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    It's been taking so long, and will continue to take so long, because they will keep making changes forever, tell us they have made changes, then go and change things again. Just because the current changes are done means nothing, the previous changes were done and then discussed and that didn't do anything either.
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    Ooooh, it's a tinfoil hat thread! Let me find mine quick!

    This game, internally at Blizzard, is nothing like SC:Ghost, or, for that matter, Lord of the Clans. They will be releasing it and it's almost certainly going to be in the first half of 2012. I'm expecting it by May at the latest, but anytime around there would be reasonable I think at this point.

    I do agree though, the AH needs some work, but that's relatively simple to fix compared to all the other work that's gone into the game.
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    Quote from napobm43

    The way I see it, if they get the game out by the end of April, they can claim it to be in "Early 2012" if you consider there to be four months of "Early", four of "Middle", and four of "Late" in a year. Not that when they told us "Early" in September that April is what any of us had in mind...

    Early is January to September, Middle is October and November, Late is December.

    Haven't we played this game with Blizzard before?
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    Reading this post has made me arrive at one very critical conclusion:

    God I'm old...
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    I don't think Blizzard is worried about this. Look at it from their perspective. We are the diehard fans, they can putz around with us for years and chances are still pretty good that 95% of us will buy the game regardless. For those people who aren't diehard fans and aren't following the news, they will only pay attention when a release date is put out, or the game is actually shipped and they see it in stores or whatever. So whatever complaints everyone has with their PR department over this, I don't think they really have botched the PR aspect, I just think they are way smarter than us and don't really care if a few fanboys have their feelings hurt.

    Think about it like a Presidential election in the U.S. Most people don't pay much attention during the first 12 months of what is basically a 24 month campaign. When it's close to November and ads are everywhere, etc., people will pay attention, but until then it's out of sight out of mind for most people, so why worry?

    My $.02.
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    posted a message on A Tale of Woe
    Quote from OmniNom

    Quote from temesz

    Ummhuh atleast you got to play some? I'm happy for you...lol

    Well, it's like meeting Megan Fox, convincing her to come back to your hotel room, and then JUST as you're about to tap--BLAM! Your room is invaded by killbots.

    I fail to see why being rescued from the clutches of Megan Fox by killbots is a fail.

    Anyways, that's still more Beta than most of us have played, but I feel your pain, sometimes a taste makes it worse to have to wait for more.
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    You can't rune a basic ranged attack though. Look at all the amazing things you're giving up by not using a skill that has a rune in it. Yes, as pure hatred regen, it's pretty darn sweet, but for any kind of utility, it's just not that good. No pierce, no multi-shot, nothing "unique" that can be used to your advantage. And also, what other skill do you want so badly that you're going to need this? If you have one hatred generator, 3 hatred users and 2 discipline skills, I think that's the way to go. 0-4-2 or 0-3-3 just seems like you're trading a passive slot for an ability that's worse than most of the actives.
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    Quote from d3maniac2012

    so all the people "flaming" about PVP when it comes to diablo keep referring to people who play PVE (which is what diablo is 99% based upon) "carebears" and saying its because of "scripted fights". so considering diablo has most of the game randomized... items monsters ect. and the choice of billions of different skill combo's. how is PVE in diablo "scripted" and how is someone a "carebear" for playing PVE? also it seems like people are calling people "scrubs" now instead of noobs? I've only been out of the gaming scene a few years but wow... any info would be appreciated thanks.

    You will see the same think from the Hardcore people who will say that anyone who doesn't play hardcore is some kind of carebear or something. It's because they have an inferiority complex and try to build themselves up by putting other people down. There's no right or wrong way to play one of these games, if you like PvP, play that, if you like Softcore, play that. Heck, if what you enjoy is playing each class through normal difficulty and then quitting, that's fine too. It's a game people!
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    Quote from Jackzor

    Clearly Blizzard is trying to imply that the Moon is the key to human life on any planet. Clearly. By which I mean they're lazy when it comes to loading screens.

    If they delay the game to redo the moon graphics on their loading screen because of "complaints on fan sites" I'm blaming all of you guys in this thread!

    Just saying... :)

    I think part of the issue also is that the moon that's "our moon" looks like a moon to us, if you fiddle with it, it looks less moon like. Besides, copying a picture is easy and lets them work on art we'll actually care about. Like loot!
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    Why do people even bother to post on the Blizzard forum?
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