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    Quote from Umpa

    Not even a masterball can catch me.
    Dunno how much this has to do with you not being able be get caught by a masterball...

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    So, do you guys think they'll give us a release date somewhere in December, more likely Dec 31ste since it's Diablo 1's 15th aniversary. Or do you think they'll give us one somewhere in January, after Blizz's deliberations with Korea's RMAH situation is supposed to be resolved?

    At this point I don't really know. Each time I think: "Yeah, this time they'll definitely announce the release date", I get smashed in the face with no such thing...

    no, definitely before the end of 2011...
    no, definitely at Blizzcon 2011...
    no, definitely at the VGA's...
    no, definitely before the end of 2011...
    no, definitely in early January...
    no, definitely in the first half of 2012...
    no, definitely on the 30st of May (the day before they release the game)...
    no, definitely on 31st of May...
    no...wait, what? Oh yeah Oxford Dicionary - Blizz version:

    ear·ly   [ur-lee] Show IPA adverb, -li·er, -li·est, adjective, -li·er, -li·est, noun, plural -lies.
    1. on the 31st of May, a course of action, a series of events, etc.: early in the year (May 31st).
    2. in the early part of the year (May 31st): to get up early on May 31st.
    3. before the usual or appointed time; ahead of time: Blizz finally announced Diablo 3's release date on May 31st (early).
    4. far back in time: Blizzard learned early to disappoint and troll their devoted fans.
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    January 17th viable? Yes.

    (Edit: Also added some kitties to make the reading easier.)

    All of you should know this by now, but might have forgotten or just pushed it to the back of your head. Blizz initially stated that they aimed to release D3 at the end of 2011 if nothing went wrong. This implies that they probably could've released it then, but with a couple of bugs and most likely without the RMAH. If they really pushed the 2011 release, they would've included the RMAH maybe between the first and second patch of the beta. Maybe even in the initial beta release.

    If Blizz say something like that they aim for 2011, you must know they really think they might be able to do it, since they usually announce release dates about 2 months prior to official release, hence they aimed to announce the release date in Sep/Oct, which at this point, sounds ridiculous.

    In the meantime, after they announced the "early 2012 push back", they probably slowed down a bit and went over the mechanics of the game which required the most attention (AH and runes the 2 biggies) and of course the beta players' responses.

    Likely? Meh.

    The Blizzard ANZ tweet and the thread. It's obviously not an official announcement of any sort, but it does sounds kinda solid, depending on how you interpret the tweets! (most of us will say it's release, cause it's the most sought out thing in the universe atm. And it isn't the Full Opening Cinematic, cause it has been announced already) :P . If they do announce the release date at the VGAs (promoting myself a bit :P ), late Jan/early Feb is most likely.

    I also read this regarding the RMAH and Rating(18+) situation in Korea. Blizz is still trying to sort it out (Translated) source:

    Diablo III - Korea Ratings Under Consideration

    As we approach it's release, players can review the ratings to see if it is within their age group and if the game is suitable for them. We recently contacted the Korea Ratings Board to receive a Diablo III classification. We are aiming for a Mature Adult 18+ rating. The ratings for consideration were based on the latest version of the game and they have been provided a full version with all elements of the game included. We will provide more information and progress of their deliberations sometime at a later date.

    I'm sure this won't take long now, since Blizz recently contacted the Korea Ratings Board. But it did take long from beginning compared to already assigned Ratings in other countries:

    US - M (26 Sep)(not necessarily the exact date)
    UK - 15 (4 Okt-ish)
    Germany - 16+ (31 Aug)

    So why does it take so long?

    The Auction House

    There have been many questions about the currency auction house. An auction system like this is in some ways an unprecedented new effort, and there are different regulations and laws in other regions, which we are working on. After an internal investigation, we concluded that the auction house system is legitimate in Korea. However, we respect and are taking the classification system for each region very seriously. Blizzard has been working closely with the national regulation groups, and we are cooperating fully with the Korea rating committee. We are getting closer to release more information, and we will let you know the status soon.

    This will take longer to sort out than the Rating. So yeah.

    Quote from jabroni85

    AH is working great IMO, and i think Jan 24th but probably the 31st, first week in Feb at the latest.
    DO you mean the Gold AH? Then yes, otherwise no. The RMAH still has many bugs.

    Quote from Brake Failure

    I wonder what the odds of them officially announcing th their pushing the date back again are, or will they just not release it without formally stating, ok, late 2012 now.
    Yes I think if they do intend to push the release back again, they will definitely not announce it!! Defecation will get accumulated in many people's pants!

    I also think they might have pushed the release back another couple of notches: Do you remember the A Day In The Life articles? There were initially only 3 "issues" but there were recently added 2 more articles...

    Blizz obviously wants to keep us busy/distracted. They spread out the info they're gonna release to the public between now and when the game is eventually released. Also the art, omgeez the art.

    Just a thought though.

    Edit: Hope this bring some perspective otherwise I wasted a lot of time doin this... <_<

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    Quote from straightup

    Quote from WishedHeHadBeta

    Quote from AlucardIX

    YES you will
    If you ever remove it the game gets uninstalled immediately after

    no you wont. the disc's from the store will act as if you downloaded it directly from blizzard. you will not need a disc after installation is complete. and once you add it to your bnet account you can forever download it from them so you wont ever NEED the discs again. if you have the discs and you want to install it faster the second time, sure.

    You spelled "trolled" wrong.

