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    posted a message on World.com files suit against NCsoft. MMOs may hang in the balance
    Are you implying that the US judicial system is nothing more than a puppet of multi billion dollar corporations? And you are ok with that? But what do I know, you are the expert on that.

    Now, if the judicial system can move beyond thee $ of corporations, then worlds.com does have a case.
    The original patent was filed in 1995, or about 2 years before modern MMOs and as far as I know pretty much any virtual chat world where people have a 3d view of the virtual world from their perspective, including 3d avatars that represent other people interacting with the user. So, there is no prior art to prove that the patent is not valid, although NCsoft might find other ways to do so.

    Then again, if worlds.com does win, then that might lead to other problems as it would violate anti-trust laws.

    Again, I'm no expert, I only know a bit. Patent infringement law suits are always tricky
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    posted a message on World.com files suit against NCsoft. MMOs may hang in the balance
    Quote from »

    Mike Fahey
    90's virtual world developers Worlds.com has fired the first shot in what could be a game company-spanning battle as they file suit against NCsoft for infringing on their patent for multiplayer virtual environments. The patent at question is 7,181,690, "System and Method for Enabling Users to Interact in a Virtual Space", which was file in August of 2000 and finally issued in February of last year. Reading over the patent, it basically covers the client/server-based system every single MMO on the market uses to allow multiple players to view and interact with each other in a virtual world. The suit, filed on Christmas Eve, claims that NCsoft has infringed on this patent across all of its MMO titles, from City of Heroes to Guild Wars to Dungeon Runners. After reading over the patent, it looks like they've actually got a pretty solid case on their hands.
    Worlds seeks damages from NCsoft, as well as assurances that the MMO publisher will not infringe on their second patent, 6,219,045 - "Scalable Virtual World Chat Client-Server System".
    Mark my words here - NCsoft is just the beginning. Their patent pretty much covers every instance where users with avatars interact in a virtual space. From Second Life to World of Warcraft, PlayStation Home to Anarchy Online; everything massively online and multiplayer falls under this patent. This should be interesting, folks.
    Worlds.com Files Suit Against NCsoft for Patent Infringement [Virtual Worlds News - Thanks Chris!]

    From what I know, World.com does seem to have a very good case. So, if they win this one will blizzard be next?
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    posted a message on Φ References to real life made in the Diablo series
    Nvm, some1 posted it alrdy
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    posted a message on Act 4 Corrupted Tyrael End Boss
    So, I was bored and started looking at the concept art. And suddenly it hit me. There seems to be a sequence of events in the pics.


    Cain studying in cathedral

    Cain notices change of light

    Leah comes running to save cain, (Look at cinematic)

    meteor opens hole in floor of cathedral

    2 Angels emerge, Tyrael and some other guy which I will call "evil Angel". The evil angel seems to be engulfed in fire/explodes.

    Tyrael in the cathedral after all this happened

    So, I think the meteor is really Tyrael fighting this other angel, preventing him from doing something. Which may explain why he has so much armor on, and those spikes. It seems that Tyrael kills this other angel, but maybe the damage is done. Maybe the hole in the cathedral is a gate to hell?

    Notice the similarity btw this this guy and the "evil angel" above. Perhaps he is Inarius?

    And now look at the meteor from cinematic. Looks kind of like 2 guys fighting.
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    posted a message on So why exactly does Tyrael have spikes on him now... :(
    Well, he has always have those spikes, or feathers.

    And then again, he isn't necessarily tyrael. He could be some other angel.
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    posted a message on Is D3 dark enough for you now?
    There are still those bright greens and blues which seem to be out of place, but over all it looks like the devs heard some of the things in the petition and have made the game look a bit more gory and gothic. They seem to have found a compromise, which seem alright.

    However, I hope they add more depth, since right now it looks like you are playing in a 2d picture.

    I also hope they change the sounds effects before release. It seems the squish/squash sounds when hiting stuff is still around. I want to hear my sword clash against the enemy's armor, not feel like I'm slashing a freaking watermelon. :rolleyes:
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    Wilson explains that he wants to have the characters of Diablo III to be epicly powerful compared to Diablo 1 and 2. "Being superpowered and allowing the player to defeat hordes and armies of minions will bring the excitement back into the medeval game." However, many have argued that this will take away the horror/suspense from the game and will loose interest really quickly. Unfortunately the demo is short and I was noticing the uberness of the characters.
    overpowered char will be fun the first couple of times, but it will kill overall replayability. And like other said, it will kill the suspense/horror that was suppose to be even more evident with the new health system...

    Wilson also commented that he wants to "remove the old barriers" when it comes to online play on battle.net. Creating an easier join system with friends and coming up with other ways to free up the restriction in Diablo III compared to all other RPG/Action games.
    sound good

    Wilson explained to Diablo fans that removing health potions away will generate a more realistic experience to the gameplay. Players will not be able to stock up unlimited amount of potions and being "invulnerable" to all monsters/players in battle. With an army of monsters in front of you, it will force you to be more strategic and apply classic hit and run and evading tactics to play.
    Wrong, if chars are overpowered as they want them to be this will not happen. The game will become as mindless as having your inventory full of pots.

