MoP release date named. What does it spell for D3 Community

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    One of the things I've always felt about D3 was that Blizzard has strategized to release it at a significant point in time. The last release of any kind we saw from Blizzard was Cataclysm and approximately 6 months prior was SC2.

    Now granted the these games are surely on a timeline of their own, their releases are part of a grander scheme of Blizzards business plan. They would be silly not to. The cross promotion we've seen has surely been born out of the fact that Blizzard has a huge audience in one of their titles, why not try and retain them to continue to purchase other titles. I in fact remember being amused by ladder matches in SC2 against players who hadn't even played SC1/BW because they were too young at the time.

    But given the cross promotion of Blizzard's annual pass and D3 pre-purchase I think it might safe to say that a good portion of the player-base is of the WoW community. I'm not sure the current state of WoW since I had left about a month or two after Ulduar was released/cleared, but I would have to think that people a year and a half post Cataclysm were waiting for something to bide their time until MoP.

    I'm curious to see what happens come September as there will most likely be a mass exodus from D3 as people go back to playing WoW. The honeymoon period for this game is clearly over and I'd say the numbers are starting to decline, though the rate of which we can't be sure.

    1.0.4 will bring some people back and to be honest 1.1 is too far away. Even with the PvP patch I think it might be too little too late for a good portion of people, but that's pure conjecture this far out.

    Think numbers are think we'll see enough dynamic things from the D3 development team to keep interest high? Or do we think that they'll take a backseat to WoW for awhile?
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    Everybody will be playing GW2 anyways ;)
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    actually everyone will see that gw2 is another fail and come back in time for mop!
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    I think that 2.0 will keep us all playing the Blizzard stable of products longer than we normally would have because it just facilitates us gaming with our friends easier and it will ease the "dead time" between new games, expansions, etc.
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    I'm neither a fan of WoW nor GW2. But what I've seen and played i would go for WoW if i had a gun to my head. GW2.. I'm not sure about it, it feels like a other wow copy with a other engine with diffrent characters and story. Sooo i will probably not bother that much beacuse I'm not such a fan of those games.

    I will wait and see what happends too diablo 3 and in the mean time i will play Hon/CS 1.6/Dota 2.
    So i will not dropp the ball yet on diablo 3 considering we will get patches and hotfixes all the time, thats the good part about a game like this. If it sucks you can make it good with a patch or two. Or even a expansion. Like the great expansion LoD was for d2. Hope we will see something like that in d3 aswell.

    Sooooo no to MoP and a big NO to GW2.

    Regards Xpire.
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    To me, a person who played WoW for a month, got max level, did a few raids and then quit, MoP sounds like a complete joke. How could anyone be excited about "OMG playing a panda!!". WoW always was a kid's game in my eyes...
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    What will it mean to the d3 community? less players but then again that's not wows fault that's Diablo's fault for not being great in the long run.
    For me personally it means nothing cause I will be playing gw2 and won't be playing that pathetic excuse for an rpg-mmo wow have become. And sure people will probably call me out on this but I haven't played the game in like over a year cause it was boring as fuck if u weren't raiding hardcore (which I stopped with due to real life time constraints) and that they are just making it worse and worse by adding "cool things" that will keep the people who actually enjoy the casual part of the game there. For instance if I wanted to play Pokémon I would go do that not log on wow and be why can't I do that on wow. So I guess my biggest problem with wow is that it's trying to be more than just a game and try to become more of a but you want to stay logged in to do other things kind of platform.
    Anyways enough with the rambling but I don't think mop will have any real effect that other games won't (maybe apart from the people that have the annual pass) since the problem lies not in other games dragging people away but Diablo might not have the feel that makes people stick around.

