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    @Vegas - I see what you did there... [sarcasm] BUT you know Wikipedia isn't the most trustworthy information site; ANYBODY can write stuff there. You can be lucky you didn't came across the "water" and "plants" articles that was purposefully written wrong to make you look like a fool when you quoted it here on DFans.

    PS I reread it and thought it was necessary to put the sarcasm brackets in front, since it wasn't that clear...for myself. :Thumbs Up:
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    100 reputation points bitches!! Took me long enough... :Thumbs Up:
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    Quote from velling2u

    Hey guys,

    Solution to Error 33: alt tab 2 times and then open and close minesweeper and then the login will work.
    This is if you are running win7 amd64.

    Troll Science. :Thumbs Up:
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    A pigcat (I didn't draw this btw):

    Pigs can have 30min long orgasms and cats are lazy as fuck...lazy orgasms is the best kind of orgasms.
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    Quote from deleo

    I'm a dude btw...I'm stereotypically assuming you're one as well...if not, you fly to South Africa and take the risk of getting caught by Kony... :P

    and here i thought we had something going on ; (

    Your avatar compliments your quote real good btw...
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    Quote from Trombone

    Things are pretty rough down in Syria.

    It's a total different experience/feeling when you actually see unedited photos of the horrible things that's going on in the world. As succubus said, every single photo has a 1000 words story behind it. I have no idea what's going on in Syria atm, but It's quite sad that there's still wars going over the world.

    Quote from succubus_queen

    @Jaundice You think it's frizzy now? Used to, I hated it that my hair was curly, so I washed it everyday with suddsy, damaging shampoos, blow dried it, then flat ironed it to ruler straight perfection. It looked over processed and damaged at best. On days when I didn't have time to restraighten, it looked like I had dead brown grass for hair. :P

    Also, cool on civil engineering. Hope your class stuff comes together well. sounds like a hectic time.

    Do you ever pull your hair up or into a ponytail? Cause tied up hair will probably look less frizzy? I take it you never had a "permanent" hair straightening procedure? It last like 6-8 months depending on your hair growth.

    Gonna build some bridges, bitches love bridges.

    Quote from succubus_queen

    Before I go! Just had to say this looks amazing!


    Shutting up now.

    Charlize Theron...she's South African and totally hot! Really don't know why -_- is in there...it's not acting if you only have one facial expression...but the movie looks cool.

    Quote from succubus_queen

    Quote from Daemaro

    I'm jamming out to some Rob Zombie. :D

    Like I told Freddy, as long as there are no nipples/genitals people can post whatever they want. If there are nipples or genitals well I have a personal email for that. *eyes Freddy* Still waiting for that picture! Lol.

    Well, I guess I was about an eight of an inch from breaking the rules. :P

    Closing laptop, starting day. I can do this...... Ha!

    @Daemaro - Cool stuff. The only song I remember of them is Dragula! That song was/is awesome!!

    @Succubus - That's what she said...(dunno if this makes any sense, but I hadn't used that phrase in a long time!).
    Oh gawd...now I have to see that pic... :P

    Quote from FreddyBenson

    damn are graphics & daemaro the only ones whos saw succubs's pic?

    damn :P

    Haha, we should ask one of them to sketch what they remembered! Could be funny and awesome at the same time...

    Quote from Siaynoq

    That totally reminded me of this comic from Space Avalanche.

    Yeah, that's definitely Android Adam's mechanical rib. OR it's his penis. No matter, being without either can consequently start wars. Well not without woman per se. Woman could've just as been the reason a war was started.

    This is one of the many beauties of art, which ever form it may be. You can interpret it in so many ways and all of them can be equally correct. As for my interpretation, God wanted to create [perfect] man, but might have screwed up when he created woman from Adam't rib.

    Serious now. No matter how little flawed we as humans are, flawed is flawed. Similar like stealing a pencil in school is still considered theft like robbing a bank is. All this humanly flaws (which led to human errors etc) might have cumulatively piled up into a flaw-heap and has only reached it's peak this century and is starting to loose it's balance ie wars. The moment that heap falls over it might be the end of the world whether it's nuclear war, global warming that ends it (excluding natural disasters we didn't contribute to like space aliens invading earth whilst traveling on meteorites... -_-).

    For all we know it's equally likely the supposed end of the world on 21/12/12 might be caused by nuclear warfare or meteor aliens invading earth.

    Quote from Lt. Venom

    @ Jaundice (don't feel like quoting):

    Civil engineering huh, I asked because I'm going into Mechanical Engineering and would like to specialize a bit further in biomechanical with a doctorate's. I would so build a giant scorpion drone and replicate it 1000 times so I have a scorpion drone army and can take... them with me to just rock out my awesomeness. Here's something awesome you should do with that civil engineering degree, design and build earthquake-proof bridges. Then when an earthquake shakes the area and the bridge is the only thing left standing completely intact with damage only to the car that was thrown onto it somehow, you can give the ground the finger and yell, "What now, Bitches!!" Even have some famous magazine take your picture while you do that with that same caption.

    As to missing that pic of Succubus_Queen, so what if I missed it.

    Cool stuff. I think one can only really get into (enjoy) your line of engineering when you start your own thought out experiments/designs/solutions and not have to bother with other unnecessary stuff. Atm I have little motivation and don't really enjoy studying (for tests or to keep up to date, not the course itself). Ok well, very few people enjoy studying, you have to at least find it interesting.

    And don't forget the lazers in your scorpions' tails...to cut the grass to the required length your GF wants it.

    If I remember correctly, one of our lecturers did his thesis on something similar by adding rubber into the foundation (house) or pillars (bridge)...something like that.

    Quote from Graphics_I

    So many posts since I was last on. Can't decide what to respond to :(.

    That getting the national anthem wrong is a disgrace. As a somewhat competitive athlete I would be disgusted if that happened to me.

    You can respond to all of my posts, since mine's the most superior of all the abundant peasant posts.

    Didn't look like she cared though...I wonder if she even knew why she was there. &--#60;_&--#60;

    Quote from FreddyBenson

    tralari i thought u once said that you are apart of the female speices?

    oh i see......... :P

    If this is true, Tralari will be the best type of female species there is...

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    Haha! I like I like, here's mine (I made it for FB initially):

    Edit: Man, Curse really have to fix the sig bug that make the rep button unresponsive...+1 for Cava btw
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    Yeah, I'm Azmodan's bitch therefore I have to take his nipple rings off at night and put them back on once he has awaken from his hellish slumber.
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    In my country, Patience is a common black woman's name... :S So when I read "where did Patience go?" I only imagine our cleaning lady who have ran away without doin her job! :P
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