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    posted a message on Crusader, Laws of Justice - Broken

    Iron Skin - Reflective Skin + Laws of Justice - Protect the Innocent = instant self gib
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    My point was just that using sleet storm as your primary skill results in a HUGE drop in efficiency the more you have to move. In MP10, you fight fewer monsters, so it works better there. Yes, you can manage MP5. With 600k EHP and 45k DPS. That's how a hardcore character should be built. My Wiz can key farm on MP5 with 100k EHP. You're using extreme survivability to make the skill look good. My argument is that using 600K EHP can make ANY skill build "work" if you have enough time. I could just as easily make a Storm Armor guide with the same premise that it's a sub-optimal build and will "work" eventually.

    Yes, people in MP10 and/or uber runs can use Sleet Storm with great effect because they don't have to move, similar in vein to CMWW builds. I'm arguing that in MP1-5 Blizzard with Forked Lightning would be faster.
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    posted a message on [GUIDE] Sleet Storm Gameplay + Build Videos
    Quote from Peter8111

    I tried this build yesterday. It works great, but only with melee mobs. How can I deal with casters ?

    You can't.

    It's like Rain of Toads that you can only cast over yourself (slightly larger), and if you move, it stops damaging. This is the reason it never gained traction when WW's coefficient got nerfed. Sleet Storm's proc coefficient was FOUR TIMES WW's, but if you can't damage or get procs while repositioning, it's not going to be a very good build. I have tried it. Less than 90 seconds into the build preview video the OP gets hit by berserker slams. Stops damaging them. Doesn't show what this build is like in areas with many ranged units. Tracking guys down one by one with sleet storm is pretty annoying, and will turn off most people that try this. Unusable against single targets unless you have crazy crit/APOC.

    At this point in Diablo 3's life EVERY skill is viable if you have 600k EHP (like the OP) or 200k DPS. I guess some of the posters in this thread believe build diversity is being able to outgear content... and all gear pretty much outgears MP0/MP1 now. OP doesn't struggle to stay alive > MP1 with that EHP, but boy those elite packs take a while. Imagine a pack of casters that you can only reach 1 at a time of in late Act 3.

    Forked lightning > sleet storm.
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    posted a message on [SOLD OUT] Sayonara, My Dear Wizard! [SOLD OUT]
    Quote from dao72785

    just wondering how you got all this i see youve been playing since may but ive been playing since june and have nothing no where near what you have i dont even think everything i have amounts to one of the items you are selling and i have 1200 hours played lol. must have got a bunch of 1b+ drops huh i havent even gotten 1 drop worth over 50m

    From having followed his posts for quite a while, I surmise it's a combination of a few brilliantly lucky drops, a bit of AH flipping, and some RMAH investment.

    Sad to see you go. There's no other wizard quite like you.
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    posted a message on Did everyone give up to soon?!?
    Quote from Xenocow

    I dunno man, i myself put in close to 1000 hours.
    It isnt original.
    It isnt fun.
    Its tedious & boring.

    I dont perse "hate" diablo3... i just dont like the fact that they completly ignore us.

    1: You don't play something for 1000 hours you find boring. Maybe you're bored of it now, but that's not Blizzard's fault. It happens. Play something else and quit griping.

    2. They ignore the community? Are you high 24/7? They listen to the community way more than any developer. Almost every single change since release has been because of community feedback.
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    posted a message on My "Top 10" Things that would make D3 better
    The only two characters I'm playing right now are a throw barb and an archon wizard. Reflect is fine. Either up your physical resistance, your armor, your LOH, or stop mindlessly clicking on everything you see. Or even get an extra weapon to switch to for those.

    Oh wait, but doing any of those would lower your sheet DPS and then people on forums won't be in awe of you.

    Quote from Litheum

    I'd trade in all 10 of yours for less garbage loot.

    I think a lot of your suggestions are good, but until they find a way to make it so a guy can go out and farm up some gear worth using, the game is not going to get better. Currently the only legitimate way to gear yourself is the AH. A game designed around a loot hunt should actually reward you with loot you can use.

    Have you tried playing without using the AH? People are doing it. Did it occur to you that maybe the game wasn't supposed to be instantly beaten on Inferno as soon as you hit 60? It is currently easier than ever to faceroll through the game.

    Let me make it more obvious: The more gear you buy from the AH, the harder it progressively becomes to find better gear. If instead you play without ever buying gear, you will find upgrades all the time. Honestly, the AH ruined the game for a lot of people. If it wasn't so easy to attain better gear, most people would be in blissful ignorance.
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    posted a message on How to Prepare for 1.0.7PvP: MUST WATCH!!
    Nice... I'm doing something similar. <3 Dosbox

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    posted a message on In an effort to stop the RMAH from killing PVP
    Quote from BigAinCA

    Hmmm .. I could have sworn Blizzard said you would be matched by gear but I could be wrong. :)

    Effectively you will be. You will be matched based upon your record against other players and their records. I.E. On day 1 everyone will be fighting everyone. It will work out that you will be against people that get about as many wins against the same people you play as you do. So either their gear is better and they are less skilled, less geared but more skilled, or about even in skill and gear. Except in extremely rare circumstances that someone exploits the rating system to get a low ranking and then equips high end gear you will be paired up pretty evenly, but they won't stay there for long. That's an outlier that I wouldn't expect to make a significant impact.

    Look up the Elo rating system for more information.
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    posted a message on The PVP Blog Is Here
    Took an amazingly large number of words to say what was said.
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    posted a message on In an effort to stop the RMAH from killing PVP
    What did any of this have to do with the RMAH? We already know you're going to be matched up against similarly geared and skilled players.

    This game isn't meant to hold your interest forever. If you've gotten your money's value in play time and it's not fun, just quit. Come back in a few months or something. That being said, I'm sure it's a lot more fun if you play with friends. Probably a lot easier to get to paragon 100.
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    posted a message on Selling GODLIKE allmost perfect STORM CROW!
    Quote from shomi87

    low int far from godlike...

    derp... 3 less than max

    +90-100 Intelligence
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    posted a message on Barbarian kills 7 Elite Packs on MP10 !
    Quote from Telsak

    Must have been a lot of tries to find all those packs without any jailer mods.

    OMG Wrath of the Berserker makes you immune to immobilizing effects? No way!
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    posted a message on Rate your satisfaction level with the current Diablo 3.
    9/10. Needs to be much harder. Even though they said they wouldn't, they nerfed Inferno into the ground. I was looking forward to bashing my head into the Inferno wall for a good month. I'm tempted to remap my keybindings so I can literally faceroll this game and post a youtube video of doing so.
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    posted a message on Blizzard Math Skills are rubbish
    Someone beat me to what I was going to post.

    Quote from Puttah
    1. You didn't kill him 30 times and get just 1 key - you're either exaggerating or just flat out lying

    P.S. I killed each keywarden on MP3 and I got one key from each keywarden. Obviously the drop rate is 100% on MP3 lulz. IT'S BROKEN! BLIZZ SUCKS!
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