    Oh and Xhosas there have been plenty of opportunity to try out gw2 already so it's not just another this will be good hype factory. Especially considering it's a completely different game than wow. So stop being such a fan boy when there have been games that came out and were actually good (rift comes to mind) just because they don't kill off wow and never will (read wow is doing a fine job of its own on that front)

    Edit: to the guy below me I would like to say comparing rift or aion to swtor is hillarious. Aion might have been too grindy but rift is still going strong and wasn't based on the fact that look we have light sabers

    Another edit for all the wow fanboys ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Quote from Xago

    Everybody will be playing GW2 anyways ;)

    i lawled just like SWTOR huh? =p
    or Rift
    or Aion
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    GW2 doesnt follow the tedious MMO format like swotr, rift, aion atc...
    If you've played the beta you will know this
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    Quote from Obbie

    Quote from Xago

    Everybody will be playing GW2 anyways ;)

    i lawled just like SWTOR huh? =p
    or Rift
    or Aion

    This post gave me cancer.
    "Tried the adventuring life. Didn't care for it. Too much pain, not enough profit." - Vidar the Collector

    Number 1 DH in Crit dmg @ World. Working for NR 1 in life aswell!
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    There isn't much interest in this WoW expo so I don't think it will have a huge impact on D3. I feel like this WoW expo will be the worst (numbers wise) expansion to date.

    For example, I've picked up the game again with every expansion but I don't plan on even buying MoP. The same can be said for my friend. MoP just doesn't bring anything to the table that is interesting.
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    I started playing wow at launch back in 2004, raided then, in bc, in wrath, never raided in cata. I can hardly bring myself to look at screenshots of WoW anymore. I don't consider myself a graphics whore, but I am just so damn tired of the way WoW looks for some reason, I can never go back. It reminds me of all the CoD games in a way.

    I played the last GW2 beta weekend and it felt so fresh. When I saw the way the muzzle flash burst out of my rifle I was like oh god thank you.

    I am curious to see how much legendaries are buffed. I want to see a sword or an axe that shoots out motherfucking tornadoes or something ya know. I want some armor that constantly shoots out lightning at nearby enemies.

    And the pvp patch is just, I don't know, whatever... I don't even play the game anymore besides AH so I don't care.
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    My only concern is what the hell happened to HotS?
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    patches will come and d3 will still be in develoment regarding fixes etc. Its nothing new that bliz are realeasing games in ways to achive and keep their player base as much as possible. d3 will be a filler game in my eyes and i belive for many others aswell. problem with the rmah is atleast for me and alot of others taht once you have completed the game and got gear for things needed then it starts feeling like a job trying to make real money. sady but thats how i have it.
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    I had a feeling D3 was a filler game, mainly because I knew more about the SC2 scene and that HoTS is still a ways away (how I don't know) -- but now seeing that MOP is tagged with a release date it is sort of confirmed.

    There's no doubt numbers will go down to the rush back to people who play WoW. One of the other things I'm interested in is how the economy will fare. I wonder about the people who stop playing who may not dump their equipment/gold into the market as well as the flow of 63s. From what I've seen, and my own personal experience. iLvL 62 items are decreasing in value because there's still a fair lot of 63s out there. 61 and 60s are almost below average in some cases.

    I think Blizzard's MM system is pretty good when joining groups so finding groups to farm with won't suffer.
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    Quote from Xpire

    GW2.. I'm not sure about it, it feels like a other wow copy with a other engine with diffrent characters and story.

    WoW release Date: November 2004
    Guild Wars release Date: April 2005

    Thats a little bit close on release dates to call Guild Wars a WoW clone.
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    GW2 looks good btw, and I'm not excited by MOP ~~
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    MoP looks awesome gonna order my Collector's after I get paid next week. I'll personally be playing both D3 and WoW but which one I play more depends which one is more entertaining. I haven't played WoW since January cause it's boring right now but MoP looks really good so if D3 doesn't its new end game by then then most of my time will be on WoW.

    All I have to say about GW2 is if you think MoP is lolcasual fest, have fun in GW2.
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    Quote from Serpenth

    All I have to say about GW2 is if you think MoP is lolcasual fest, have fun in GW2.

    Funny thing to note is that GW2 is cassual but free. Wow is costs even if u don't play a lot so wow shouldn't be cassual, Also pvp in GW2 looks better allthough the game is more of an rpg than ur classic mmo rpg where raiding is the end all be all content.
    Comparing a game that is build around being casual and buy to play to a game thats made for hardcore raiding and monthly subscription is kinda why you probably won't enjoy gw2 if u don't realise it's not wow
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    I guess everyone will cancel their Diablo 3 subscription and go back to WoW.

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