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    posted a message on So I made a real-life Diablo 2 axe -

    Super dope! Would love to see a Kingsport dagger ;)

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    posted a message on Any News for Diablo 3........Ever?

    We'll have to wait for Pax or Blizzcon I'm guessing :<

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    posted a message on Hello everyone...

    Love that Biablo, welcome Stacey!

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    posted a message on No Diablo announcements at Blizzcon

    Where is the evidence that Diablo 2 HD is even going to be a thing? Are there hints I've missed or is it just fan speculation?

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    posted a message on Diablo 4000

    I think there are already scifi games that approach this territory (Doom, etc), and it's weird to mix genres like this. The only thing that really changes is the setting and technology, so it seems like you just don't like the medieval setting, which is kind of integral to the game concept.

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    posted a message on Necro DLC for $21.95!?!
    Quote from Mr29cM»

    I would like to get the Necromancer class but $21.95 (Australian Dollars) is too much for a single character and some cosmetic add ons.

    Then d-d-d-d-d-don't buy it
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    posted a message on Diablo MMO/ARPG?

    I'd play the shit out of an open world type of skyrim game, but it doesn't really fit the spirit of dungeon crawler/loot hunt which is the real core of the game.

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    posted a message on Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer
    Quote from Deventh»

    Quote from ematanis»

    Quote from Deventh»

    Quote from Morgel76»

    I think around 15-20 Euro (UE).

    It's a dlc... not an expansion

    Hahahahahaha. There is no way in hell that I'd buy it for more than 10 euro. There is no way I'd support this game more when they openly said they are working on a new title. This game will die this year more than likely and if not this year it will be the next one, but we won't be seeing any new updates on it. If the pack sells a lot they will probably make one more and just stall for time before Diablo IV is released. I rather wait for a new game than to get a class that changes nothing in the game.

    Why wouldn't you support this game ? It is your money sure and you can do whatever you like with it, but I think Blizzard usually deserve the money, they have been supporting this game for 5 years and they will continue to support it for the next 10-15 years if Diablo1 and 2 is any indication.
    I would have loved if they did an expansion instead of a DLC Pack, but I think they realized that this game has flaws in the core, they wanted to do something more accessible but instead they alienated the Diablo fanbase.
    I hope they learned from this experience and I hope they go to the roots again.
    I haven't played Diablo for 2-3 seasons but I would love to jump back in for the Necro and I have put a lot of hours in this game and I think my money was well spent and I am sure this DLC Pack will also have great value and if I can put in the necro 100 hours then it will be worth the money spent(I am sure I will put way more than 100 hours in the Necro).

    Why wouldn't I support it? Because they will keep updating it with useless content just to stall for time rather than to work on the new 'promising' title. Necromancer and Greater Rift Challenges bring nothing new to the game. Nothing. Having, maybe, more than a thousand hours put into the game and giving us a new class won't make it a fresh content for people to come back to.

    Diablo 1 and 2 had updates, sure, so did Diablo 3. I've been playing it since the alpha and the game has changed tremendously (in a good way) over the years. And to be perfectly honest Diablo 1 and 2 had patches, sure, but they were nothing big other than QoL stuff to keep the game up to date with current monitors and so on. I am giving huge props on the D3 team for making so much updates for the game, but it's obvious the game is done now. We need a new title ASAP. Necromancer might be fun to play, sure, but the core game remains the same, nothing new. The class will get boring eventually and we will be back where we started.

    Of course if this doesn't get in the way of the new game, then I don't mind. Any new content is welcome. BUT, I rather the team focused on the new title rather than to work on a dead one.

    Supporting the franchise shows that the updates and work they put into them are worthwhile. If nobody buys the Necromancer it tells them that people don't care about Diablo. Nobody knows how long a "new game" is going to take to be released, in the meantime they work hard to keep the current games interesting to players. A small price to pay for literally HUNDREDS of hours of entertainment.
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    posted a message on Factors that killed D3

    No new story content since Reaper of Souls, I love the characters and world a lot, and not adding expansions/story/new zones for two years has hurt the game for me. Running bounties or rifts in some variation of the same five acts gets old. I want the world to open up.

    Ancient items being available from torment 1 I've always thought was a poor idea, if they're meant to be for the people who are already fully geared than why were available at Torment 1? Why not 10? what's the point of having them at all?

    Paragon leveling gets old very quickly. Gearing up almost completely in the first week isn't a good thing for season.

    I really think the biggest killer for me personally was no new content or announcements for a VERY long time, the dry spell was too long and there was no light at the end of the tunnel. I'm looking forward to playing Necromancer and some new zones, but I'm guessing they won't be available until late this year, which is another bad move. I'm hoping this means I'll be able to pay for some more story content/zones in the future but my expectations are low.

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    posted a message on Expansion, possibly new game in the works...

    Quote from gurete»

    And, as talked to exhaustion, D3 core flaws with the infinite paragon and the level 120 ++ gems create an unending playing field, and a new player will never ever be able to compete with a paragon 3000 with all gems 100+. That is a Loss-Loss situation. No new blood in greater rift competition--->prOs leave (see Quin). But the new blood cannot compete due to paragon and gems.

