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    I still believe its against blizzard tos, and therefore the tos of the forum :S This gives an "unfair advantage" towards other players. I might be wrong but i don't think blizzard would like this xD
    There is no technical premise for it to be considered illegal; if it were, firewalls and virus scanners are aswell along with netstat.
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    I opened it up and get a "could not initialize socket" error. ;_;
    You must be running as an administrator (I really didn't feel like writing a driver for such a trivial program). If for some reason you are and you're still receiving an error, tell me the error code and I'll have a look.

    @Matt: rem ip-address command, pl0x.
    Updated to reflect changes.
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    I've decided to release a little utility program I wrote to ease the process of identifying desired game-servers [by IP address] for the primary purpose of aiding in DClone-game hunting.

    Download (176KB)
    Download Source (6KB)

    Upon creating/joining a game of which resides on the user-supplied server-list you'll receive an audio cue (along with the game-name being highlighted in the output console)

    add ip-address -- Adds a server to monitor for; wildcard octets honored.
    rem index -- Removes a server from the monitor; index obtained via view command.
    view -- View all current servers being monitored.

    Windows NT4.0+
    Administrator privileges (userland network promiscuous-mode)
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    I guess I'll play devil's advocate here and burst some bubbles.

    so if you chase the chicken out from act 1 in hell to the burial grounds and kill it via killing blood raven it will drop the charm that way.
    Impossible; chickens, camels, bats, ect are client-side only and therefor interaction with the latter will have no impact on gameplay as the server is not aware of such objects.

    For a better cow moo expirience it is bette to try and make the No name level. You do this bye making the cow portal on the edge of the gate where blood moor and the camp connect. If you get the portal exactly on the line you will make the No name level and the cows reward much more expirience and I belive theres more of them.
    There is no correlation between the location of the portal and monster experience; the reason it's "No Name" is due to a bug caused by the portal being spawned on significant game boundary that exists between the town and the field (the portal is offset into an invalid region)

    Lots of people insist that making the Cow portal either next to Akara or next to the Stash yields the most cows. They even get violent about it if you make it somewhere else.
    Utter fluff.

    It's "working as intended," they say. It's featured on the official Diablo III website. It's settled itself cozily between the chat and game list areas in Diablo II's GUI for nearly a decade. But what does it do?

    The lack of a known purpose has led to, among some, a religious fanaticism for a number of things:

    • Getting the Perfect Gem Activated state improves gem drops.
    • Getting the Perfect Gem Activated state improves chances of finding a Gem Shrine.
    • Activating the Mooooo! state increases the number of Hell Bovines or the drops of monsters in the Secret Cow Level.
    • Garners better drops from bosses when the Perfect Gem Activated state occurs.
    It does nothing, nada, zip. The affects of triggering the gem are contained purely within the gem's graphical display state and thus have no consequence on the game whatsoever.

    Although I will continue to keep my eye out for any anomalies that may arise in relation to the gem :)


    In regards to MF, noone can really say for certain as even though we have a copy of the game server built into the client which is for the most part a carbon copy of those used on Battle.net, there's no way to know what differences there could be on the Battle.net versions (although it does provide insight to contraints).

    So yes, all those wild claims for increasing your item chances cannot be proved one way or the other.

    One thing is certain though; after 100% MF, significant diminishing returns kicks in.
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    posted a message on The spammers are back..
    - A simple vote system that requires all of the players in the game to vote. This will tag the reported player as a possible spammer.
    - After the third tag (in a different game with different players), the player will get the real mark.
    - A marked player must go through a CAPTCHA before being able to chat to people. It must be done in every game.
    - A marked player will lose his mark after 3 days.
    - A mark also applies 1 minimum tag for everyone else on that IP, so two more tag is enough for someone else on that IP to get a mark. When the second mark on the IP is given, all accounts on that IP is given 2 minimum tags. That results in a zero tolerance. One tag and you are marked instantly. When an account loses its mark, all minimum tags created by it will disappear.
    - 1 tag disappears every 5 hours, excluding minimum tags.
    - Creating an account requires a correctly answered CAPTCHA.
    - If an account is detected to be marked for over 75% of its total activity (minimum 7 days), it will be locked and require e-mail authentication (or security question answer) + CAPTCHA.
    We're implementing a similiar system in an MMO project I'm involved with to combat automated players. Although ours relies more upon behaviour pattern analysis; human reports are factored in, albeit of minor contribution to the outcome (abuse is always on the cards whenever there's an emotional agent involved unfortunately)

    I see no reason why the same principles cannot be applied in Diablo, other than limiting factors such as the proven programming ineptitude of Blizzard.

    Those things don't work, I got this funny little program where you can insert download links like megaupload, rapidshare etc.
    Most of these have captcha's. The program however can guess what has to be inserted correctly 9/10 times.

    Surely a bot program could insert that.
    It's true that many widespread CAPTCHA implementations can be systematically solved but that's not to say all are especially when it's an ad hoc solution.
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    posted a message on Realm Down
    I meant what to do while I'm waiting.
    Do something constructive.
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    posted a message on Math-Related Question
    Hucks right; just iterate across either axis populating the oppisite as you go.
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    posted a message on Starting again after a long time!
    Thanks, I appreciate the reply. To be a little more specific could I get a PvM / MF sorc build? I don't know what's best fire, frost, or lightning, but I'm down to try whatever. Thanks
    It's really a matter of personal preference; early on cold builds tend to be more viable due to the native pierce available.

