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    posted a message on Fifth Class Brainstorm
    I am split on what the last class would be.
    Logically the game would HAVE to have this archetype for a ranged physical dps, but to leave it to be the last class announced would be odd.

    Leaving a class last to be announced would imply there would be some mystery, some unknown about what the class is.

    So by leaving this last class unknown, and leaving the ranged dps archetype empty would imply that the last class is a ranged dps.

    However this would not be very surprising if it were, nor does it fit the purpose of leaving the last class unknown. Because it really was a ranged dps type class, it would be too obviously and would not live to the "hype" of the mysterious last class.

    Also having stated that the barbarian is the ONLY class returning to D2, we can be safe it is not the Amazon, nor anything too similar to the Amazon. This is because the original barbarian was in fact not called a barbarian, it was called something else, but because it was so similar to the barbarian, everyone on the Blizz team started calling it the Barb, and then the name got switched over.

    So I perhaps blizzard will let us all down, and make us say "told you so", and give us a plain old Amazon type clone that fills the ranged dps class, or perhaps they will suprise us with something totally differnt.

    Perhaps with an additional class in adition to the ranged dps???
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    posted a message on Is it me, or are D2's cinematics better than D3's ?
    the "bad" graphic cinematic are just in game video's rendered from the game it self, the cinematic from D2 you are talking about are remade like recordings, and are played over and can not be changed or edited.

    But still the actual cinematic for D3 are MUCH better than the D2 cinematic.
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    posted a message on Screen shot of unreleased class?
    i hope they give us an item called "charsi's mallet" or some new item that were used by old d2 NPCs
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    posted a message on Monster recoil effects
    wow i guess i really had no basis for this thread at ALL!

    i think the reason we think the blood effects are so over done is because we have only seen limited footage and of that footage, it is very low quality and low resolution.

    take a look at this video, and put it on full screen!

    The game looks awesome, and there is plenty of different death animations with each spell, i even saw a skeleton's shield break apart as the skeleton dies, and then the skittered acr4oss the floor as the next arcane spell landed and caused the AOE wave.
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    posted a message on Screen shot of unreleased class?
    I personally dont think its a druid, to me looks like shes holding a throwing javelin.

    Perhaps this class will fill the role of ranged dps. It looks very nature based like some sort of protector of sacred groves, and will probably be efficient with a bow as well.
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    posted a message on Shield and Sword Barb
    I plan on playing 1h and shield barb, why is it you guys are so obsessed with swords? maces, axes, hammers, short spears, and daggers are cool too!
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    posted a message on Monster recoil effects
    well the disproportionate is to add to the "flavor" and art of the game, things do not always have to be super realistic and proportionate to get the message across, take for example Michelangelo's David.
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    posted a message on Level of Difficulty
    I suggest the higher one be named inferno
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    posted a message on Monster recoil effects
    Quote from "Meteoro" »
    This is a Realy good idea that i agree with, hitting certain spots activating certain death animations, Id also add in that certain injuries might hinder or HELP the guy, For Instance, a Thousand Pounder, "Say you just so happen to Hit the right spot where you cut off his arm, Hed pick up his own arm and either 1. Throw it at you or 2. Use it as a longer weapon extending his attacking range. Or 3. Pain can be a powerful motivator and he gets really pissed off and Runs faster/ attacks Faster Or any combination of things.......be imaginative.

    The newest FPS Wolfenstein game had a few things like this depending on if a Limb or Something got shot.

    My Personal Favorite on that game was shooting a Nazi Just Below his neck hitting a certain spot that would give the animation of him drowning to death on his own blood which i thought was a funny touch, I tried to make it my mission to hit there throughout a entire mission once, !*!* it was easier to get a headshot than hit that spot lol.

    But Id Also like to add i recently Saw a Video from the D3 Devs that said they were working on these things, but I think they were more...enviromental ways to die, like Getting Crushed/burned to death. And I think they were on something like....33 diffrent animations PER monster. Big emphasis on the PER there because there is alot of monsters.

    I Dont think we need to worry im sure Blizzerd is already working on this, im sure that 33 things are sure to increase a shit load by release.

    I really like your idea of picking up limbs and using them, perhaps a cannibal ritualist would eat another ones arm or maybe his own to regain hp/mana/damage buff.

    33 death animations per character is HUUUUGE are you sure its 33? I hope they are 33 very diverse and unique ones with at least 10 REALLY REALLY cool ones like the ones we are talking about.

    I am sure most of them will be nonchalant fall over and die type. But it seems that no matter the animation type, if you are playing monk everything just explodes which is disappointing.
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    posted a message on Monster recoil effects
    I am not going to start saying how overly bloody and busy the current D3 game looks like.

    What I want is more diversification of effects when the weapon impacts monsters.

    For example I would like to see a sword wielding barbarian get a special kill blow where he slices the jugular vein of a fallen and blood gushes gratuoitously out all over the screen while the demon runs around with his hands over his neck until he dies.

    Or a monk with a katar type weapon that sticks a enemy in the chest and blood squirts out in sync with the beating of the dying heart until it ultimately stops (I hear the human heart can squirt blood 25 feet in the air, immagine how far a demon monster can squirt)

    And I would like to see less blood effects with blunt weapons, IE barbarian with a big mallet, maybe he will yeild a nice solid thunk sound uppon impact with pronounced crunch sounds of bones snapping and mangling together. And every now and then you may knock a demons head off and it will go rolling around, while the body pours blood from the neck. Or perhaps engage in a scripted kill animation where the barbarian smashes the head against the ground and causes the brains and blood to splatter everywhere.
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    Quote from "Ent1ty" »
    No this is not specified ye but i dont think they'll give you 4x loot thats just too much. Youd have the same luck in getting rares as 4 people would killing the same monster or boss together thats just too much. Youd have a 400% chance to get epic items. of what you normally had. That to me is overkill and it would therefore ruin the economy cause you would no longer even need to trade for anything it would take 5 seconds to find the best gear.
    keep in mind, this is solo.
    It probably wont be like in d2 where you can easily solo a dungeon and then the boss at the end.

