see is that anyone can achieve this kind of equipment if he plays for an excessive amount of time. Why can't your artisans, kadala, dropluck etc slowly go up as well similar to paragon points? Yes, sure the super lucky players will shoot even more ahead,but if you hate that you'd have to rework how drops work and remove all luck from drops which is mega boring and hopefully will never happen ("controlled and guaranteed drops", pity timers etc). Such systems are also way too easily abused.
    Solution: add additional progression and difficulty level for people who invest a lot of time into the game. Why not? It will level the playing field over time. This problem has become more and more extreme with the introduction of ancient items and now LON-builds.
    If you are doing well on a solo leaderboard has never been so luck dependant. You are locked out of progression if you are unlucky and forced to do bounty runs, farm machines and do T10 rifts over and over again while some other players just blaze through 3 levels higher because they got their bounty item on the first try and only needed 30 attempts to craft their things. Yes, gearing up is easier now (hence why I propossed some nerfs to Kadala as well!), but late game gearing is even more lottery than ever. The chances to acquire certain things are way too astronomical right now. T10 is a joke. Either you are lucky or you lose. Even playing 20h a day and high paragons can not balance the fact that your LON-gear is sh!t. Why not reward players who dedicate so much time to this game?
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    posted a message on Does the gem type influence the bonus when yu use it in your gear ?
    Quote from Jelloslock»

    Quote from BlacKcuD

    There are some more, e.g. resi gem has a max level of 90, but that is not relevant for most players :)

    No. Nothing has a cap besides the 4 previously listed. You can see people with almost level 100 of almost everygem in the 4 man leaderboards atm and some higher than 100. See 95+ esoterics and moratoriums and mutilation guards.

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    I like the suggestion about the artisan upgrades not being a legendary gem, but more like a experience bar or something. Maybe an additional bar which fills up by crafting legendary and set items. It would be a slightly confusing additional stat/display, but I think it could work. If you are really crafting your a*s off with Hellfire Amulets, you at least pushed the quality of the next few a bit.

    Other topic: how can you possibly say that a 1 in 50 is a good chance for getting bounty items. The actual chance to get ancient on-class Boots for example is 1:72 or something. Add to that that even ancient items can roll pretty shitty we are easily talking 1:100+. Let's be optimistic and say that half the ancient items are actually usable = 1:144. As per basic statistics we are looking at 173 runs until you have a fitting pair of boots. Have you done 173 bounty runs this season? I have done so many, I drop the items on the floor and leave the game in frustration without disenchanting them and I am not even close to 173 runs.

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    Quote from Autocthon»

    So basically this wishlist is "Remove items that are non-ancient non-legendary and non-smart from the game"

    No, the wishlist is to slow down early game equipment, provide more progression methods for long term players and increase the fun for everybody, no matter what they like to do best.
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