    That is why seasons exist. No one who buys the game today should reasonably expect to compete with players who have been playing 1000s of hours since launch in non-season, it's just not realistic. At least not to truly compete. That would be true without so many endless systems, since min-maxing items in other ARPGs is usually a long process that would yield dedicated players a numbers advantage (albeit smaller than with paragon and etc).

    That's not to say that some of the design decisions and systems aren't flawed, just that they aren't the reason a new player can't compete in non-season. Without playing a TON and working really hard.

    the Dev team is not in a no win situation. My personal opinion is that they are misguided. That's the only way I can understand Nev (love her, she really has a passion) answering "Rekt" to people asking for new content in the game, after giving NO NEW content at all.
    They want WIN? Seriously, not that hard. A small as fuck act 6. Insert the Necro with stitches in there. Put in some class, skills and sets balance (like it was given for free in 2.4) , and you have yourself 3.0. All is shiny as fuck for another couple of years.
    "They absolutely are in a no-win situation, because they don't make
    the final decisions. The develop within constraints given to them by
    people who care about money, and many of the fan base don't understand
    the fundamental difference between working for Blizzard and working for
    Crate or GGG.

    With small studios with a single title,
    there is a lot less bureaucracy involved in decisions. The team makes a
    decision, and they go with it. They only answer to stake holders who
    funded the game, which agreed to a specific business model and plan when
    they signed up. Blizzard and Activision dictate whether something jivs
    with them or not. They push for approachable as a core design philosophy
    because that sells more games.

    D3 is also multi-platform (both with OS on PC and because of consoles) as well as mutlinational, so every single interface change requires updating for all of that and making sure things are worded for all supported
    languages. All of this combined means that things move much much slower
    for these guys and it's out of their control.
    It's similar with communication. They have to clear it with a bunch of people to just tell the playerbase anything.
    The Necro pack is an experiment in trying to monetize the game, which will be needed to get more resources to develop more content. If players want to show support for the game, buying it is going to be the best bet.
    None of this is to say they shouldn't do better, it's just that in order for things to get better, players have to understand the reality of the game. If the devs start trying to communicate more (dev blogs, AMAs on reddit, whatever) and the playerbase reacts negatively to it because it's not exactly what they wanted or they aren't giving specific answers
    (because they have to be careful of what they disclose), they are just going to not do that anymore because it's not beneficial to them.
    If we want to help give them a win scenario, we as a playerbase have to meet them halfway. We can be critical of them, but it has to be with some level of tact."


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    posted a message on What happens now?

    I think in the question and answer part of day two there were several hints that we should expect new story content (Tathamet, class questions, "20 More Years," etc.). If it's in DLCs than that's fine by me, I personally don't care, as long as I have a way to obtain it. I still have hope for expac content, just wish they weren't slower than the wrath of god.

    I'm not sure why so many people think that diablo 4 will be a thing? Why would they scrap the foundations of a pre existing game that looks fine to build a new one from the ground up? D3 ain't that old. I wouldn't even think about diablo 4 until another ten years had slipped by honestly.

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    posted a message on Reaction to Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer

    I'm honestly really excited about the Necromancer coming back, that class is really fun and I expect they'll put a new and interesting spin on them as they've done with the D3 versions of other original classes. I'm excited about the dialogue we'll listen to with followers and story and I'm looking forward to the Necro's release! The Tristram event looks really fun and I can't wait to check it out!

    That said, what I really wanted was an expansion announcement which we didn't get, but I'm looking forward to hearing what'll be in store for us tomorrow. I'm hoping, with the Necromancer apparently being a paid addition, that this will start a trickle of new content and story DLC. I want an expansion, but getting it in pieces is fine with me too, as long as they actually DO this.

    I love this game, I haven't lost hope, and I'm gonna keep playing.

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    posted a message on well diablo is dead to me
    Quote from Glowpipe»

    Quote from Belloc»

    And nobody even mentions the free Diablo 1 remake. It's just "all we got was necromancer!"


    If you hate Diablo 3 so much, find another game to play. That's what I did.

    its not a diablo 1 remake. Its a anniversary event. It last for one month and you will play it like once and be done with it, just like the molten core 40 man raid a little while back. So yeah, a necro is more or less the only crap we got
    Just to clear this up, the January Tristram event is for the entire month of January, EVERY January, for the rest of time. It's a permanent yearly event.
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    posted a message on What are your most favorite aspects of a Diablo game?

    For me, it's always been about story and characters, D2 was amazing with story, but most of the characters did not receive any development. D3 had an alright story that I believe was implemented poorly and in a very juvenile way (boss dialogue before act V) but the characters have been wonderful with great voice acting. (Lyndon/followers and player characters come to mind).

    If I could have literally anything I wanted, I'd want a Dragon Age Inquisition style sandbox game with tons of lore and quests and zones and an overarching story, but I know I won't receive such a thing, haha. There is SO MUCH un-utilized story material. I just want more content and more zones and more story. Expansions basically, haha, and everything else is secondary to me. I love end game gear grinding and rifts/bounties etc, but I really just want to see more of Sanctuary.

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