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    posted a message on no more auto-lock + dashing
    i'll try to say it again sorry for bad english.

    mouse clicks can be just for movement.

    keyboard buttons are for attacks. Skills/melee/any sort of attack.

    In diablo when you click on a monster with your mouse, the character walks up to the monster by themselves and start slashing. this is what i mean by auto-lock. the barbarian skills demonstrated in the video, you cant really see this because most of the time the barbarian is spamming skills. Well, what if i just want to melee and save some mana? fury in this case

    if there isn't anymore auto-lock it would make the game more difficult yes, but it also gives the player more control. Mastering this control takes practice and you can apply this to pvp and future boss battles. players can recognize patterns and use them to their advantage if they have this sort of control, better.

    In d2 i think, you need to hold down a certain button to start attacking thin-air. I am suggesting you take that concept and lose auto-locking. players actually have to aim with their mouses now to get a hit... and no if you're confused about "oh im already aiming when im click on the monster.." thats not what im getting at. an example would be you having to click with your mouse to get to a certain area, then use your keys on the keyboard to spam spells or use melee attacks. you can miss yes but the benefit of this is thats its easier chaining/timing/efficiency. you can time better because you are actually pressing every hit instead of the character just chopping away on their own. you control that part. so you can control precisely when you can cencel/start spells/evade/ etc.
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    posted a message on PvP Still a Work in Progress - Ideas
    Quote from "mattman155" »
    Could care less about pvp. All what pvp people do is a paper cut out character build and items.

    thats how it use to be but d3 has potential to actually have strategic gameplay instead of skill spamming.
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    posted a message on no more auto-lock + dashing
    hmm remember diablo II... all i really did in that game is select a monster and watch my character hack it to death, then move on. in D3 it looks like you can still do the same thing. it just looks different because you have more skills in hotkeys but arnt you basically relying on the computer to auto-lock onto the monster after you click it?

    what im saying is that even if u click on a monster, it shouldn't auto lock like that just by keeping the button down. if you click right on a monster and the monster moves away, then you'll miss. if you predict where the monster will move and click at that spot, you'll hit. thats an example of what im saying. i remember d2 i think u have to click alt or ctrl or something to actually aim otherwise when u click on a monster, u run up to it and do whatever u need.

    when u click on a monster, u shouldnt move toward it and start attacking. instead, clicking is for aiming. if u have attacking as mouse clicks, how will you aim? and move? thats why basic attacks goes on the keyboard... the left mouse click is for movement/aiming/dashing. 1 click u walk in whichever direction. 2 click u do a short dash. (or it can be right mouse click idk..) if you're doing that, how can u attack at the same time. u attack by pressing keyboard buttons.

    your hotkey in that game, you can re-assign to any button on the keyboard as well as put potions/weapons any useable items in that bar.. so its not exactly a skillbar. there are 2 other skillbars you can switch to if you need different skills. this part is similar to diablo III but what i was saying before is the mechanics of the gameplay as in melee attacks and skill attacks. mouse clicking seems like a good idea to me.. im just saying the difference is that you can have more types of melee to chain together spells and other attacks.
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    this is the stage part of the game. the game has equal emphasis on pvp/staging which i find very different from many games...


    you can see how similar it is to the diablo games...

    and diablo III is leaning even more toward these same mechanics. im just saying with some more research d3 can become more in-depth.
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    posted a message on no more auto-lock + dashing
    check out this game. its not boring and way more advanced than the diablo mechs. pretty much, these guys in this video played the game for over a year. beginners can still have fun, but the depth of the game is so much more than mouse click and watch.


    the newbies who play this game makes the gameplay very similar to diablo games because all they do is spam skills and click and watch.
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    posted a message on no more auto-lock + dashing
    click to aim. press keyboard to attack.

    i think body parts would be too hard because the icons of monsters are so small in this view. im saying you can turn your body 360 degrees by click on your mouse whichever direction.

    say you want to shift from a certain spell chain.

    you cancel out of the spell by dashing out. (double click makes you do a short dash/ you can run if you double click consecutively) if you go at a 45 degrees by double clicking and then back to the monster at 90degrees u would assumingly shift and continue your combo chain.
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    i really think this would open up a new kind of game play for more advanced techniques.

    like many mmo, many players just have to click on the monsters and watch them die. click and watch your character attack.

    with different types of combinations of different attacks, you can create chains/combos/techniques etc. its like fighting games, where you have your low punches, high punches, kicks, etc. except here I'm only saying 2 different kinds of basic attacks is enough for further gaming experience.

    its not that much difference i would say. clicking and holding on monsters still works yeah for aim... but if you go free style, you can practice your skills in aiming and accuracy. this would definitely help out in pvp. aiming also has many things you can focus on like angles/combos/etc. (example: hitting at a certain angle can continue a certain combo whereas hitting elsewhere would end it).
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    posted a message on no more auto-lock + dashing
    i would like to see no more auto lock... this i mean no more click on monster and sit back to see your character hack and slash.

    normal attacks u need to press buttons. these do not consume mana or anything. there's 2 different types of swings that can be designated to 2 buttons.

    this way you actually have to aim. the mouse is for aiming. your attacks are based on skills and normal melee. which is pretty much using buttons.

    mouse can be used for dashing too. there is not stamina consumption for dashing. it is just double clicking.

    hey this is just an idea. i doubt anything will change with this post okay?
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    posted a message on female angels
    would like to see more prominent roles given to females... story-wise.

    what happened to female angels. they replaced the female angel that was holding the orb in the bottom with male.

