Rate your satisfaction level with the current Diablo 3.

Poll: What do you think of the current state of Diablo 3?

Rate your satisfaction level with the current Diablo 3.

What do you think of the current state of Diablo 3? - Single Choice

  • I am very disappointed with the game, do not play, and am not sure why I still visit this forum. 7%
  • It is boring and I have stopped playing until it becomes better in the future. 11%
  • It is a boring game but I still play in hope of it getting better in the future. 23.8%
  • It is sort of a boring game but I am happy with it so far. 7%
  • It is not a bad game and I am satisfied with it so far. 15.9%
  • It is a good game and I am pretty happy with it so far. 28.2%
  • It is an extremely fun game and I am very happy with it so far. 7%
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    I'm very curious to see where players stand regarding the game's current state.

    Please vote. You are welcome to share your selection and your reasoning behind choosing it.
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    Once the game is complete (PvP and two expansions to go), I'll be very happy with it.
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    Its not a bad game.

    First month was fantastic, very enjoyable to play... although it took me 2 weeks to get to act 4 inferno then a week of casual play gearing in act 3 but after killing Diablo on Inferno the game felt done.

    However, the different specs and the thought of making Millions of gold to buy those great items kept me playing and farming, though gradually I lost interest.

    I still play on a weekly basis, and I still enjoy the game just in smaller doses, overall its given me a lot of enjoyment and I don't consider it a waste of money at all.
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    the game has had its ups and downs but i am very happy with it.
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    It's a good game; Could be better, could be worse, and seems to be improving over time. I'd like a lot more features, but I wouldn't like to pay a subscription fee or see a more coercive market structure.
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    I have hope they'll make the necessary improvements. So far they've made some terrible choices and some awesome choices. The biggest problem for me is the lack of gear diversity and skill diversity. Everyone is eventually a clone of someone else.
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    This is a very nicely created poll, so props to the OP. Hopefully more people cast their vote so we have a good estimate of how the majority of the community feels. :)

    This is mine: "It is a good game and I am pretty happy with it so far."

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    Looking forward to more improvements and pvp from blizz, its the only game i play atm.
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    It sort of got really boring for me now, the only thing that makes me log in is to check the ah to see if I've sold anything (I have some items which are potentially expensive), but when the auction expires I usually stop logging in for a couple days since it pains me to relist them.

    I still play because I'm fairly certain monks will be buffed (I mean, come on!) with the next patch. If that doesn't happen, it will probably be too much of a chore for me to log in and I'll probably just wait until an expansion comes out. Otherwise, I'm terribly disappointed with the game.

    I love getting gold and paragon levels, but there's so much grinding to be done without anything interesting happening that I just don't want to do it anymore. I like grinding, but the game forces you to play more than 1 hour a day to be actually good. I could do that at first, I mean I consider myself to be somewhat above average in terms of gear, but now...I don't know, I don't have the heart for it anymore. I can only hope for the best.
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    Yeah, my vote made a difference... the three rather positive opinions are at a combined > 50% again...

    P.S.: I hope PvP never gets implemented, so the game becomes less about competition and they can focus more on balancing itemization and builds for PvE.
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    It's good and pretty happy with it so far, but it can for sure get alot better, too bad it have taken such a long time and prolly will take even more. For me, atm, it's all about the race to para 100 and trying to get a nice stash of gold that always seems to dissapear when I reach around 100... -_-
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    The game design is flawed. The devs made some real obvious errors, and are not fixing them. The fixes they are making don't really fix the core problem of the loot. (oter than the legendary fix, but still needs work. 80% of legs are garbage).

    Unfortunaely, there just isnt a lot of high budget ARPGs to choose from. So i continue to play.......praying for the next announcement to actually address the core issue of 99% of drops are absolute crap.

    I want to see less drops overall (we get way too many rares in a play session) and increase the % of good drops.
    I dont necessarily think the number of good drops we get is too low, its the %. I hate IDing a whole bag of rares every 10 minutes, and all of them are junk......literally. I usually unload 3 full bags of rares with 1 worth throwing on the AH. Then you finally get a legendary.....and you just salvage it. So frustrating.
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    This game may not be called diablo 3.
    You espect a better game then diablo 2 but its far worse.
    And you cant fix core problems like itemisation because items make the game.
    And still if you change the itemisation in the direction of diablo 2, the players who are still playing will be dissappointed because all there work what they have done to get a epic item wil be lost.
    The most important part diablo 3 misses the funn factor the game is just boring, look now after 6 months the game isn't getting any better.

    And about the poll the poll is not representive enough most people who are not playing the game will not look on this forum.
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    Its a good game, and I enjoy it alot more than I can enjoy diablo2 now. I would like more randomized levels, but still its more random than d2 ever was. (a big square field with nothing in it, but the exit are sometimes at a different place isnt the good sort of random)

    More build variety would be nice. I dont enjoy the build on my monk, but its the only one i can use. Dont want to switch class either, seing how much mf gear i got for my monk.

    Upping the base movement speed on all classes by 25% would be nice as well. Its very slow now
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    9/10. Needs to be much harder. Even though they said they wouldn't, they nerfed Inferno into the ground. I was looking forward to bashing my head into the Inferno wall for a good month. I'm tempted to remap my keybindings so I can literally faceroll this game and post a youtube video of doing so.
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    Quote from Litheum

    The game design is flawed. The devs made some real obvious errors, and are not fixing them. The fixes they are making don't really fix the core problem of the loot. (oter than the legendary fix, but still needs work. 80% of legs are garbage).

    The two biggest issues are the itemization and the skill system. Itemization can be fixed with a patch... all they have to do is either get creative or look to other games like D2, TL2 or PoE for ideas on how to add complexity. Skill systems on the other hand is going to require either an expansion or a very.. very large patch to fix, simply because it requires an entire new addition to the system. While the game design is flawed, I think they are at the very least extremely aware of the itemization issues.

    Ego's out of the way, I think Jay and his team are working very hard to work out the itemization issue. I have my personal suspicions that the reason patch 1.1 was delayed by *so* long wasn't only because of PVP. They know that patch 1.1 is either going to make or break the interest of a lot of people who've had wavering faiths about the future of D3, so they have to make it come out with the bang. No matter how popular PVP is, it's not the 'bang' they need to spark renewing interest in the game... and they KNOW. They know because we know. So with that being said I'm looking forward to seeing if my suspicion is right about 1.1.

    THAT BEING SAID THOUGH, it's going to be interesting to see how they do it... since the skill system directly connects to itemization and affixes in general.
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    It's an awesome game, just need some more cool things to do similar to ubers and some PvP it'll be really great! :)
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    it would be good if they could turn Jay Wilson into Chris Wilson.
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    Since I bought SC2 (got it for that $20 promotion) I haven't played D3. But the game still has a lot of potential, and I'm sure Blizz will sort things out and come up with new systems and incentives that will make me go back and play the game.

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    I would choose 'other' if there was an 'other' to choose.

    I am currently dissatisfied and haven't played much for several weeks. I had a god damn blast playing 1.05 up until maybe 3-4 weeks ago. The game needs to continue to witness growth and a of now, I am somewhat burdened by the monotony.

    There just isn't enough to do. There just simply aren't enough items to make the constant farm feel worth it.

    If I were to rate my satisfaction it would be difficult.

    I love the potential this game has and I feel they'll get there but it's going to take until next summer until things really get going I believe.

    As of right now......a little bored if I try to play very much.
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