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    Quote from maka

    Quote from maka

    Woohoo, go Portugal :P

    ^^ THIS :D

    hey maka what are your thoughts on C. Ronaldo (or what does Portugal think of him)? There seems to be a lot of negative/sarcastic articles in the media for him for some reason (poking fun of his hair, being an annoyance?), He did perform a little inconsistently for the first couple games, but it looks like he's back in shape.
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    man that Ukraine goal that's not counted... really unfortunate
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    wow no love for Arrested Development?
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    Netherlands definitely went all out against Portugal... Their fans must be really disappointed... especially they were considered one of the favourites at the beginning

    But that's the beauty of the game, so unpredictable
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    Sorry been too busy playing the game for the past week.

    But anyway if 300-500 is your budget, then don't bother getting a new computer. Because it would be pretty pointless to throw that money to a computer that is only good for web-surfing and office use.Also when we talk about a new cpu, it usually means a new PC, because you would need a new motherboard to go with it, since you can't just socket that cpu on to your current computer, it's not compatible. So getting a CPU will be no use to you at all.

    I would suggest getting a mainstream video card for now. From the sound of it, you are not a avid gamer, so anything between 100-150 would suit you well. Save the rest of the money and spend 800 dollars on a decent pc (with ssd) later down the road, but continue using that video card.

    A 700-800 PC would basically consist of the following:
    CPU: 3750K ($200)
    Motherboard; Depends on the sale, but usually a budget motherboard that is bundled with the CPU can be had for $100
    Memory: 8gb ($50)
    Powersupply: a good Corsair 650HX is about 100
    Computer Case: A budget one with pretty good cooling can be had for $50 or less (I've seen Antec 300 going for 40, Zalman Z9 at 50)
    CPU cooler: a very popular budget one is the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ ($25)
    DVD drive: ($15)
    Windows 7: ($100)
    Crucial M4 128gb SSD: (i've seen as low as $120)
    Regular 1TB HDD: ($100)

    And that is around $860, if you add in the 150 dollar GPU you buy right now, a total just a bit over 1000. But that gives you a very nice computer (with ssd) that will last you years. You could salvage your current desktop's parts, such as the powersupply (if its good), the dvd drive, the regular harddrive, That will definitely save you money. You can even use your current case if you really want to (but it will be a pain to take everything out and put it together again). As for components, you could get a cheaper cpu, and save 30-40 on that, and if you already have windows, you'll save money on that as well.

    All in all, spending 500 dollars on a computer is definitely not worth your money especially since you already have a desktop and a laptop working fine for your regular use. What you need and what you want right now is a gaming pc.
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    double post
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    Quote from Sexydoll

    I need a help on which one should i buy so i can play diablo well not in slow motion.
    (I'm not good at all on knowing about computer OS, processor, grap. card, and more)

    Right now I can play diablo III using my old computer i bought it last 2008 still when i play with my friend it become slow motion specially when i and my friend cast a spell... Oh you won't like it at all ..
    Mine was
    Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GHz 64-bitOS
    Driver: Intel® G41 Express Chipset
    Chip:Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family

    So now can anyone give a suggestion or advice what should i buy so i can play diablo 3 on steady phase not on slow motion either slow or high settings.

    My friend told me that i should buy this thing (http://www.amazon.co...37304328&sr=1-1) is it good to buy it for my diablo 3 will i get that slow motion phase again if i'm using this thing ??

    I hope someone can help me i'm expecting you guys are honest not like on the other forum they just want my money....

    Hi, your friend suggested a cpu... which means that you will have to basically build a new computer (CPU and motherboard goes hand in hand). Whats your budget? If you are not short on cash, a new computer would be very nice.

    Your computer is not a laptop right? Usually the word express in my mind links to laptops. But either way, you are not going to run diablo nicely with a 4 year old computer thats running on integrated graphics.

    The quickest fix and cheapest fix would be spending 80-100 dollars and getting a videocard (assuming yours is a desktop).
    I would suggest AMD 7750, AMD 6770, Nvidia 550ti. Whichever that is on sale. Those 3 cards should be able to max diablo 3. I am assuming you have a decent monitor with 1080p resolution.

