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    Was that supposed to be funny? If so, you failed.
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    Since keys are so easy to obtain, it's far more efficient to close the rift after the guardian is dead and open a new one. There's more elites in the next rift, more legendaries and every kill counts towards a new guardian.
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    I was already running a build similar to this and dubbed it the Captain America build (shield throw :P)

    The difference is I use Akkarats Champaion - Rally with Heaven's Fury. I also use Blessed Shield with Combust rune.

    Combust has much better synergy with Condemn - Vaccum. Pull everything in and then the Combust explosions stack hitting everything around you.

    Akkarats Champion - Rally - Well this is for the wrath regen, boost in dps and the CD reduction on dmg (works well with Heaven's Fury - Blessed Ground)

    Iron Skin - Reflective Skin - -50% dmg and reflect 200% of that back to mobs. Good survival skill and you can have it up a lot with Akkarat's Champion - Rally proc.

    The main issue with this build is Wrath, but that's an issue for every build with Crusaders till you get Gyrfalcon's Foote and can spam Blessed Shield all day (then you'd also stack attack speed).

    I also have that shield (got it off Kadala :P) that increases blessed shield targets hit. Its a must for this type of build. I'd suggest rerolling the Blessed Shield % dmg on it to +Crit Chance tho.

    Also, you failed to mention that Hold Your Ground passive is a must since half of your shields dmg stacks off of your block chance and this gives you an additional 15%.
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    Co-op is fine. I'm always more efficient solo. I kill things faster and go where I want.

    I do play with friends and it's nice to have small buff for being in a group but NEVER have I felt I'm missing out because i'm not playing in random pub games for the bonuses.

    Who cares about the XP gains in higher Torment? It's such a boring motivator. There's literally nothing different except mobs have way more HP, hit harder. It's not like you're getting items you can't get in lower Torment.
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    Quote from damage424

    Minus the trifecta/dps obsessed people were with the old loot system. I agree that the legendary drop rate was horrible. I remember vividly that I had something like 300-400 hours on my main and I'd yet to find a single legendary. This is what confuses me on why people still like the old system.

    It's so much better now knowing you don't have to spend 100 hours to never find a legendary. This was somewhat fixed in the density mob patch. But i would never want to go back to that system .

    Even though I enjoy the new loot system much better because of this reason. I'm pondering why I'm not grinding my butt off like I use to. Maybe it's just 2 years older lol
    You were doing something wrong.

    On my Witch Doctor or Barb I'd find an average of 1-2 legendaries a run in MP7-10.
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    Quote from UberMey


    I have a friend that only plays HC (Plvl300) and he is farming only normal a1 ... He plays a speed barb and kills stuff real fast ... He already got a lot of upgrades and a lot of legendaries ... he said it doesnt worth the danger if you can find nice legendaries on normal .. lol

    I never thought of that but, and sounds very weird, makes me think why should I go on harder dif if items drops everywhere .... well if you do not care about experience, then you should try it, since its really fast, make a thorn build and just run lol ... btw if you 1 shot everything in Torment maybe there is no reason to go normal/medium then ...

    What can I say from my experience? Well, usually I find like 1 leg per run, whatever the difficulty...
    And this is one of the biggest problems with Torment. It's just uninspired MP levels with a different name. All you do is move spreadsheet numbers around when you move the Torment slider. It's boring and there's really no reason to play in higher levels when everything hit's like a truck and is a walking HP brick wall.

    I'm kind of shocked they didn't fix this issue from MP. Why aren't there changes to the game as you go up? New affixes on elites as you go up, new items in higher tiers of Torment, etc.

    Simply gaining higher gold and XP per difficulty is NOT ENOUGH to get people to play T6.
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    LOL to all those who were saying the expansion was going to be out by mid to end of 2014 at the earliest.

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    Quote from Kiwimustang67

    Hi all, just wanted to mention that I have been playing PS3 D3 with my wife and step daughter. I have to admit it is a lot of fun and feels different to the PC version. Loot is the biggest change of cause, it is not over done I think, you get up grade at a pretty good pace just when you think you need one. Legs drop a lot more then PC (that would not be hard considering the state of the game) and it seems about 60/40 whether it is usable or not for your character. I think you get more drops in co-play then single. Skills seem more buffed but that could be more the better gear then anything.