    I've personally went with an Orb/ES build that is sufficient to run hell Mephisto on quite mediocre gear; Smoke, Spirit, Moser's (2xPDiamond), Frostburn, String, Iratha's Helm providing (max resistances in Hell)

    A character-editor for single player is an invaluable tool for designing your builds prior to the real thing.
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    posted a message on 1.13 Guide: A Key to Early Success
    I stop reading your posts shortly after I realise there is actually effort involved in an attempt to unravel the bullshit that spills from your over inflated head onto your keyboard.
    Feel free to let me know when the "unravelling" process has completed so that a proper argument can finally be presented; all the required information is within the first few posts.

    In the future, please ensure there's a thorough understanding of the domain before attempting to debate; at present it's like dealing with a toddler trying to explain gravity based on visual cues and personal experiences.
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    Dear god that was painful.
    Agreed in full.

    #489 :(
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    posted a message on 1.13 Guide: A Key to Early Success
    Inflation - Remember, your talking about a game that will spawn infinite gold. The longer the game is running, the more gold that will exist, which means, the more inflation.

    Sinks - Like I previously mentioned, sinks are totally irrelevant. Even if 99% of the gold people farmed goes towards sinks, its the relative rate of hording that causes inflation. Whether a rich player has 500 gold or 500000000 gold, the number itself is irrelevant. After the games up for 2 years, and people have 2 years worth of gold stashed away, guess what, it bites a big one to be a noob trying to buy items against people with such a head start doesnt it?
    You do realize these two statements contradict each other, right?

    I don't think those are irrelevant points, do I still sound like a troll sir?
    Yes, you do; that or you're just running on emotion.

    No, I'm not saying every rich person on JSP donated bundles of money. Some of them did, thats a fact. Theres also a lottery game on jsp, some people made some pretty nice hits on that over the years. Some people also just played a lot, got lucky drops, and made some decent fg trades on the forums.
    People also have made fg by creating sigs for people to use on jsp and selling them, or from selling in game services, such as rushing or power leveling.

       /n. ˈprɛsɪdənt; adj. prɪˈsidnt, ˈprɛsɪdənt/ Show Spelled[n. pres-i-duhnt; adj. pri-seed-nt, pres-i-duhnt] Show IPA
    Law. a legal decision or form of proceeding serving as an authoritative rule or pattern in future similar or analogous cases.
    any act, decision, or case that serves as a guide or justification for subsequent situations.
    The parameters of my argument did not include a yearly scope; I suggest you actually read the statement I made before making (yet another) completely irrelevant remark.

    I am not chosing to ignore any points you made. I am chosing to disagree with them. Your claim that rich people on jsp are corrupt is completely baseless, so I have provided for you(see above) ways that people have amassed stockpiles of fg on d2jsp. Perhaps if you had more of an argument other then a false, baseless accusation I would agree with you, so until you can produce a little more don't act like I'm incapable of comprehending a simple argument, why I chose to disagree with it becuase its weak.
    Aside from that, I was simply pointing out the the jsp economy that you seem to dislike holds some striking similarities to what the D3 economy seems to be shaping into, leading to the same type of inflate and hording based currency economy d2jsp evolved into over the years.
    You're either choosing to ignore them, or you fail to understand the basic tenets of economics as you have yet to provide any form of insightful argument and continue to resort to your own cavil methodology.
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    Yes unfortunately; we'll most likely be going again once Sixen gets on, so feel free to join up then.
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    posted a message on Ladder Rush Party (USWest)
    Lag should be fine for you; I'm from Australia and it's all good.

    Having to redo Act 1 for a friend; laserblue2//xxtv
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    posted a message on Ladder Rush Party (USWest)

    This is an open invitation to anyone who wishes to participate in a full game rush upon ladder reset.

    There are no formal prerequisites other than a mature attitude and ability to commit atleast 2 hours play-time.

    You are welcome to play whichever class you desire presuming the resulting team collectively contains both a summoner (early tanking) and Barbarian (battle orders)

    Confirmed Players

    • Matt.J (Cold-sorc)
    • Sixen (Fire-sorc)
    • Calen (Summon Druid)

    Players are to meet in the channel Op LaserBlue on the USWest realm by 12:00PM PDT

    P.S., if you do not have an alternate method of connecting to Battle.net feel free to add me to MSN (see left panel)
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    posted a message on High Resoutions
    Diablo II is a raster game; it's rendered at a specific resolution, as unlike with vector graphics, cannot be dynamically scaled (atleast not elegantly)

    That being said, as all that program is doing is exposing further worldspace I would not suggest you use it on Battle.net as it's beyond simple to detect (Warden, last time I looked, does check the region of memory that program modifies... infact, it shouldn't even work with Battle.net)

    In regards to the resolution vs "size", it simply depends on the pixel density within a physical area of the display; with vector games these semantics are abstracted and thus everything will appear the same physical size up to the monitor's native resolution (the benefit ofcourse being greater detail due to the greater number of discernable points)
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