    If a 100 dollars is still too much for you, 6670 should do very well for 70ish, or if you want better, Nvidia 460gtx, AMD 6650, or Nvidia 560ti gtx are from 150-180

    I did not suggest better cards because putting a nice card on a 4 year old system is... just don't do it.

    Anyhow that is the quick fix. If you are looking for long term, and also to be able to play more demanding games, you could look into getting a new computer, Either build it with help of a friend, or pick the hardwares and get your local computer hardware store to build it for you. The cpu your friend suggested is one of the newest released cpus at the 300 price point. But I don't think it's for you, considering you have used your current computer for 4 years, the 3570K is more than enough, and you save $100.
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    Quote from Bokononism

    Is the emphasis on processors or video cards for D3?

    Anyone have any insight to my above post?
    Hey there, thats that difficult question. I personally believe that Blizzard put a pretty equal spread of performance between CPU and GPU, maybe more on the CPU, since gpu performances (between different levels and generations) vary on a much greater scale than cpus.

    Your CPU should be no problem, and your video card will also do the job (medium)

    Take a look at this:

    The 9800gt is almost identical to the 8800gt in terms of performance (but runs cooler and more efficient). However, you have to realize that gamespot test was done in town with little or no action. You should expect your fps to drop if you are actually playing, so that is why I say a medium should be fine.

    If you are looking for more in D3, in terms of performance and also eye candies (AA and etc). A 100 dollar video card should be fine. You can probably find older cards like 460 gtx at 130 (It's better than 550ti), and 6770 around 80. Newer cards around that price point would probably be a 7750. You won't see any low end 600 series cards from Nvidia for a little while though.

    I would suggest to try it out with your current 9800gt, and then decide how much of a performance boost you want. I mean the game is coming out in a few hours right?
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    Quote from pikke

    I take it they put in Monk weapon attack animations, at least is what it seems to me.

    I'm pretty sure those are just normal attacks. They dont want to use a fist skill in a video that is showcasing a specific skill
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    Quote from Ayr

    This remind me of something:

    A: "I think oral sex is bad!"
    B: "Well dont do it"
    A: "No we should ban it!"
    B: "NO! I like it"
    A: "It is bad! And anyway if it is possible I may be tempted..."

    I think many of us are really on the fence or close to it, and voicing our concerns.

    BUT oral sex is good man, as good as Megaman X! Got to do the Jumpinshoot!
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    Quote from KageKaze

    I'm not saying there shouldn't be any debate or discussion, of course. But I think there's going to be this fear of the system not being ready until the full game is released and we see how it will really look. I have faith they'll figure it out, but I do admit this system is far from perfect.

    I sure hope everything works out in the end.

    And kind of responding to your following post, many of them don't really bother me either (except UI's philosphy), but it's just that recently we get an increasing number of these features added in, i'm a little concerned of how far they are pushing their goal of handholding gameplay, and into what territory. Hopefully we get to hear some response on the recent skill ui changes from them, to get an idea of where they are going, or how far they are going.
    It's good that this discussion has been this healthy, even though the term "catering to new players" sometimes sends an alarm to people's head.
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    Quote from KageKaze

    I'll field this question. Blizzard has already made the case that a more newbie friendly game is much better for them, and thus for business, as a whole. Blizzard put out stats that said many new players in World of Warcraft did not make it to level 10 because the gaming interface did nothing to help them figure out how to play and where to go. Now, WoW is hugely advanced compared to Diablo in terms of gameplay mechanics, so that's understandable. That's also not to say that you can't go TOO far with hand holding. A middle ground is really needed.

    As far as players paying $60 and not wanting to spend time to learn it.. well that can happen, after all, some newbies might play on a friend's system. This happens all the time. As far as Blizzard's business model is concerned, this is definitely the best choice.

    Now, we should never assume that resources are being taken away from polishing the game to make the UI more user friendly. Usually the team working on the UI and the tooltips is very different from the team working on gameplay mechanics. We don't have to sacrifice one for the other.

    Definitely a middle ground is something Blizzard should focus on. From a business point of view WoW's business model is very different than Diablo's. WoW's goal is to keep players whichever way they can, so that they can earn subscriptions. Their WoW's business model dictates over other priorities, and they put extra effort into developing newbie friendly, game guiding features. But would those same actions work in Diablo's case, i'm really not sure, it really depends on how excessive they go.

