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    posted a message on SFJake's Whining Topic. Today: Blizzard's Broken Design Philosophies.
    Stop ruining the forum. I came here to discuss a game that I play, not why other people don't play it. If you don't like it why do you spend hours writing an explanation for why you don't like it on a forum? You know what i do when I don't like a game? I just don't fucking play it. I put it away and go do something else with my life.

    Holy fuck you self-important, self-aggrandizing child. Go AWAY. NOBODY CARES. I READ 10% OF YOUR POST AND VOMITED.
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    posted a message on I give up.
    ITT: people whining about having to farm items in a diablo game.
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    posted a message on Story confusion
    It's as the poster above stated - Blizzard ret-conned the Dark Wanderer to being King Leoric's elder son, Prince Aidan.

    When Leoric started to go mad after coming to Tristram and having his mind invaded by Diablo, he sent his army of Khanduras on a march west to war against Westmarch. They were miserably defeated. Lachdanan, the knight-captain of the army of Khanduras, returned with the remnants of his army, including the King's eldest son, Prince Aidan. They quickly discovered that the king, Leoric (the Skeleton King in D3) had gone mad, and they killed him.

    Prince Aidan then usurps the role of the Warrior from Diablo I, entering the catacombs beneath the Horadric Cathedral and eventually slaying Diablo. Convinced that he could only contain Diablo inside his own body (much like Tal Rasha did with Baal), he shoved Diablo's soulstone into his forehead, from which Diablo then corrupted Aidan's mind, turning him into the Dark Wanderer.

    For purposes of lore, the Warrior from Diablo I = the Dark Wanderer, the Sorceror = the Summoner from Diablo II, residing in the Arcane Sanctuary and target of the quest "The Summoner", and the Rogue = Bloodraven in Diablo II, found in the Burial Grounds of Act I and target of the quest "Sister's Burial Grounds".

    In terms of the lore, all three fought together to kill Diablo, but Aidan was the only one to absorb Diablo's soulstone. All three eventually went mad and had to be killed. Makes me wonder what happened to the Paladin, Barbarian, Amazon, Necromancer, Druid, Assassin, and Sorceress from Diablo II. Although I think maybe the Sorceress was the one in the Wizard short story from the reveal site, Isendra.
    Hope that helps. :P
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    posted a message on "One of the Chosen" Feat of Strength
    Quote from EleSaturate

    Some people will bitch about anything these days.
    Yes, the achievement was somewhat unnecessary. Yes, it is not very fair, especially the part about receiving it even without logging into beta. But who says luck should not be rewarded? Who made that rule and why wasn't I told of it?
    The fact is that this doesn't in ANY way affect your experience. It's just a fairly worthless achievement that rewards no points and one (probably not that cool) banner sigil that no one will use a week after the release.
    Or is it you can't stand not being among the 'Chosen'? Serious entitlement issues, guys. Maybe they should just change the name to something less awesome so people will get over it and move on with their lives.

    luck should be rewarded - and it WAS rewarded.. by access to the beta.

    ...logic. it's your friend.
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    posted a message on 4 weeks until i beat inferno
    Quote from Adon

    Also if I don't get banned by then I plan on making a thread and updating it daily with the progress of where I am. If I fail, whatever I still had fun ha. If I succeed then again, whatever I did what I said I would and could do. Life moves on.

    I guarantee you don't make this thread. You'll probably disappear from these forums promptly upon release.
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    posted a message on Good lord the Wizard's voice acting in the reveal vid is bad
    Did you even read the backstory of the wizard posted on the reveal site? Go read it. Maybe you'll get a clue after that. You can't say something doesn't belong until you have an idea of what does belong.

    Clueless morons are clueless.
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    posted a message on 4 weeks until i beat inferno
    I think people are going to be quite flustered when they hit a wall in Nightmare and have to say to themselves "OK... I keep dying... maybe I need to farm some items before I can continue on.."

    Or maybe they'll just be the suckers paying exorbitant prices for my rares on the RMAH to try and blast through.. lol. Enjoy your world first I'll enjoy my $$.
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    posted a message on PvP Commentary and Serious Discussion
    Guys, I got news for you, the most important determining factor in whether a game becomes an e-Sport is NOT if it's entertaining to watch. The ALL-IMPORTANT factor is if there is MONEY involved. Where there is $$$, the competitive players will flock.

    Look at LoL. Shit game, absolute shit. But there is $$ there put up by the company that owns the game. They have turned it into an e-Sport by throwing money at it.

    Look at DotA2. Less of a shit game. Pretty good game. What's the first thing Valve does with it before it even gets to closed beta? Hosts a $1m tournament. They threw money at it. Now it's an e-Sport.

    Look at HoN. It has a "Head of e-Sports Development" employed on its staff whose sole purpose is to find sponsors, host events, and get HoN into DreamHack.

    What do these games have in common with Diablo 3? Well, a lot. They can both be considered (to some extent) multi-player online battle arenas. What do these games not have in common? The company that created D3 will NOT be throwing money at making it an e-Sport. There will not be D3 tournaments at Blizzcon (at least none that have $$ involved). This game is not like Counter-Strike or Starcraft where it is incredibly well-balanced and 100% skill based so e-Sports will naturally spring up around it. This game will be highly imbalanced, and item-dependant.

    This is why D3 is not, and will not be, an e-Sport, despite what you PvPers think. You need to grow up if you think your favorite game can become an e-Sport just because a lot of people like it. WAY more goes into it than that nowadays.

    That said, I want there to be a vibrant PvP community in D3. You PvPers deserve it. There may even be some $100 tournaments or something like that which may be privately sponsored every once in a while. But mark my words. There will be no big tournaments, unless someone really puts a LOT of effort into it. That someone will not be Blizzard. Who will it be? You? Do you have the kind of scratch to put together an event big enough to get D3 on the scene? I don't think so.
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    posted a message on Blizz vs players, reaching agreement ?
    Sigh... good effort man, but it's way too late for any changes to be made.

    I just don't see the point of the system you are suggesting, just as I don't see the point of stat allocation or skill points. I know if they added stat allocation, the first time I had the chance to allocate them, I would stare at my screen for a while putting them into different shit and either not wanting to hit the "commit" button or just saying "fuck it" and not even thinking about my choices at all.

    Either that or I would just alt+tab and look up a build (what 95% of players would do).

    Face it, most of us remember D2 for being the great game it was - fun for about 5 years then just old as fuck. Most of the D2 players didn't play for 10+ years like the rest of you nerds who either had your head so far up your ass that you didn't see all the other awesome RPGs that have been released in the last 10 years, or you didn't care to look.
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    Quote from KingDelita

    The only thing I have to say about Wizard. is that I was the least impressed with their skill selection in the beta.. Like every skill was just Meh... Except the Orb one.. Other than that it was just sort of lack luster I thought. Not damage wise just aesthetically.

    This forum is only big enough for one FFT avatar... Plus Delita is a cocksucker.
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