    Over all I really like the consol version, there is a sense of reward from playing. We are in nightmare and have found 2 puzzle rings (never on PC with Barb Plvl59) and boy!!! is it fun having couple of treasure gobs running around while fighting a elete pack. Trouble is I have now got no interest in playing the PC version, it is boring and unrewarding and probably will not play until the loot 2.0 comes out. But the consol has made me look forward to loot 2.0 just so much more then before, wish it did not take so long and the the dev team now was there from beginning (They are doing a great job)

    Happy gaming every one.

    See, my problem with these kind of posts is that it's very short sighted. The main thing the console version does is bump up the numbers. It's still the same basic itemization (with less stuff dropping of course). You'll run into the same boring loot grinds that you find on pc on the console too when you have everything you want. And by the sounds of the insane drop %'s on console, it will happen even faster then it does on pc.

    While the loot may be a nice change of pace (for the very short term) the other things about the console version for me make the improved loot not worth it.

    The interface is hideous compared to the pc version. I understand that compromises were needed to be made, but that doesn't make it any less horrid to use.

    The game looks awful with washed out blurry textures and bad screen tearing. I've also noticed frame rate dips on the PS3 version as well.

    The dash or roll everyone has been talking about is next to useless because it's not any faster then your base movement speed. I found this to be very frustrating and pointless as it's no faster to walk out of an arcane beam then it is to dodge out of it. I understand there's a window of invulnerability, but this window is so small, it's next to useless. I basically never used the dodge while playing the console version.

    Targeted spells like Grasp of the Dead suck with a controller because you can't decide exactly where to use it like you can with the mouse.

    Overall, anyone coming from the PC version will find an inferior product in the console version if they are willing to look passed the "OMG BIGGER NUMBERS" insta gratification loot system.
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    Quote from naimc

    He did so off clock hours and on facebook away from anything related to blizzard. How does that link in with the company? Is he NEVER allowed to express his opinion? Grow a pair and stop acting butthurt as if that comment affected you in any way. Bunch of pansies.

    Clearly you have no idea how professional business is conducted. Most companies will have some form of social media clause in employee contracts as well as employee handbooks. They have them for a REASON. See Jay Wilson fiasco for an example why.

    It doesn't matter if it's off the clock. What matters is that he is a public figure for a very large and well known company. His actions & his words publicly reflect on the company that employs him. It comes with the job.

    Freedom of speech isn't a free pass to be a douche bag.
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    He basically spent several paragraphs going over how they were not really prepared for the launch numbers (again) and basically said nothing new in the remainder of his post.

    Nothing to see here really.
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    posted a message on MonkeyDLuffy: DH STREAMING Inferno Rare Item Farming with 358%+ Magic Find and 120k DPS!
    whats with all these damn streaming advertisement threads? Seriously why do people want to watch this?

    The farming right now is boring enough doing it yourself, imagine watching someone else do it? geeze.
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    Quote from Zakaz

    Quote from Sartorius

    Quote from Gulvklud

    Such good last two options. What a goddamn waste.

    Please tell me you didn't blow that up - people will actually pay for something with that much LOH for an off-hand weapon.

    No they won't. I found a 900+ LoH weapon but the damage was so low no one cared. If the damage on the weapon is crap, nothing else really matters.
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    Quote from Bor

    See, act 2 is a total cakewalk for me right now. I've hit the brick wall in act 3. Honestly though, right now it's all about gear more than ever. If you have awesome gear, you can roflstomp anything. Watch Athene or Krip on his softcore character, he's owning everything with his expensive gear. Good news is, when you're geared for act 3, you can beat act 4 too, since it's similar difficulty.

    If you have gear that can steamroll act 3, you've already completed the game long ago. There's NEVER a reason to farm act 4. It's a completely pointless act of the game.
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    Quote from BigEd781

    well... farm more? Seriously, it's not that hard

    Nope. Just insanely boring.
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    as the poster above me said. Why would you even want too? Act 1 is pretty much the best place to farm, sadly.
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