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    posted a message on Is possible to add PvP to the game? YES!

    Why are ppl so fixated on PvP anyways? I mean, so many great games that are pure PvP and you want it in D3 too?

    PvP sux.

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    posted a message on Do you want nemesis system on pc?

    Nemesis? Sure, but only on SC. HC has enough enemies already, with lags, dcs, rubberbanding and so on. Nemesis on HC would make it way too frustrating. Or we would just purge our friend lists lol.

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    posted a message on Older WW Barb... Only able to do GR52?

    I hope you won't mind if I tell you what I would change.

    First of all, there are few combinations of gear that I would use.

    Variation #1

    Go for 6pc WotW set, replace RoRG in cube for Obsidian ring of the Zodiac.

    Use Witching Hour as belt, or Lamentation, since you use rend as one of your skills.

    Use Lacuni Prowlers as bracers or Strongarms with FC to proc them. Also, FC will replenish your rage whenever you charge into group of mobs.

    Roll CDR on both weapons and use diamond in helmet. Will get huge boost to CDR that way and WotB will be on almost 100% of time.

    Find new Skull Grasp since it is multiplicative now, compared to old ones that were additive damage only.

    Make HF amulet that has passive you need for this build, and those are:

    • Ruthless
    • Weapons Master ( will make your life easy and refill your rage whenewer you attack mobs)
    • Nerves of Steel
    • Rampage
    • Berserker Rage or Brawler

    BTW if your belt does not have life per fury, nor your weapons have it, there is no point in using Bloodthirst at all.

    Variation #2

    Keep RoRG in cube, and use Hexing pants of Mr Yan to get 25% more damage when moving and 20% reduced fury cost.

    Rest is pretty much the same.

    About L gems. You might wanna check out how bane of the powerful works now, since it gives you + damage to elites and reduces damage you suffer from them, too. Also, you can use SoJ as one of your rings, and get Skull Grasp in cube. With Bane of the Powerful and furnace, you would have 50+30+15=95% damage to elites lol.

    I dont say this what I wrote here is best thing ever, but I think it might help you get to at least grift 70.

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    posted a message on GR120 4P 13:38 (EU #1 NS) with Crusader !

    Quote from Enslaved2184»

    So what? We didn't have dps barbs too.

    We had Gavel barbs actually. But they were surpassed fast :(
    Yeah, s4 less than 5 days and it sucked ass. I played that build, and it was not good + we lagged like hell even on grift 60.

    Quote from udomsa33

    I sometimes wonder what it would be like if all 4 peeps go all out on DPS build with no support. How far could they go? XD

    With few of my friends.. 4 dps as 1x 700, 2x 600 and 1x 400 para DPS team on the 9th day of the season, grift 75. We had 3 IK/Rae barbs and one UE DH lol.
    I guess we could do higher now, since 2 of us are over 1k para, and rest is about 800. But even on that 75 run we had major lags, and only DH used any area effect with marked for death... Can't even imagine what would happen with any WD build in our team, lol
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    posted a message on GR120 4P 13:38 (EU #1 NS) with Crusader !

    So what? We didn't have dps barbs too.

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    posted a message on Season 7 and 2.5 suggestions?
    Ok, here is a list of things that I would really like to see implemented into game in future patches. You guys might have seen some of these before, I take no credit for most of the ideas.
    • Fix the goddamn lag, pretty please with cherry on top.
    • Make a legendary gem extraction to the cube possible, we lose so much time swapping these arround. Once these would be in cube, we could upgrade them as they are normal ones, in stash. L gems should drop from guardian only if you finished grift on time. After you get all L gems to cube, you should continue to get random L gems as reward from grifts. To minimize search time for upgrades Urshi could have 2 separate pages, one for cube and one for stash/inventory/equipped gems.
    • Make hellfire amulet passives extractable. If this is too op, make it share the slot with jewelry, so we can pick between 6th passive or some or actual rings/amulets we already use.
    • Make legendary potions extractable. I can't be the only one who melted his potion by mistake few times, lol. To be fair on these, you can make requirement to find multiple potions of same type to get the opportunity to extract them, just to be sure ppl do not benefit from maximum rolls on potions for no sweat at all.
    • Make flawless royal gems slightly better. I mean, OCD in me is screaming every time I see that +280 to stats / +78 to AR / + 23% to life... Please, round up these, give us straight + 300 on stats, +80 or +75 to AR, and +25% or +20% to life. This is way too depressing for us with low calculus skill and great OCDs...
    • Make L gem upgrade chance better or at least true. I mean, when 80% upgrade chance fails 3x in a row, its nothing but rage time for players. I would like that 80% is actual 80%, 60% = 60% and not 2%, and so on.
    • Give us gem upgrade chance +1% for every minute left on the clock. Make speed grifting more rewarding.
    • If grift was not done on time, give us 1% chance to upgrade gems. Or just 1 gem upgrade @ normal upgrade chances. Maybe this will keep some ppl going, instead of leaving when the group is 30 sec behind the clock.
    • Make player dots on minimap different colour, so we know who is where just by looking on minimap, if group gets separated at some point. Maybe dots could be different by style for each class or something. If this is too much to ask, give us option to see player names near their dots all the time, if we chose so.
    • Give us option to melt white transmogs, our towns are buried in star helmets and amberwings. Add prompt button if needed.
    • Give us some more rewards for getting all the way to guardian titles in seasons. idk, maybe an unique dye or something like that.
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    posted a message on Will ever be PvP in this game ?

    PvP? Go play Mortal Kombat. Plenty of PvP there.

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    posted a message on What are the benefits of Season 6.?

    Damn, you should have it underlined and in italic, too, this is way too minimalistic for me to comprehend lol.