    As for the resources, I'm not sure about you, but it feels like the "Easy to Play" philosophy started dictating their development process recently. They designed their skill UI the same style for their website as for their game, which tells you that they were pretty confident of that style. But now have to change it. It seems like these decisions are made pretty late in the development cycle, and as we all know, drastic changes so late in the development cycle is never a good thing to do? But of course, I shouldn't have purveyed the message of "1 or the other" Because it's all a part of development. (Whisper Voice: "I just feel they are overemphasising the handholding, pushing it further and further, and losing focus on that middleground")
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    Quote from EngageQuadLaser

    Yes, it gives you a glimpse. And it's not final. And you have no evidence whatsoever to suggest that they have intentionally sacrificed functionality for the sake of catering to casuals.

    Looking at the current skill UI, and taking into consideration what a disorganized mess it is, the fact that the arrows overlap useful information, the fact that it's buggy, and other such things which demonstrate that the interface isn't finalized... it should be COMPLETELY OBVIOUS to EVERYONE that what you have now is NOWHERE NEAR FINALIZED. And that likely ALL YOUR COMPLAINTS ABOUT LOSING USABILITY TO A GUIDED EXPERIENCE WILL BE FIXED.

    Yes, we get it. You would absolutely love to make the correlation that because the first iteration of an interface that we've seen isn't perfect that it constitutes proof that they've intentionally sacrificed quality in order to cater to the casuals. And I'm saying, that argument is retarded.

    I think you mis-understood my position on several points, I'm not saying what they are doing wont have it's benefits, but I am here to discuss at what cost, it's value in the long term, and to what limit.

    It can be helpful to new players, but this usefulness is short lived to them. And not to mention anyone who spends 60 dollars on a game is at least somewhat interested in the game to learn about it through playing. Does newbie friendly games bring in more players? in the long term? Or does a good and well polished game bring in more players in the long term?

    So my stance is that instead of creating these extensive guiding features (simplified tooltips and new UI for example), Blizzard should use this manpower and time focusing on gameplay and polish. Guiding features are fine, but there's a limit where extra investment would not be worth it anymore, or the diminishing of returns.

    And why couldn't we discuss an UI that's not finalized? It's beta feedback period right? An unfinished UI still have it's intentions displayed clearly no?

    While the UI is definitely horrible and got its bugs. The main contrast of the current UI and the previous one was the introduction of multiple and defined skill categories, which are linked to specific buttons. It is there to serve as another hand holding feature where the game tells you which type of skill to put on which button. This is the core design, and not any bug or cosmetic feature. I see this as going overboard with their guided game-play philosophy (again my opinion just to make it clear for you). Going back to earlier, how useful will this feature be? Is it worth it in the long term to completely scrapped the original design just to add this feature, and have to now work around it.

    I hope this clears it up for you, you see i'm not against them having some "press x to shoot" guides, but there's a point where those many many features will become redundant and have short lived value, and may even hinder their development process or create conflict with other features.

    Kagekaze: You sir sure is passionate about the game, recording at 4am in the morning???
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    Quote from EngageQuadLaser

    Who are you to say it's overdone? You're obviously not a casual gamer, and it'd be very difficult if not impossible for you to go back and put your mentality in the shoes of one. Blizzard has a lot more experience on the matter of playtesting for casuals than YOU do, they've put hundreds and hundreds of casuals through their testing phases and monitored them for the issues that REAL casuals have, not what a hardcore who THINKS he knows what casuals think/do. So I think I'm going to go with their standard of what constitutes 'overly done', if you don't mind.

    That is NOT an example of getting in your way, which is what I asked you for. Because you can disable simplified tooltips with a checkbox. Done. Next?

    Exactly, it wasn't there in prior patches. How do you know this isn't a glitch? It doesn't happen anywhere else except this one instance, and no further. How do you know it doesn't occur on normal only? How about we wait until we have the full picture before we start jumping to random conclusions, yes?

