Client Strings Changes
This will be updated as we find the goodies

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Shop Warning
  • This is a special item that cannot be replaced. Are you sure you want to sell this?
  • Terror Spawn (shadowverminSoulstoneevent)
  • Fallen Magus
  • Demented Fallen
  • Fallen Mutt
  • Fallen Fighter
  • Fallen Commander
New "healer"s under Minimap now
  • Priest_Male_B_NoLook
  • Priest_Caldeum
  • Priest_BastionsKeep_Healer
MANY unique weapons were removed (most likely all going to be updated and add later) More Starter Edition Notifications
  • This player does not have a starter edition.
  • You cannot join a player that does not have a starter edition.
  • Playing with a starter edition
  • Not playing with a starter edition
  • You are unable to create hardcore hero with a starter edition.
  • This feature is unavailable in the Starter Edition.
Generic Notifications
  • No Quests available. Please play through the campaign to unlock quests.
  • Unable to Start Game: party member {s1} is still selecting a hero.
Auction House (A lot of generic strings, but here are the 'good' ones)
  • Only charged if item sells and funds are transferred to a third party.
  • The transfer fee is automatically deducted from the selling price.
    Tax for Cash Out Fee included
  • New Taiwan Dollars
  • Attempt to cancel {s1} failed with error code {s2}.
  • Transaction was denied after review. (ManualReviewDenied)
  • Your bid for {s1} was accepted pending manual review.
  • You may have up to {s1} |4item:items; stored in Completed.
  • Buyout price must be no more than {s1}.
Auction House Item Stats. These seem to be added to many skills
  • Power_Damage_Percent_Bonus
  • Power_Resource_Reduction
  • Power_Duration_Increase
  • Power_Cooldown_Reduction
  • Power_Crit_Percent_Bonus
'On Hit' Auction House Item Stats
  • On_Hit_Immobilize_Proc_Chance
  • On_Hit_Knockback_Proc_Chance
  • On_Hit_Slow_Proc_Chance
  • On_Hit_Chill_Proc_Chance
  • On_Hit_Freeze_Proc_Chance
  • On_Hit_Fear_Proc_Chance

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Patch 16 Unofficial Class Changes
Here are the class changes that will be coming in patch 16. As always keep in mind there could be a few odd numbers here and there. Let us know if you see anything.

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Barbarian Demonhunter Monk WitchDoctor Wizard