    Random mini-quests will be contributing to Diablo III to help support the randomly generating maps and monsters that we saw in Diablo II. Seeing a cult performing a ritual spell or a caravan in need of assistance at random when you are in the area will put you more intuned to the game as well as re-playabliity.
    nice addition

    Diablo III game developers are also marking the overall game economics a high priority as they are developing a system where gold is the main currency and items such as jewels or runes are not. This will defintely keep the game in check and not overflow to a pure mf game.
    And there goes the barter system we all love in diablo series. Replaced by another mindless gold farming system.
    I don't like this one bit, trading in diablo 1 and 2 was a big part of the series. Now you make gold currency and suddenly you will have auction houses and crap like that, which basically breaks down any interaction btw traders.

    An attendee attending the convention asked Wilson if loot will still be incorporated as a free for all during online games. Wilson quickly replied no as they have already created a system where all other players in a game with you will not be able to even see the items if they where dropped from a monster that you killed. Now once an item has been picked up and then dropped again will allow other users to see the item.
    we knew this alrdy. Somewhat like/dislike, since it was fun grabing that ber in a full baal game, but sucked when you didn't. :P

    Wilson's last direction was to only enable a maximum of 4 players on bnet games. This will encourage others to band together in completing quests and prevent servers from reaching over capacity and allow better connection quality...ridding lag.
    Now this sucks. At least they could have made it 5 players to have 1 of each class.

    I don't know what to think, they have improved some stuff, taking a step forward, but when you look at others like the overpowered chars, gold as currency, only 4 chars per game and automatically assigned stat points, they have gone 2 steps backwards.

    It seriously feels like they aren't making a diablo sequal anymore.
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    posted a message on New Class Announced: The Wizard
    Quote from "Kwic" »
    Well, it has to be one of such character, it was obvious ;] Someone has to spell casts right?
    But some people can dislike it, i don't mind. I'm talking about them now.
    Now i'm talking about those for who can't stand (just) the title ;]


    BUt that is not the point. They could have come up with new skills. A caster doesn't have to control the freaking elements to make some magic spell. Even less, use the same exact spells as the sorcerer...

    They pretty much lied to all of us, claiming they were making new classes with new unique skills. Yet all I have seen is hybrid and rehashed chars with 2 or 3 new skills and a new name.
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    posted a message on New Class Announced: The Wizard
    Quote from "Kwic" »
    The screens are fucking awesome :) D3 didn't look gloomy at the beggining, but now it kicks asses heh. One of the petitioners just shut his fuck up for good i think :P (me). But i knew it was gonna be good ;]
    I like the new class, and the look of it. And don't whine of the fucking NAME of the class, lol. It's only the name. Your make the Blizz guys sad by whining about JUST A NAME, coz they've done great job, so i recommend you to calm down ;] Coz the title is the less important aspect of the game IMO.
    But i don't Wizzard name ;]


    Is not about the name, but the general concept of said character. It is pretty much a sorcerer who learned to alter time.

    They could have gone original and make a wizard that had nothing to do with elements, but decided to rehash the sorcerer instead.
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    posted a message on New Class Announced: The Wizard
    Hooray for the new rehashed sorcerer! So much for new classes.

    Also, hooray for the new monsters. We can fight Leroic again...

    All very original and new, I will give them that. Not.
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    posted a message on Playable Diablo 3 Demo At Blizzcon 2008! Plus, A New Character To Be Revealed!
    lets start a petition for the demo to be released!!


    oh wait, they don't care about those things.
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    posted a message on AusGamers Interview - Co-operative Gameplay
    Quote from "Robiwan" »
    why solo... online? Wtf?
    95% of them are what we call bots... :rolleyes:
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Scavenger
    Quote from "Daemaro" »
    Lets stay on topic.

    This isn't a petition debate thread to attack each other for personal views. It's a topic on the new creature. If you like it say what you like about it, if you don't say you don't. Let's not run off into the petition/art debate arguments.


    I know my post was offtopic, but then again so was his when he started with the attacks by calling people that do not like the way the monster looks ingame,"petition boys looking for a reason to whine".

    Also, you pretty much misunderstood the whole argument, for it has absolutely nothing to to with the art petition or any of that, but with the way the monster looks completely different from artwork to ingame.

    Again, I agree that I shouldn't have attacked him, but then again you should have done your job when he started it by attacking people that do not like the way the scavenger looks.

    Unless of course, this forum has now decided not to moderate fairly. And surely, that is not the case, right? ;)
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Scavenger
    Quote from "FingolfinGR" »
    they're just petition boys looking for a reason to whine. They look more like hyenas of a little smaller size than in reality. I liked the story they came up with to introduce them and also the new ability they learned. I sure missed them from Diablo 1 and i hope they wont be so easily knocked back as the leapers in Diablo 2, i hated having to find them after the first few hits...

    Better a "petition boy" looking for things to "whine" about in order to get them improved and fixed, than a blind fan boy sucking at every bit of trash that is thrown at them.

    If you do not think that there is a huge discrepancy btw artwork and in game pic of the scavenger then I suggest that you go get your eyes fixed.

    Seriously, "Fanboys" are killing whatever good part that is left of the video game industry with their praise for every single piece of crap that is vomited out by developers. :mad:
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Death Mechanic and Town Portal
    Quote from "SageOne" »
    Diablo is about FEAR...in D2, that element was missing. Remove TPs, u get more fear and increased gameplay speed

    you want fear?
    make everyone hardcore mode, and bring pk back.

    Then that is fear...
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