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    posted a message on Travis Day on "Legendaries/set items being soulbound"
    Anyone that had been complaining for the removal of the AH should have seen this coming. What would be the point of removing the MEANS to trading without also removing the PURPOSE for trading. Now you truly won't and CAN'T trade, you should be happy.... and its a good lesson to the overly-vocal community that post their same dam complaints month-in and month-out:
    Be careful what you wish for!
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    release date announcement at Blizzcon 2013?
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    posted a message on More Simplified Tooltips, Spike VGA's, and Blue Posts
    Game Hunters: Do we have a release date for the game yet?

    Morhaime: As soon as possible. We have pushed it into 2012. Really at this stage, it's about completing the polish on the game and preparing it for launch. As with any Blizzard game, we really try not to rush these things out. We try to give them time to bake. We are in beta right now, so we have a lot of people out there helping us test the game. We have been getting great feedback. People are really excited about it. (Source)

    HAH!!! More like Bake and Burn
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 User Interface Datamining - Bosses and Waypoints
    Dont see Diablo.. interesting. At this point I think the NBA, I mean Blizzard would be better of making a deal and releasing the game.
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    posted a message on lets gamble... release date bets
    you all do know 2012 is a Leap Year. Right? Which means we skip 2012 and go to 2013 your bets are all automatically wrong.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Beta Cheat Code Answer?
    apparently someone figured out the answer- there is no cow level, and surprise surprise it does nothing.
    Blizzard= trolls
    Bashiok= master troll
    jay wilson = king tut troll
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    posted a message on The major flaw of an Auction House
    Quote from Polrayne

    @popo_joe and any others that argue an AH will destroy trading....

    I've read many of these arguments and I have to feel that the common underlining motivation is that you want to do P2P trading so you can haggle. Haggle is another word for ripping someone off. Either you do it by offering a boat load of crap to someone for their one great item, usually stating "come on godly player, I need help, please trade..." Or you offer a crap unique item to someone for a better item using the tired, totally inaccurate method of "this is the going rate for your cool item - my crap item." Except you don't tell them your item is crap.

    Lets forget trying to reason with those who actually enjoyed going into trading games for hours with their wares trying to rip people off - I respect you find that entertaining (I have no idea why) and I'm not going to try and change that. But lets be realistic. If your main motivation to P2P trading ISN'T ripping people off (haggling) than all that is left is perusing peoples items for something cool - right? Can't you do that in an AH? Yes you can. So why be so upset about an AH? Because you can't haggle. Because you can't be social and motivate someone into taking your item for substandard offers.

    You can still (most likely) make a trading game or do P2P trading in some fashion. So why feel threatened at all?

    I know why. I think what's really got you all upset is that with an established economy of gold AND a system like the AH to set realistic standards for pricing - your P2P haggling (ripping people off) will be debunked because no one is going to take your crappy items for over priced amounts of gold or items anymore. They can leave your trade, go to the AH - verify the general prices - return to your game and offer you a FAIR trade.

    Some have said "listing auctions, perusing the auctions, bidding on auctions is so boring". I can't believe this to be a game breaker for you, since going into trade game after trade game is the SAME THING. The only difference in an AH is that you can't motivate someone to take your item for a substandard trade. Aka - you can't rip people off in an AH. Isn't that really why you are upset?

    Come on - tell the truth now.

    Polrayne, Well put Good Sir!

    Quote from popo_joe

    oh...I guess buying is the same thing as trading then... sorry , my mistake.
    next time when i'm at the supermarket i'll offer the cashier my pair of socks + my shoes for the groceries.

    anyways... the only thing I don't understand is why people want a gold based economy so bad, I know an auction house could help, but was item vs item trading so bad in D2, did it make you stop playing?

    it was unique to diablo and original, you won't see any online game that has that, why does people want to put an end to what made diablo so unique?

    popo_joe, you are full of crap. Stop trying to sidestep the issue, your not fooling anyone. Your problem has nothing to do with a gold economy. As stated above, you just want to rip people off so you can build your character up. Not surprisingly, Im sure there are lots of people with your mentality.

    1. haggling does not equal socializing, just stop saying that. Socializing is "hi, what did you do today?" haggling is "WUG." There is no interest in the other person, only interest in the items you can gain. So stop saying: "I enjoy haggling, I even help people out" cause thats a load of shit. If you haggle, you are only interested in what you can get out of other people, especially noobs. This really irks me because I was "helped out" by lots of people from D2 just to find out later I actually helped them out a lot. Seeing the prices in an AH would help this problem

    2. For the last time, Yes. when you buy something with currency, that is STILL trading. Go look it up. The only reason a grocery store won't accept your socks and shoes is because Currency is standard and dependable. A one dollar bill always equals $1. you can't argue what a dollar is worth, its static and it removes arguments and makes transactions go much faster. This is why we want a GOLD based economy.

    3. About the whole 'unique' thing (I can tell its a smokescreen but Ill still address it), No, haggling was not unique to Diablo; you could and still can haggle in a lot of online games. And just because something is unique doesn't mean that it should remain the status quo.
    The old diablo skill system was unique, not-Talking properly is unique to Sylvester Stallone (sorry just watched one of his movies, I don't know how the hell he made it so far without knowing english), and Sucking every year is unique to the Mets.
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