    Anyways, as I said, you can always use it in NS at some point, if you don't melt it or sell it to that loli vendor @ act 2

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    posted a message on Why people are so obsessed with COSMETICS?

    Well why should ppl not be hunting transmogs, wings, pets and penants? Its fun to do it, between long hours of grifts and key farming. Also, bounties are much more fun when you know you can find something else, even if that is just a damn pet that has no other purpose but to make you rage. I would stomp that "Lamb" boy and kill him with fire and magnets. So damn annoying pet lol.

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    posted a message on What are the benefits of Season 6.?
    Quote from Bagstone»

    Quote from HammerofNatsu»

    what are the benefits of NS? I see absolutely none.

    NS lets you play mindlessly without that "impending doom" of the upcoming season ending. If you play season only (and regard non-season as useless), any progress you make this season will be gone in 3 months from now. Anything becomes a "short sprint", that super awesome GG amulet you just got will be useless in a few weeks. NS is much closer to my understanding of the "RPG" part in an ARPG like Diablo, where I'm seeking to constantly make my character stronger.

    I never liked seasons in D3, nor ladders in D2. But in both games I've been pushed to it because Blizzard decided to make certain things exclusive to a particular game mode (rune words in D2, stash tab in D3). Also, the constant nudging of players to move into season mode has moved my friends list to seasons, and I don't like to play alone. But ever since I moved to seasonal game play rather than NS (about half a year ago) I find myself less motivated to play. I've quit both S4 and S6 after 2 weeks/2 days, respectively. Before I was considering seasons/ladders, I was playing Diablo non-stop both in D2 and D3, and although I oftentimes took breaks, I liked that I could come back to my powerful character and take on more adventures with him.
    How is this true? I talk about bold italic underlined orange stuff.
    When season ends, you get all items to your NS chars. Its up to you if you will save them or melt, or even throw away if you want. It is not useless, it is there, on NS chars, waiting for you to be used as you please at any time. Well, maybe not during maintenance, since you can't acess the damn game during these lol.
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    posted a message on How do you not get bored of diablo
    Quote from Darkdante71»

    i for 1 am burned out.. granted i'm only paragon 130 but going nowhere fast ... d3 has lost it's way.

    at first it was fun now all it is is pushing grifts where is the fun in that by the time the season is done i get to 400 max then a new patch comes out
    can i please get more out of this game or a new diablo game

    I must say you are doing something wrong. To get only 400 paragons in 90 days, do you play more than 15 minutes per day?
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    posted a message on Spend my gold on?

    You can buy dyes until you spend all gold. Its also time consuming process if you decide to spend it on winter dyes.

    If you find that not challenging enough, you can spend your gold on rare shield collection. I would say that Bastion's Keep has great vendors for this cause, but if you want to be mainstream, New Tristram is also ok.

    If you dislike these methods, try empowering grift 90+ to upgrade lvl 0 gems. It is true fun to spend 600 000 000+ gold like this. And it takes only 5 grifts to get your legendary gem to lvl 20 this way, for more than 3 000 000 000 gold!

    Fun is guaranteed.

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    posted a message on How do you not get bored of diablo
    Quote from Elenie»

    Hey there guys,

    I've been having this conversation with several friends, who, after a few weeks into the season, get completely bored about the game. They ( and myself at some point ) just stop having fun because it becomes, too much.

    So my question is, how long do you " last " in a season ? what keeps you going ? is it the passion for the game ? something else ?

    Please share your thoughts.

    Kind regards,

    - Elenie

    I last from day 1 to day N, where N is the last day in the season. Sometimes, I miss a day or two if under a pressure at work.
    What keeps me going is will to enter leaderboards.
    I have interest to push solo only with barb, but I play all classes every season.
    Idk if I have greater passion for the game then the next person, but I simply play the game whenever I have spare time during a day.
    BTW, periods between seasons are most boring things ever to me. I pretty much do not enjoy NS for some reason, even if I ended top300 with mediocre paragons and gear in prevous era as solo sc EU barb.
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    posted a message on THUD got hacked?!

    If Blizzard would repeat these banwaves from S5, I might end on the solo barb sc EU leaderboards in S6 again. Muhahahahah

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    posted a message on Time to pull the plug?
    Quote from Eradifyre»

    I have spent years loving this series. Diablo has taken up a lot of my time over the years and I have enjoyed many a night battling in Sanctuary. The game as it currently stands has however gotten very stale for me. 2.4.0-2.4.1 brought little change. cosmetics are nice and all but not really a substitute for content. Once you hit end game all there is to do is push gr's and grind paragon. Item Upgrades come few and far between so basically all you are doing is lvling gems for augmenting and I personally am bored to death with D3 something I didn't think I would ever say. This game for me is currently on life support and without an expansion/new content/ new game whatever will soon be dead. The feeling of getting a "uber" drop just isn't there anymore and to me thats what Diablo was all about, now I can usually gear a char in a day or two with little effort. The "Birthday" announcement made me realize just how boring this game has become.

    Since you have over 30k+ elites killed on your profile with under 300 paragons on PC, I would say you played D3V for some time. That is why I fail to understand how can you be bored of 2.4.1 state of the game compared to vanila game.
    I say this only because you can get from lvl 1 to 300 paragons in 2-3h if you have a friend or two to boost you. And even with combined console XP, it is still 4-5 days of gameplay, if you spend 3-4 h per day doing mediocre grifts like 60 or so.
    I have to conclude D3 might not be a game for you, or that you need a timeout.
    BTW, uber drop is still uber, when you get near to perfect rolled ancient piece of gear its a fkn Christmas or something, even when using cube.
    Anyway, gl, hopefully the game will get another RoS like DLC, maybe then you will enjoy it more...
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