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    posted a message on PvP Still a Work in Progress - Ideas
    Quote from "akse" »

    HM why not just have certain level range for servers. If you are 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49 you would meet players at those level ranges to pvp with. You would automaticly join to servers with that level range.

    Hp to same level? whatabout different classes.. barbarian should surely have more hp than a caster.

    people can set 10-19 lvl or whatever in their room rules. as well as in the title to target those players in the lobby list. you can sort out these specification from the list. like have lowest level to heighest lvl players and rooms.

    in balance servers hp are the same because skills are balanced.

    in free however your attributes are back.
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    posted a message on PvP Still a Work in Progress - Ideas

    -Each player has a pvp level

    -pvp experience can only be increased in pvp

    -if you lose games you can lose pvp experience
    --How much you lose and how much experience you gain in pvp is determined by various factors such as your opponent's level compared to your's.

    -items that require you to be a certain pvp level exists and you can attain them in shops or other ways.
    --Here this is here to try to get more people to pvp rather than just staging.


    -You can choose various maps
    --Each map has specifications. For example what level you need to be to unlock it. What the capacity of the map has (1v1/2v2/3v3/4v4/etc). Some map ideas that can be fun are tournaments/ring-out/etc.

    -The host always set the rules
    --you can set rules like have 1v1 in a 4v4 large map. free for all. 1v3. name of room. private room. banish people. etc.

    -The host can invite people from the lobby.

    -Games can contain spectators. (those that are not playing can view the game in various camera positions. the game bars are gone and you have full screen view. you'd have buttons to stop of course.

    -after every battle, a results screen shows up and your scores(who killed who/how much/ etc/ are recorded along with the addition of experience/etc.


    2 servers. free/Balanced servers.

    -balanced servers try to make players as equal as possible. lower levels have higher skill dmg. they just are deprived of high level effects of skills. lower level players would have higher mana corresponding to whoever their opponent is. In teams, only the total level of the team is considered in the ratio. hp is the same for every player. it is set high to prolong the battle a bit for fairness reasons.
    --balance servers dont have players drop their items or have players claim items from dead players.

    -free servers do not have any restrictions like balanced servers. high level players can kill low level players very fast and claim their items. /gold.

    --Also create practice field where there are mana pots spawns. players cannot die. players cannot lose hp. etc. and dummys. scarecrows. skill reset pots. whatever. this can act like a "town" and people can enter the pvp lobby through portals idk.
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    posted a message on some skill ideas & more
    higher level - more damage/more shots/longer duration/more reagent cost/more mana cost/more range

    Not all of these qualities evolve as you put more points... but almost all need more mana to cast as you put more points

    provoke - more range/longer aggro time
    play dead - less cool down/ more -hp when used/
    counter - less cool down/more reflecting dmg
    stun - distance/dmg/ but aoe is still the same
    auras - longer duration/ more reagent cost (more material needed)/ higher effect

    icewall - longer duration/more hp to the wall.
    firebolt - more dmg/burn dmg
    hydra - longer duration/more range/more dmg
    freeze - more dmg/same range
    pillar - more height/more dmg
    ice breath - starts from 2 shots. max would be 9 shots. more dmg.

    longer invisibility
    heh u can use your imagination really. its not very concise what im summing up. they're just ideas to be build on.
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    posted a message on some skill ideas & more
    i would like to say laying down/knocked back in air or suspended in air/standing-up stance are the three main states of a character. with some exceptions like jumping/etc... some interaction between these would be a good idea.

    players are suspended in air if they are hit by magic/hit by a large boss or whatever attack that does that - during this phase players can be hit more than once if attacks coincide with them again in the air. Usually the player cant do a thing at this point but some additional features can be added (like other players can pull that player out of such dangerous positions). It may seem over the top but being in the air only takes a second or even less. sometimes being in a tornado might be longer.. you fall up and down though

    Laying on the ground usually results in being knocked down/back. Not all monsters can knock down.They can just flinch or simply damage without flinching the player. Being suspended in the air always causes you to fall down in a state of laying on the ground. Almost always when you are knocked down you have a few frames of air time after the attack as short it as it may be... it probably cant be noticed.

    While laying on the ground... there is a max duration you can stay down. Players however can instantly stand back up if he/she chooses right after being knocked down. But if the player chooses to stay down for more than a few initial moments, that player has to spin attack back up or wait until you cant stay down any longer (in which case you just stand up normally)... There are ways to cancel the spin attack too. For example if you spin up and move backwards, you can spin+move at the same time. So you don't have to stay in one spot while spinning all the time.

