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    There is no need to explain all the complicated stuff if these people if they even fail to understand basics about computer hardware.
    It's like explaining something like politics to a 3y old.

    Anyway I know my stuff, read the above part of my post.
    While I did decide to focus on management, I did enroll in CMD where designing and making games and working with programs to render 3d models etc you get the drill.
    We had to create flash games, sites, 3d animations and games that used 3d models and much more.
    Though it was all pretty easy stuff. Flash and html5 are easy. And C++ was also pretty easy if you think logical.

    Though management is more my thing, I hate scripting things. And since I could not decide to drop the boring scrypting I decided to take the next best thing. Managing people that work with that kind of stuff.
    Media and Entertainment Management. But might drop the gaming industry all together and just make my own broadcast channel.

    You can believe me or not, I have proof of my enrollments at the NHL and CHN (Stenden University, well known for their Hotel Management) in the Netherlands Leeuwarden.
    This is not about "those people", it's about your bizzare claim that knowing the polygon count of a specific model has more weight than the software that is actually responsible for rendering it.

    If that's the case then why do you have such a seemingly novice understanding of 3D rendering? It's as if your entire knowledge of the domain has been gleamed from the user manual of a modelling program; the only concepts you make references to are trivial such polygon counts and skin resolution accompanied by all these fanciful claims based on of which.

    If you have indeed developed or been involved in the development of a game; what is the fundamental problem with high-velocity objects in a simulation that operates at a constant frequency?

    It's a very simple question with a very simple answer that anyone who has developed a game would know; graphic designers must also be aware of this problem to properly integrate their models into the system.
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    Australian; Irish/German/French heritage. We own a castle in Ireland somewhere.
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    What a cunning linguist you are.
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    Something there just seems fundamentally wrong. 23 processes?!?! Nearly half of that is svchost.exe. You can't be running anything!

    For instance, I switched to Win Classic just like you, I shut off every single application save for Avast. Now when I say everything, I mean I even turned off Explorer, and I was only able to get down to .947GB. But after some more searching, aparently Win 7 Basic can run on freakishly low RAM systems. 1 GB it will run no problem, and I even found a couple instance of Win 7 Basic running off of 512MB. Albeit barely, and with virtually zero installed applications aside from an antivirus.
    Well, the intention afterall was to establish a baseline which I quoted 320MB for the core services (including explorer) and that is what the provided screenshot was to support.

    So I admit when I'm wrong. Yes it is possible to run Win 7 BASIC x86 (not Win 7 Ultimate x64) with 1 GB or even 512MB of RAM. Do I think 1GB will be able to run Diablo III? Yes, but barely, since SCII's bare minimum requirement for the beta is only 1GB. Although, I can guarantee that SCII or DIII will run with incredibly slow loading times, the lowest graphical settings, and FPS will probably be in the 20's. Now some of that will still depend on the video card, so if you're running Windows 7 with 1GB of RAM but happen to slap in a 5970 with 2GB of RAM, then I would assume there will be much better performance. But who ever heard of gaming with more RAM in your graphics card than in the rest of your system!!
    It's not the Basic edition; it's Ultimate (32-bit). Whether it's the 32-bit build or the 64-bit the difference in memory consumption between the two is negligble.

    Again, the only instance where memory quantity is going to be an issue is if the demand outweighs the supply; Diablo III is certainly not going to consume anywhere near 500MB, more likely in the bracket of 150-250.

    It may be a rare situation in practice but that doesn't demean it's merit; the vast majority of resources in video games are allocated in video memory, the only real use for system memory is for game logic, physics simulation and resource caching.
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    Have being in the mod 'industry' for wc3.
    I know both a great deal about models and materials and how much they would strain a video card.

    Just knowing what software they use does not mean that you know how much polygons the models have, how many of these polygons will be active on this screen.
    So let me get this straight; all you've done is design a few models for a proprietary engine that you had no hand in the development of?

