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    Nice work. Really easy to use. Bookmarked.

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    Quote from aztec91x»

    I hope quin69 gets banned. I really, really do

    Quin69 uses the numpad-trick which is legal. This has been established long ago. Don't open a new pot around this issue again.
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    My wishlist for Diablo III Patch 2.5

    Artisan Legendary Gems

    Advanced players can find a new legendary gem recipe which can be crafted at the Jeweler for a high cost. These gems can be given to your artisans and Kadala for unique crafting related bonuses. Once crafted, these new legendary gems can be ranked up like any other gem and also provide additional effects once they reach rank 25.

    How to acquire the new legendary artisan gems?

    • You must first acquire a legendary recipe which has a chance to drop from Rift Guardians in Greater Rifts of tier 45 or higher.
    • Crafting cost: Jeweler must be Rank 12 in order to learn the recipe. Crafting cost for one artisan gem: 1000 blood shards, 1 Flawless Royal gem of each color, 100 Forgotten Souls.
    • After crafting, you have a new option when talking directly to your artisans and hand them a legendary artisan gem. Be careful, once provided with a gem, the artisans won’t be able to give them back.
    • When completing greater Rifts, artisan legendary gems in use (and any spare one in stash/inventory if it exists) can be selected from Urshi and upgraded like any other legendary gem.
    • Artisan legendary gems can be crafted multiple times, but you can only carry one with you/have in stash at a time (like old unique items).

    Artisan Gem Effects

    • Jeweler: Additional chance to create ancient jewelry 10+0,4% per rank. @Rank25: When upgrading rubies, diamonds, amethysts, topazes or emerals there is a 30% chance to craft an additional gem. Max rank: 100.
    • Kadala: Grant chance to receive an ancient item: 10+0,4% per rank. @Rank25: Increase bloodshard cap by 1000. Max rank: 100.
    • Blacksmith: Additional chance to craft a legendary item. 10+0,4% per rank. @Rank25: Salvaging ancient items yields 2 Forgotten Souls. Max rank: 100.
    • Mystique: Eliminate the lowest (10+0,4 per rank)% values of all offered rolls. @Rank25: Offers +1 reroll options. Example: if you have rank 100 artisan gem in your Mystique and a value can be 10-20%, you will only see 15-20% and you will have 4 instead of 3 values to choose from.


    • Cost of all armor items increased to 150.
    • Cost of shields, mojos, quivers and sources increased to 200.
    • Cost of 1h weapons increased to 300.
    • Cost of 2h weapons increased to 500.
    • Cost of Rings and Amulets increased to 300.
    • The base chance of 8%(?) to receive an ancient item from Kadala has been removed. Ancient item chance is now granted by augmenting the new legendary artisan gem to Kadala.
    • Kadala now has a 100% chance to provide you with legendary or set items. It is no longer possible receive yellow or blue items from her.
    • It is no longer possible to find off-class items from Kadala, e.g. a Barbarian will no longer receive Monk specifc helmets and any items purchased can not roll with intelligence or dexterity.
    • You can no longer buy items for slots which your class can not use, e.g. the option to buy quivers is not availble to classes other than Demon Hunters.


    • If any item rolls ancient (no matter if drop/kadala/crafted/bounty cache), it can not roll off-class.
    • It is no longer possible to find off-class items in Horadric bounty caches.
    • Paragon primary stat bonus reduced to 3 for level 1001 and beyond.
    • New jeweler crafting recipe (drops from bounty caches): legendary gem rank 0-24 + 7 GR keystones = legendary rank 25. The level gained is not additive, just set to 25. The amount of GR keystones is also always the same.
    • Highest group Greater Rift record also increases bloodshard cap (only best record of 2s, 3s and 4man is used).
    • Gold dropped from goblins no longer counts towards the gold streak indicator of the Avarice/Avaritia conquests.
    • Seasonal GR Leaderboards now show the paragon level of the heros at the time when the record was achieved.

    New Dynamic Difficulty Level: Infernal Torment

    • Overall difficulty of Infernal Torment adjusted based on current power level of the patch/season. Last season's Infernal Torment would be round about GR 60; this season/patch 2.4 roughly adequate to ~gr70. This applies to everything excluding experience gain, which is slightly lower than their corresponding GR level counterpart. Whenever a new patch arrives which changes the power level of the game, the difficulty level of Infernal Torment is also adjusted, similar to the solo GR benchmark from the season journey. This eliminates the need for Torment 11, 12, 13 etc.
    • Double drop amount for crafting materials from mobs, goblins and elite packs compared to Torment X.
    • Death's breath drops from elite packs is 3,25 (3 guaranteed with a 25% chance to drop a 4th).
    • Bounty cache act specific materials and bounty cache blood shard rewards are exactly double that of Torment X.
    • Act specific legendary items from bounty caches have a 25% chance to be ancient.
    • Rift Guardians in IT nephalem rifts drop 3,5 GR keystones and 3 Forgotten Souls.
    • Key Wardens drop 1,1 infernal machines.
    • Uber bosses drop 5,5 organs.
    • Joining a public IT game requires you to be paragon 400.

