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    i just had a thought, i want an opinion on that.I saw a tweet of wyatt cheng that troubled me.-> https://twitter.com/candlesan/status/782301114221809665

    Diablo 3 was a 2012 game but hearthstone is a 2013 game at least. The sign was there i assume before hearthstone revealed.It was a small hint.The next day we got a hint via overwatch that cain lives.Perhaps in this year blizzcon we might see an expansion for D3 that has an act 6 in which a task is to save cain ... again. I say that because of a post at Diablo facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Diablo.eu/?fref=ts POSTED 20 OCTOBER !!! I just said that . Perhaps i say shit. We will see in 2 days .

    It is possible.

    We clearly cannot save him, but we can save his soul, and maybe something could happen where Tyrael becomes an angel again, with a new body mightier than Imperius, and Cain can use Tyraels body as a vessel. This allows the Horadrim to rein eternal.

    It would be a way for Tyrael to help keep the issues at bay, both demons and the nephalim.

    Regarding the tweet, That looks a lot like one of the portions of a map in Act 2 where there are bone walls surrounding the path to the center where a chest is located. You open the chest and skeletons attack. However, I do think that these cain lives comments may shed light on the future of our game, and though I understand my scenario is extreme, I do not think trying to save Cain's soul is extreme.
    How about this? We save Cain's soul and he becomes the new aspect of Wisdom!!
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    Ok, I'll bite. I can think of several reasons

    - They have not finished the story in RoS, it's blatantly left open doesn't even have an ending cinematic. That's not like them at all, they are too polished for that.

    - Adding to that, why would they spend an entirely new game devoted to events after RoS? They've said it before this is going to be wrapping up this saga in the Diablo universe

    - If they are just starting a fourth game right now, do you honestly think people are going to hold out for years on just seasonal updates? Doubtful to me.

    - Money, lots of money. If the options are expansion and fourth game, why only choose fourth game? That's leaving money on the table, money they know they can get from our crazy fanbase.

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    I haven't posted in a long time on this site, mostly lurk around, but it's fun to speculate so I thought I'd give my two cents:

    I think first off the second expansion is already in the final stages and will be shown at either Gamescom with more details at Blizzcon or just at Blizzcon. They are now hiring for the next game in the series to start work on that. The expansion will conclude Diablo III and leave enough open for D4 to be bridged to. I've read people theorizing another class being released between now and the expansion, then a final class for the expansion which I think would be cool and a nice way to keep us happy until the second expansion.

    I think the areas will be

    Skovos - already have a bridge of it being mentioned from RoS, would make sense as a starting point for the next expansion

    Ureh - since this acts as a bridge between both Heaven and Hell and it can tie into putting Leah's soul to rest. Also back during the original announcement of D3 they already had cinematics for Ureh, which leads me to believe it was already fleshed out just never put in.

    Personally I think Inarius and Lilith will be a part of this storyline. The Nephalem have grown way too powerful. I could even see Imperius aligning with them since he hates the Nephalem so much. I think Tyrael will also struggle with his decision in supporting the humans/nephalem or possibly succumbing to corruption himself, after all don't forget he is human now.

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    I would sincerely like to help; I thought maybe you guys were done with everything already. Even though the format was changed I originally did the axes. I guess in a few hours I will start doing whatever unique pages are left....
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    11 rep points i thought only those that left messages counted, whoops
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    OK I get what you're saying with that...that makes sense. Yeah the buildings are really weathered; of course they are in an area that has been exposed to the elements. Here's how I look at that though, they will do a lot of that little touch up stuff later...like I know I read somewhere about them already making the dungeons more dirty and filled with cobwebs, etc. I understand where you're coming from though and it's a valid point. My thinking is that they are more concerned, at least the stages we've seen, with fleshing everything out first then going back and adding little detail touches. That's how I would do it anyhow..don't know if that's really how game design works...anyone??
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