    Edit: My bad, read ArcaneWeapon's post after posting myself, but it's worth saying it twice.
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    Quote from Molster

    Quote from MonkManD3

    How about a stickied release date speculation thread? Cause every one get closed...I think. Haven't seen one in a while.

    thats what this was for, I just named it pre-order as thats what people kept trying to base everything off of, Ill switch the title.

    Here it goes:

    As you might know, Blizz likes to hint at release dates or just random silly stuff the community have to figure out themselves (probably to give us something to ponder/argue/decipher about other than when the fucking game will be released and people spamming forums with all these speculation threads...Ha).

    1. The Starcow Level thing on the Diablo 3 beta page. They didn't say anything about the secret link until the community started asking question. Bli blo bla into the future: so the password ended up being starcow, and it showed Nyan Cow vid ect. You know the story.

    2. The Cataclysm release date was first hinted on Oct 4 2010 by Mekkatorque in a "Azeroth Bulletin":

    Speaking to a small conglomerate of various Alliance representatives, Mekkatorque pointed out that the time to strike is now. After all, Thermaplugg has eluded death for years to keep his reign over Gnomeregan; and with the fall of the Lich King, the last great threat to the citizens of Azeroth, the chance of any cataclysmic event taking place in the foreseeable future is "less than 12.7%" Mekkatorque's leading combat medical advisor Doc Cogspin purported.

    Cataclysm was then released on Des 7th 2010. 12.7% - 12th month, 7th day hence Des 7th. The official release date announcement by Blizz was on the 12th of Oct, 8 days after the "hint".

    Soooo, with this screenshot of the RMAH:

    You'll see Blizz gave themselves $223.32 Beta Bucks. Sooo maybe this translates to the 2nd month, 23de day hence Feb 23 2012. This is quite a long shot but this is what this thread is for! And since Blizz released the Currency-Based Auction House Beta Testing article on Des 1 2011 and the VGA's is occurring on the 10th of Des 2011, that's 9 days after the "possible D3 release date". The Cataclysm official release date was announced 8 days after its "hint" and was officially released a little over 2 months after the announcement.

    So this maybe suggest that Blizz will announce the release date of D3 at the VGA awards. And a "little" over 2 months after the hint it can perhaps just be the 23de of Feb.

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    Quote from AlucardIX

    Can i haz a name change?
    Your control panel > Settings > Change Display Name
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    Cats are the best, it's a shame I'm allergic to them :QQ: . We had 2 separate cats for about 5 years. So that just show the shit I'll go through to have a pet cat. The best and worst times that 5 years. I have lots of vids of him, showing his retardedness (not just dawgs proletaria :P ). Miss those furry, allergy infested fuckers everyday!

    Edit: Some gifs for your enjoyment!:

    Retarded cats:

    And this is way dogs are fuckers :xD: :

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    Quote from Moxx

    Quote from MonkManD3

    what the fuck do you mean? I posted no long posts, have you ever read a book in your life? you won't get very far with an attention span this short. I forgot about that signature, I have them hidden because too many people have gigantic ugly crap signatures.
    I did actually read most of your posts...the green striped towel, german girls, a door knob, something about two girls (one cup).

    Well obviously you know why I said it...the tl;dr refers to the beginning to end of your absurdly amount of posts, regardless of it being one long post or 20 small posts.

    I know this is kinda rhetorical, but the only books I read was prescribed books in school tbh. Probably why my language-subjects in high school sucked balls. And I only read long interesting posts that has meaning, unlike yours...regardless of this thread's purpose being about total randomness.

    You must be implying that I have a "gigantic ugly crap signature"? Anyways, personal preferences differ. I like my gigantic ugly crap sig. I don't think there's something quite as ugly as a smelly vagina. Though they're good to store your meat in, they're ugly as fuck. Again, personal "taste".

    :offtopic: Vaginas is a lot like crocs. Well you get the rest.
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    Problem solved:

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    Anyone else find this interesting wording? Does this mean that patch 6 is the last patch before the release? It feels like this wording is implying that the current version of the beta is the planned version to go gold (be printed to CD) and the rest will be a day 1 patch download. Exciting ! It feels like time is flying while I'm taking courses this term, Diablo 3 is fast approaching!
    Patch Notes

    Patch 2 - Sep 7
    Patch 3 - Sep 14
    Patch 4 - Sep 26
    Patch 5 - Nov 3
    Patch 6 - Nov 17

    As you can see the release difference between patches vary. Patches 2,3,4 fixed roughly the same amount buggs and the release between them is also roughly the same. Patch 5 was that fucking loooooooooong (cat :P ) patch, so obviously it took more than a month. Patch 6's amount of fixes was roughly between these two sets of patches.

    Basically what I'm trying to say is there's no way we can tell whether this is the last patch or not, BUT with that large patch 5 and medium patch 6, it looks like there's fewer bugs each time.

    And it's still 2-3 months before the release so we might get a few small patches or a biggy at the end of the beta. All depends about what the testers say. I doubt they'll release a day 1 patch, cause you know Blizz, they'll rather release a non-buggy game later than releasing a buggy game on time...but I want this fuckin game NOW!

    But this dude said in his thread that patch 6 was amazing compared to the previous patches...this might indicate that this patch is nearly as good as Blizz want the game, but this is just one dude's orgasm. We'll have to see later in the weekend. So maybe a couple of small patch(es) before the end of beta.

    Quote from dnavarre

    Actually, we aren't getting closer...I just saw this. The game got pushed back to the second quarter of 2012. :QQ: Video.

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