    This whole statement from you makes some GROSS assumptions you have no basis for and cannot prove at all. You falsely assume that because they publish something in a beta patch that that is the direction they're headed, when we have countless examples of them doing complete 180's in the past. You falsely assume that they have intentionally sacrificed usability for a guided experience, when the UI is BLATANTLY, OBVIOUSLY A FIRST ATTEMPT, and then top it off with an awesome logical fallacy to further drive home the point you don't actually have a legitimate argument; slippery slope. "If this goes through, THEN JUST IMAGINE WHAT ELSE WILL GO THROUGH!1!!!"

    Knock it off. You're smarter than this nonsense above.

    Just a couple of things, I'll keep this short:

    I'm actually a very very casual gamer, maybe a couple hours a week, I don't even have a dedicated videocard at the moment (waiting for kepler come on nvidia!)

    When I say "overly done" I should've made it clear that's my opinion

    The example of the tooltips is not to show what got in MY way, but what can get into regular players way, those people who does not follow D3 patch changes like we do, and does not know to press ctrl, and the option toggle.
    Isn't that what we are talking about? it's not about us, but the general gamers out there, the casual gamers out there, the mainstream gamers out there.

    Lastly, even though it is the beta, the changes and additions they made are done for a reason, and have gone through internal testing. These changes has to be first thought up by the designers, for a reason, brainstormed, designed and implemented into the game. It then went through internal testing and the internal testers believe the change have carried out their original reason rather well, so they release it to the beta testers. Even though it may not be the final version of it, it gives you a glimpse of what they have in their head and what they are planning to convey the game to be. Since several of their changes have pointed to the issue we are discussing, it is quite logical to connect that dot.

    KageKaze! really like your videos, good to hear from you, hope you didn't mind me posting your videos everywhere.
    I just feel that by having the arrow, you know where your destination is, and it takes out the "geez where the hell is it!?" out of it, and you get the "ok just follow the arrow"

    In bigger dungeons it can be frustrating after a while if you can't find it, but I feel the experience of searching for the unknown, the suspense, makes a game engaging.
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    Quote from EngageQuadLaser

    Quote from hoboman27

    And to Engagequadlaser, not all of us are like that. I for one am just concerned that these many many guiding features (who knows what else they have in store) are going to get in the way of our regular gameplay. Currently the skill UI is a good example of how they have to spend time to create an Elective Mode that creates a hassle for regular players, just so that they can have a system that tells new players which skill to put on which button. In addition to that, those 'new' players will become experienced players and despise this system later down the road.

    How exactly are they going to 'get in your way'? Are the tooltips on your screen so big that they get in the way of your mouse clicks? Why point to something such as the skill UI, which is OBVIOUSLY in its first iteration, as evidence? You know it's not final. For christ's sake, there's elements that overlap and obscure others.

    So again, how exactly are you being inconvenienced by these measures?

    First, you cannot deny that they are putting effort and time towards this goal of having a guided experience. I'm not saying it's bad, but it's overly done, and a lot of this effort i feel is going to be a little wasted.

    The simplified tool tips for example, if you are an experienced rpg player, but never touched diablo, never followed the beta like we are doing right now, what would your first thought be when you see those tool-tips (punch the enemy hard)? would you know if there's actually an option to toggle that off? or press ctrl?

    Currently there's people reporting of map markers showing on map telling you exactly where to go in a dungeon... do you really want that?

    You can actually see it here, on Kagekaze's playthrough, at the last 5 minute, you can see an arrow telling you which way to go to get to the Royal Crypt. It was not there in prior patches.

    What's the fun in exploring if you are guided to the goal?

    As for the UI, if they publish it through the beta patch, they are at least some what confident that this is the correct direction, which is to sacrifice usability for guided experience. And this should be where we need to get concerned. If this is the direction that they are going with, what other mechanism might they sacrifice in the future for the sake of making the game more guided/accessible for new players? Would it be worth it to make that sacrifice? In the long term?

    To me, I would never agree to exchange gameplay/usability, for a more scripted guidance for new players. Because strong game features is key for a great game, and it is long term, but new players are not. New players will get experienced, and those features will serve little purpose to them.

    And last but not least, we are all reasonable people having a reasonable discussion, please don't call people idiots.
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