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    LOL to all those who were saying the expansion was going to be out by mid to end of 2014 at the earliest.

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    He basically spent several paragraphs going over how they were not really prepared for the launch numbers (again) and basically said nothing new in the remainder of his post.

    Nothing to see here really.
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    English, DO YOU SPEAK IT?
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    Quote from Zakaz

    Quote from Sartorius

    Quote from Gulvklud

    Such good last two options. What a goddamn waste.

    Please tell me you didn't blow that up - people will actually pay for something with that much LOH for an off-hand weapon.

    No they won't. I found a 900+ LoH weapon but the damage was so low no one cared. If the damage on the weapon is crap, nothing else really matters.
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    Quote from Zlexpro

    Oh athene you so funny :P.

    He is clearly acting like this!

    And it works, he is very enjoyable to watch xD

    You find that enjoyable? I guess not everyone has good taste.
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    Quote from DUNCAN99

    Quote from Thorix

    Quote from Ralzyn

    I am no longer a fan of Blizzard, since patch 1.0.3 and the rampant mistakes the patch has, over and above the "bugged" equipment stats (yeah as if that wasn't done to sway AH prices), instead of dealing with poorly timed animations causing rubberband death, laggy servers and super crappy loot drops the development team is busy banning people from the forums that disagree with the brown-nosers who are DIRECTLY insulting those of us that are frustrated. Maybe Blizzard needs a third party to come in and FIX their game for them, it's become obvious all they are concerned with is whether or not the RMAH makes $. The real reason die hard diablo fans didn't get a real diablo 3 is simple, the team that actually put it together and made it great all left when a French company took it over and changed the corporate agenda, to pure profit, no fun for you, we decide whats fun, aren't you thankful?
    That's basically YOUR choice. I've never been such a "fan" of games. Just playing it was fine enough. Be a fan of specific games, not of a whole company. D2 and WoW were amazing games, you hate Blizz now cause D3 isn't what you wanted it to be? o___o

    Actually the D2 developers are no longer with Blizzard. And Blizzard made so many bad decisions regarding WoW that they've ruined the game. Same could be said for D3. Lots of bad decisions. Many players expected the game to be like D2LoD but improved on every aspect. It turned out to be more like WoW.

    Yeah, man did they ruin it. I mean, only 10 million plus people still enjoy it. It's only been like going on 8 years now. They've killed it i tell ya!
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    This "design" choice has bothered me since i started noticing it in game.

    I do not care if it's by design, I don't care for the reasons. If a mob teleports in range and telegraphs an attack and I clearly vault half a screen away in time but die anyways, this feels CHEAP. it feels really crappy as a player to visually see that i clearly avoided the attack by a mile and still die.

    Do you guys in favour of this understand that? it feels really shitty when you know 110% you've avoided an attack and die anyways.

    Why do monsters telegraph their attacks anyways if you can't even avoid it since the server has decided you're already dead before it happens?
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    posted a message on How i farm my gear: ACT IV Treasure Gob farm!
    Good lord. He's using a macro for the gear swapping. It's not cheating and it's not going to get him banned. I can do the same thing by opening my Setpoint driver config and go to Macros and created one with many right click actions. Assign that to a button on my mouse and done.
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    They have this in the beta as well. While it's not "tall" grass, it still moves while you go through it. This is nothing new and it's not like it's special for this video.

    Yes, it's exaggerated. This is part of Blizzards style if you haven't noticed. It's also exaggerated because of how small everything on screen is, so you notice it.

    It's really not a big deal.

    It looks like "jello" because the physics engine in the game isn't calculating each blade of grass, instead it's calculating a wide mesh with grass textures on it. so, they all move at the same time and direction giving it that sorta weird movement.
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    Quote from Luedine

    Quote from Entity

    I'm just curious, What Is it that you wan't in a hack and slash? If D3, isn't right what is?

    I said I'm certain it wont be, however the final judgement comes when I get to try inferno, on hardcore, I'm holding off my actual ruling until then and D3, as far as I'm concerned lacks quite afew functions that I feel are vital to a good co-op hack & slash.

    I'm not at all interested in discussing these here tho.

    Then don't even comment if you're going to make those kind of statements but don't care to discuss them.
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