    Crafting Materials (Arcane Dust, Veiled Crystal and Reusable Parts)

    • Arcane Dust, Reusable Parts and Veiled Crystal are consolidated into one crafting material.
    • All current crafting material costs are changed to the sum of their current cost divided by 10, rounded up, e.g. Sword: 10 dust, 10 parts, 11 crystal is now (10+10+11)/3 = 10,33 => 11 new material cost
    • The amount/chance of all dropped Arcane Dust, Veiled Crystal and Reusable Parts is reduced by 85%.
    • The amount of materials gained from salvaging items at the blacksmith is reduced by 80%.

    Kanais Cube

    • Anger of Iben Fahd: Cube recipe to convert normal crafting materials has been removed.
    • New Cube recipe: Duriel’s Bargain. Convert 10 Forgotten Souls + 1 Flawless Royal gem into horadric cache crafting material. Each color corresponds to another act, e.g. 10x Forgotten Souls + 1x Flawless Royal Ruby = 1x Corrupted Angel Flesh.
    • Darkness of Radament: when transmuting gems and multiple iterations are possible, a confirmation dialog pops up and asks you to confirm if you want to use all available materials. If yes: convert as many gems and essences (multiples of 9) as possible, no: transmute only 9 gems.


    • Reduce damage taken of followers by 75% across the board (make other follower specific items viable, “follower cannot die” mostly for Unity builds.)
    • Reduce amount of resources provided by Templar’s Inspire ability by 50%.
    • All followers now have an additional inventory slot: chest armor.

    I took courses in game design while at university, but all numbers here are just rough estimes from the top of my head. I have given them quite a bit of thought, but for actual use they most certainly need adjustment. Let me know what you think below.

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    Quote from AngaarSmiles»

    no one ever gets perma ban the first time. you must of been trolling for awhile and they had enough.

    This. It is borderline impossible to eat a perma ban on your first account on battle.net.
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    Quote from agittunc»

    Quote from Bugga»

    how about last season?

    last season wizards was almost on top solo wise. in 4 man groups i am not sure.
    wizard was 3rd place in solo leaderboards last season and completely unused in 4man and 3man. check your records before posting things.
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    Quote from Shapookya»

    Quote from BlacKcuD»

    Yes everything bump. I don't feel like copy/pasting all my stuff and honestly everyting has been said already. Quin is 100% spot on with his rant. They should rather boost the skills themselves.

    I don't think so. Remove the WoL dmg from Tzo and there is no reason to wear it (that legendary stat is nice to have, but not so powerful). You would completely destroy those items.
    And seriously, those helms aren't even that powerful WITH the %dmg. you have to take rorg with it, losing out on a ring, which means losing either ~50% multiplicative dmg (which is possibly even better than those %additive dmg) or lots of cdr which you might need for a build.
    if you want a choice, then this is actually the best option. putting the bonus directly in the skill takes the choice away (Tzo+Rorg is useless). putting the bonus in the legendary stat would take the choice away aswell. Set + Tzo in cube would be the only choice.
    there is never a choice if you want to push high grifts, but with the way blizzard does things, at least the difference between the better and the worse itemcombination is not so big.
    I think the biggest problem here is that people rant without testing things out. they just see those big numbers and snap.
    If you want the maximum choice, you remove the bloated stats from legendaries as a whole. Why do legendenaries need more stats than yellow items? Tell me. The best case and most choice scenario is that items have extremely similar stat pools. If that were the case, you would select items purely for style, legendary altering effects, stat combination or secondaries. The more stats (espeically damage) a single item provides, the fewer the choices get. All the things I listed move to the background because DAMAGES! Damage is king in D3 and thus the item choice/diversity goes down the drain. Hence Quinn's fears are absolutely sound. Item and build diversity never was awesome in D3 and therefore you must admit that further narrowing it down (no matter if it's a big or small deal) doesn't seem that well thought out. It is poor game design by its very definition and just plain lazyness from the item designers.
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    Same thoughts went through my head at the blizzcon panel. Why wait till AFTER the holidays. Makes no sense from a gamer perspective. However, the blizzard employees will be on holidays, too. It is quite insensible to launch your biggest patch yet and a new season if staff is limited. Their process for season transitioning doesn't seem to be that refined (or probably is more complicated) than in Diablo 2. In D2 this process was fully automated and usually never required much direct action from Blizzard. In D3, from what the blues say, quitting and starting a season is similar to launching a new expansion.

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    Quote from Shapookya»

    That would destroy specific T7-T8 speedfarm builds with Sage set.

    I don't like it. I'd rather have variety than that one best way to farm everything at once.

    Fuck speedbuilds and fuck the sage set. I want to use my hard earned uber-gear on my main char to break in some faces and get me some DB when I feel like it. That is not build diversity that is a motivation killer.
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    Quote from xrmb»

    Can someone explain to me why using a potion snapshots to begin with? I've seen other videos that use that snapshot as part of the build.

    Because performance. Calculating all stats in real time would be way too much to do. You need certain intervalls on which you calculate and store ("cache") these values. Timers and intervalls are tricky (in online multiplayer games) especially, so you rest on events. Events are basically "triggers" which fire once. If you want to cache some stats regularily you pick a handful of events which have a good chance to fire every now and then. In the case of current Diablo 3 this is: zone change, death/respawn and potion use.
    Also I made a post about this on the PRT feedback forums. Please feel free to bump it. I think this issue needs addressing sooner than later.
    PTR Feedback Forums Thread
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    Quote from ZimmZFrog»

    That would be good too. Especially when said purple spheres "explode" in three different corners of the room!

    They should just remove progress globes from GRs alltogether. I mean: what is the point of them besides looking awesome?
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