    Down attacks are 5x stronger than regular melee. If a player is down attacked... that player has to stand up right after (u cant wait a little more to get up).
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    posted a message on some skill ideas & more
    Down attacks:

    All monsters/characters should be able to be "knocked down." And lay their until a couple of seconds. Then they are forced to rise again. This protects them from on-going attacks if they stay down. They can choose rise up at an early time... usually resulting in a spin attack upwards or just run out.

    When laying down, they're vulnerable to down attacks. Certain skills can have ground-effect or characters can choose to use basic melee. (ground melee and air melee are different buttons) works great on lesser intelligent beings or those that cannot down attack well.


    Counter: Defend for a short period of time. (I'm saying almost less than a second). It protects you from physical damage. For example it is meant to stop fatal swings from bosses or basic monsters...yeah. It has a cool-down time of 25sec? it also has a small % of dmg from the hit back to the monster. with lesser monsters, they can be pushed back when they hit the knight while in counter.

    Play dead: It's the same as being "knocked down." Laying on the ground. It has a duration but you cant spin up, just move out if u want to cancel it. Duration 5sec? cool down 30 sec.

    Provoke: provoke monsters in front of you... almost a semi-circle. Provoke lasts 15 sec. cool down 30 sec. Provoke flinches monsters toward you when you first cast it. Then they are aggravated toward you for 15 sec. also has a slow-down effect on the target. so some strategy you can use here is you can use obstacles to block monsters. other players can then come in and attack the monster without it retaliating (because their aggro is on you and not the other players dealing damage). This works on some bosses. not the big huge ones. if they have range attacks, u can be doomed if you're facing monsters same lvl as you. allso, all monsters lose aggro when u are too far away... this is meant for all characters.

    Stun: stun a monster for a small amount of time. the area effect is not that big. usually it strikes only one monster, but if the monsters are concentrated enough, stun will knock them all down. and they will get up immediately and be stunned for an amount of time. the stun attack starts by having the player charge a few distance forward. some invincibility frames between but not that much.

    Auras: I think some of the auras the knight can have is health regeneration(with +defensive stat), magic defense(all magic does not harm the knight...), berserk(all hits are critical)... auras require certain item to use them (catalysts? u pick them up throughout the game... usually in the form of plants probably?)

    These are just the basic skills of the Knight. I think some heavy duty skills would be nice. Some sword skills/ destructive skills.


    Icewall?: An icewall... when placed, it can aggro monsters. It has a certain amount of hp. so if powerful monsters were to hit it, it can be gone in a few seconds. it has a long duration.. maybe even up to a minute. otherwise, it is good for hoarding monsters and then the spellcaster can just use spells with big areaof effect. helps party a lot.

    firebolt: 2 shots one from each hand. u can cancel anytime after casting by dashing out. has burn effects.

    hydra: hyrdas are not really lfor damage i think. they do decent amount. but hydras dont have a sense of homing in the targets when blasting small fireballs at intervals of a time (in a circular path). the basic function is to flinch monsters when it hits. the more levels, the farther the distance.

    freeze: the spellcaster levitates up (all frames are invincible until the spell reaches to the frame where monsters are frozen). monsters freeze for 1-3 seconds. this spell is for tight situations when you're surrounded by mass amount of heavy monsters. u become invincible so monsters can never cancel the spell. once monsters freeze, u can move away from th emob and start casting big spells like meteor or blizzard... of course there is an area of effect so in pvp all players have to do is run away and back but u gotta be quick

    pillars: u can knock monster up into the air and start air combinations. u can also lift monsters laying on the ground.

    ice breath: they're like homing missles with certain range. more when u put more lvl. if the ice breath reaches the monster, they get frozen and cant move.. but they can still attack.
    grants some time to cast large spells...

    Some more spells regarding pushing monsters back to give time for larger spells. (most large spells get canceled if u get flinched). like telekinesis pushes back monster/ground hands/etc.

    also the spellcaster has the ability to charge back mana. this would make the caster vulnerable though... but in a party it would be fun. some other skills i would add a mana aura and some element resistance auras that require reagents.


    passive poison... skill
    hide (invisibility for an amount of time... this is also an aura that requires reagents..)
    heavy knock back skills/fatal skills/ailment skills
    back stab feature... assassins do more damage when attacking the back of monsters.
    throwing knives skills...
    knives have low damage but their basic function is to flinch monsters. however some skills that require a load of knives at a time would do a appreciative amount.

    yadda yadda enough of skills.

    with blacksmiths, u can fortify weapons to upgrade them... they would get +% of basic stats from the weapon each time it is fortified. u know like +6 or +10... each time greater chance of breaking/nothing happening/-1. but if u use catalyst and the right amount, it might work better. appraising a weapon can give it a random stat. -/+. Enchanting it with elements or anything else u need gems or even scrolls... ok u can only add 1 gem at a time. each time u add, it gets harder and u risk it breaking or not upgrading... adn even going back one. after 2 gems added, u can get another appraisal and so on.

    oh and appraisals.. high level means higher stats. ding.

    and your weapons dont get destroyed if u use it in battle =_=
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    posted a message on 2 new Diablo 3 concepts
    the first one looks like a portal. 2 heaven or hell?
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