    The techniques and algorithms resposible for rendering the scene containing these models, the performance of which the topic of discussion, is not relevant?

    After reviewing your earlier posts it seems a common theme, well the only theme, is references to polygon count and skin resolution neither of which are a significant performance metric.

    Your meagor knowledge of very high-level concepts really does not warrant this authoritarian attitude of yours.
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    The Illusion Of Time (Gaia), the original NES Zelda and Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure were all quite challenging.

    X-fighter (Unrelated to Star Wars, almost as old though) was extremely difficult at high levels; ah the day's of using an 80286.

    Also, play Duck Hunt. I guarantee that you will hate a certain dog.
    Haha, I remember that with the hand-held guns and all.

    I had so much time on my hands that I got godly at Jazz Jackrabbit 2
    Oh that game was fun.
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    What's he been telling you? Don't believe a word of it!
    Oh I confess; it was a PR stunt.
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    ITD doesnt work in duels anymore does it? i have it on my wep and i miss all the damn time.
    Correct, ITD is omitted for both other player's and boss-class monsters.
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    Yet another ignorant person. Can a mod close this thread?
    The issue can not be resolved because there is not enough information as of yet. And the things we do know are ignored by 90% of the people claiming that D3 will run on anything. >.>
    My assertion is based on my observations inferred from experience in developing 3D rendering software; what exactly gives you authority on this subject?
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    Quote from "Crosby8766" »
    I just bought a laptop and am wondering if I will be able to run Diablo 3 relatively smooth. I don't care about graphics too much, I just wanna know if I can run it wide screen and smooth (without lag).

    Here are my specs:

    Intel I3
    2.13 GHz
    4GB DDR3 RAM
    16" Screen
    Mobile Intel HM55 Express Chipset
    1366 x 768 Native Resolution

    It runs Doom 3 pretty well and condition zero is alright when I use D3D settings. I'm hoping that I can run Diablo 3 on minimum wide screen graphics.

    Please help, thanks!

    You'll be able to run it three times over presuming the programmers who worked on Diablo II haven't got their hands on it; tongue in cheek
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    mmio does not implicitly consume memory; it is simply an abstraction to facilitate a unified method for addressing devices over the address bus.

    Then Photoshop is an exception to the rule, and in any case, can still be installed.

    The only software I personally run from from that list is Firefox [the rest are taken from friends]
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    Now I expected a reasonable amount of bias but those quotes are just ridiculous. Let's take Windows 7 for example with a base consumption of 320MB that covers all core services including explorer.

    Aero: +40MB
    Firefox: Well I have 18 tabs open right now; 92MB
    Norton: 65MB
    Peer Guardian: 28MB
    Spybot: 39MB
    WMP: 29MB (Playing a standard MP3)

    Leaving you with ~400MB which will be more than enough for Diablo III, hell, Crysis doesn't even use that much. And what's this about an installer using 1GB? Installer's do not load the entire package into memory.
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    The core services of both Windows XP and Windows 7 combined is under 500MB of physical memory; what exactly do you foresee the other 500-700MB going to?
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    posted a message on Anyone know of a good cost effective rig?

    Some pointers:

    • System memory quantity is rarely an issue; aim for a sufficient quantity (~1GB) of quality memory.
    • Processor clock-speed is negligible; don't waste $50 on a 400MHz increase.
    • Invest in a quality motherboard; system bus bandwidth is a major bottleneck for games.
    • Any recent video-card will do, again, don't waste money on the latest greatest video card they're just placebo's for the most part.
    • A standard HDD will be fine; you can always use RAM-disk software, rather ad hoc, but it works.

    As someone mentioned prior, although I'm aware you wont take this route; purchasing computers from vendors such as Alienware or Dell (of which Alienware is a subsidiary of) is a total waste of money.
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    posted a message on Worst Video Game You've Ever Played
    Might & Magic IX -- embarassment to the series; long live Jon Van Caneghem
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