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    posted a message on What entirely new character class would you like to see in D3?
    Quote from "Hyperion88" »
    I'd like to see some sort of Samurai as the tank class or paladin replacement. I know that would restrict his armor and weapon options looks wise, but hey, I'm no art designer I'm sure there's a way to add variety.

    A mechanic that sort of arises from this concept is the Samurai belief that his sword was his soul, and that by harmonising himself with his weapon, the two would become one entity on the battlefield and the true power of the katana would be unleashed. As such you could have a sort of Soul Sword class that via his chakras using his blade as a conduit is able to perform amazing skills.

    It could add to the lore and become another race of humans who train in some far off land in temples etc. etc. you know the rest, to become demon slayers, Warrior monks even.

    Examples of skills.

    Heaven Wall: The Samurai's holy chakras allow him to react with uncanny speed, any melee attacks suffered have a chance to be blocked and instantly countered. (Say a 10% chance maximum, buff like Barb's warcry. Counters go from 50% to 130% weapon damage with increased rank*

    Demon Cutter: As a result of heavy training the Samurai is able to accelerate at intense speed, effectively blinking to the target causing 200% weapon damage with a shockwave pulsing from the primary target dealing 125% weapon damage to all hit nearby.

    Chakra Edge: The Samurai condenses his chakra into his blade then performs an Iai (A katana technique in which the Samurai draws his katana and slashes his opponent in one rapid motion) which produces a chakra wave dealing damage in a line to any target hit.

    Many might hate the idea but I personally love the whole oriental vibe when it comes to warriors, honour codes and all that banter. and it's a theme Blizz haven't really explored in any great detail in Diablo, something new perhaps.

    I think that'd be a cool expansion character. That and Necro ^^

    My ideas are in my sig
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    posted a message on We know the Paladin won't return, but...
    Quote from "Lydeck" »
    I believe they'll have one. It's such a draw to the casual player. Diablo without a knight-ish class would be strange.

    Knights in shining armor are, imo, boring. The paladin was my least favorite class, because he had the least interesting skills... I didn't care if they also happened to be the best skills.

    Besides, I thought the barbarian was the draw to the casual player. You go around and smash things, and don't worry about dying because you have high health and health orbs nearby.

    They're trying to make the classes more unique this time... so I can't see them putting in another completely melee oriented character.
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    posted a message on Official Diablo 3 Site Media Update #4
    Quote from "Ivaron" »
    Meanwhile, in the Blizzard HQ..

    "So, the game is finally done. What do you guys think we should do now?"
    "Dude, are you kidding? We're gonna play the friggin game!"
    4 days later
    "You think we should take a break?"
    "What, I can't hear you. The awesomeness is too loud."
    4 weeks later
    "Hey man, I just realised people are getting a bit starved out of information right now. You want me to post a release date?"
    "No man, I don't got time for releasing the game now, I'm having way too much fun playing it. Just post some crappy screenshots and old artwork on the site or something"

    True story.

    2 years from now, at Blizzard HQ...

    "Last finishing touches on the final cinematic are done! The most photo-realistic cinematic we've made yet! So, did we finish everything?"
    "Yep, I think so. I checked off everything on the list."
    "Good, let's release!"
    The next day...
    "Oh, crap! We forgot to put in a male wizard!"
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    posted a message on Game Director Jay Wilson announces news
    I hope the Butcher, if he makes a comeback, will be 10x as uber as you are
    Otherwise... yay for uber heroes!!!!!
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    posted a message on Narrowing down the last classes
    Yeah, I think a knightly class would be getting closer than alchemist.
    However... who says a knight class is needed? What's stopping you from getting knightly gear for your barbarian? ^^
    But if there is a knight class, I could definitely see it being a melee/caster or melee/support hybrid, with either a good slant, an evil slant, or the ability to go either good or evil

    @DesmondTiny - Warrior would just be a boring version of the Barbarian, so no

    @Julian_Grey - yep, just coincidence... though I did steal the name demonologist off somebody else
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    posted a message on Map Editor! - DOTA D3 style
    Quote from "mahamoti" »
    This would only be viable for non-battle.net games -- eg, single player or LAN, but nobody really plays those modes...so it seems kind of pointless. The reason why this can't be done on BNet is pretty obvious.