    But i'm saying if you were to do it by your self, it would probably take more than 4 times longer than it would take a group.

    Think of it this way, if there is 100x divide amongst 4 people then each person gets 25x, but if it is given to one person, it is just 100x.

    So in the sense, there is the same amount of loot, just distributed to one person, so in that sense, the person would get 4x loot he would have gotten if he were in the group. I did not mean to suggest that the person would get 400x loot.

    To solo a boss in diablo3 would be a very very difficult task, especially if the goal is to "get loot", this would require the player to play on the hardest difficulty, and im sure no boss will be "farmable", in the sense you can do it over and over and over again in a short amount of time.
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    posted a message on Diablo III Loot distribution Question
    It is pretty clear cut that there will be individual drops. Meaning each player gets his/her drops, and only appears for that player. No one can fight each other over items any more or see who clicks the uber item first.

    But my question is, does the loot actually exist in the monster, meaning that there is an inherent amount of loot in the monster, or is it spawned with the monster is killed?

    For example if the loot is inherently in the monster, theoretically, a player will get 4 times more loot if he solos a dungeon by himself in comparison to completing the dungeon with 3 of his friends.

    Or does the loot get multiplied by X number of players in the game, and then show on each of their screens?

    Will the player get the same amount of loot as he would soloing in comparison to if he were in a group?

    I think this is a very important issue to stress, especially because of bosses. If a person manages to solo an entire dungeon by him self and then kill the boss ALL BY HIM SELF, he SHOULD in theory get all of the loot 4x the loot he would have gotten if he had 3 others helping him.

    I think it SHOULD be this way because the same number of items will be entering the economy as it would if it were a group, the items would just be in one persons possession instead of four people.

    Has blizzard talked about how loot will work in detail?
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    posted a message on End game Itemization suggestion
    I am glad somebody likes this idea, I have had it for a while and wanted to post it on to the official d3 website but I don't have the key any more or the CD box...
    It would kind of be like runes were in diablo 2 in a sense. I like the idea of not knowing if there is something better out there, to me, this kind of feeling is very "diablo". Always hunting and exploring for something better.

    If some one has a official bnet account and can post on the official diablo 3 forums, PLEASE do so, and refrence this page.
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    posted a message on End game Itemization suggestion
    It has been confirmed that "rare" will be more desirable in the end game in comparison to "unique". I have came up with a great idea to add more depth to end game itemization.

    Since "rares" will be regular items attributed with prefixes and suffixes, why not make a system where certain prefixes and suffixes worn together give you some "bonus", some sort of synergy effect.

    These system I am proposing is for items are not to be used as "set" items! This system is for rares is for RARES only, and intended to be much more flexible, rewarding, and most of all, difficult to obtain than set items.

    These effects and synergies will have to be discovered through "trial and error" and no one is 100% sure if there is another "bonus" or synergy out there that is better than their current set up.

    So for example You have the following rare items: Bleeding Gauntlets of the Wolf, Wizards boots of the Wolf, Heroes Breast plate of the Wolf...

    With all these 3 items "of the wolf" equipped you get a bonus called "pack master" which may give you +15vit, +15 stam, etc, etc,

    And perhaps there is an even better bonus if you have 5 items "of the wolf"

    This is just one of many ways this system can add more depth, complexity, and repeatability to Diablo 3.

    Then to make it even more complex, players may see to have both the prefixes and suffixes the same for all items thus giving synergies from both prefixes and suffixes.

    IE: Heroes Breast plate of the wolf, heroes gauntlet of the wolf, heroes belt of the wolf.

    This synergy will give bonus from having 3 "Hero" prefix along with the "wolf" suffix.

    giving you the +15vit, +15 stam, etc, etc, of the wolf, in addition to a "Heroes" bonus

    Another way this synergy can be used is if a number of different prefixes and suffixes are combined to create a bonus

    IE: Heavenly helm of the Hawk, Slashers gauntlet of the snake, Rangers bow of the monkey, thieves boots of the bear, arcanists belt of the boar.
    Since the player uses 5 items all containing animals, the bonus could grant "of the beast" synergy where it would add certain stats

    Now obviously this could add significant depth to the game!
    I could think of tons of cool synergies from different prefixes and suffixes.
    Maybe there could be a set where if you combine the prefix or suffix or all the names of the 5 brothers on Mt. Areat. When you get 3/5 of their names you get a small bonus, and when you collect all of them you get an awesome bonus. Or perhaps you collect all your items with only the name of a specific brother, and you get an awesome bonus for a certain barbarian build that coincides with the name of that specific brother.

    Technically there would be a most desirable combination of prefixes and suffixes for ever class according to play style and build, and yes it would be theoretically possible to obtain every piece of gear with the same prefix and suffix, but to do so would require a TREMENDOUS amount of time and effort. Thus adding to re playability and the never ending quest for most players to get the "best gear"

    what do you guys think?

    Also if any one thinks this is a good idea, and has access to the official diablo3.com forums, please just copy and paste this post on to the official forums with a link back to this page. I would do it my self, but I can't.
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