    Why not have a separate portion of BNet for such custom games like DotA?
    I think it would be pretty awesome - but not half as awesome as D3 itself. So... I don't mind terribly much either way
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    posted a message on Diablo 3. Opinion survey
    The gore the merrier.
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    posted a message on The Logo and UI
    A) I think it looks awesome! The stained-glass feel is just really cool, imo
    B) If you have a stone fetish - there's stone on the side and stone underneath the barb's feet
    C) I kinda agree about the logo though... what beats a fiery logo?
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    posted a message on Narrowing down the last classes
    Alchemist - heck no.
    1) making potions is interesting to some, boring to many
    2) Witch Doctor is already based in earthly magic - throwing firebombs (aka unstable concoctions aka exploding potions) and whatnot

    My guess is in my sig:

    Ranger - more pets, assassin's traps, and ranged mastery. Has a name everyone understands, and I think Wilson said in a recent interview that the next class to be announced might upset some people because it will be very similar to an old class (amazon)
    Warlock - lightning, ice, and shadow. Lightning and ice are sorceress basics, and since WD has fire, I replaced it with "shadow," which would be generic "dark" magic. Also, has name everyone understands.
    Demonologist - could probably use a better name. However, it is a very dark character, that has the same mood as the Necromancer. And, rather than just being a caster or just a warrior, it's a warrior/caster hybrid - it'lll shapeshift, attack physically, but summon furies to add team bonuses, and use bone skills to supplement the physical damage

    Problems with my idea - Warlock is too similar to sorceress, and Demonologist isn't solid thematically
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    posted a message on What type of monster do you like?
    I like the monster in D2 Hell that would give birth to little monsters right in front of you. It was creepy in the extreme... and thus it would fit perfectly in D3 Hell, if it was buffed and made a bit fiercer
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    posted a message on Really, really minor wish
    I want to be able to walk over critters and squish them like you could in D2. It was fun...
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    posted a message on No appearance char Customization?
    Quote from "TheBlueWave1121" »
    We've never really had it to begin with so why expect it now?

    Because it's become a standard features of RPG's.
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    posted a message on Reasons why PK should stay in D3. A detailed analysis (long)
    Interesting post, but uh... what about people like me, who mainly just want to do PvE? I'd probably play some PvP, it's fun, but I'm not very competitive when it comes to Diablo, I just kill stuff to get cool items... but then again, I can't be killed instantly, right? So if somebody attacks me, I just have to survive until I get to town, and I can use as much pot as I want. So... pk is fine with me, I think.
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    posted a message on System Requirements
    Quote from "cjc5814" »
    If you have a reasonable graphics card, I'd say first and foremost to make sure you have a decent amount of RAM.

    I love my 4gigs of RAM, even though stupid Vista eats up a lot.

    I'd switch back to XP if I could find an ethernet adapter for it or XP drivers for mine... I'll have to look into it, but I'm sure other hardware problems will arise.

    You could get Linux, but problem with that is it'll probably take somebody half a year to get D3 to run well on WINE or whatever.

    I think my laptop will be pretty set for D3, except for GPU... I got the GPU 'cause it was an Nvidia that wasn't too expensive, and I figured Nvidia = good for gaming, but apparently the one I got is more focused on business or some shit... =( So I might have to send my laptop to Toshiba and get 'em to upgrade it.

    What happened to the other thread on system specs?
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    posted a message on What about Rune Words
    I really hope they have runewords, they were lots of fun.
    Maybe every runeword could have its own unique skill. Like a runeword called "Stealth," could have a passive skill that does this: if you haven't attacked a monster in the last three seconds, you'll go invisible to monsters, so they won't attack you. This would be good if you start dying and you're low on pot and there's no globes around and you gotta run.
    Skills like that wouldn't be imba but they'd be nice and would add more personality to the runewords.
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