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    posted a message on Blizzard President about Diablo Immortal: “we’re happy with how it’s coming along”

    They should have announced their progress on their other diablo titles instead of expecting people to eat their shit and love it for diablo immortal.

    I honestly assumed they weren't going to make this game anymore since I haven't heard a peep since it was announced.

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    posted a message on How would you improve Diablo 3?

    Just right off the top of my head, other than generally improving the story writing, Get rid of sets, or make them just 2 or 3 piece and be less powerful. Make crafting and random chance important again, gambling for a suitable griffin eye or finding the perfect ethereal weapon while collecting the necessary runestones made the items feel that much more important and special when you finally had them. Nowadays you're salvaging 90% of what you find. They aren't even cool anymore.

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    posted a message on Diablo 4 - What we know (or assume to know) so far

    My expectations are pretty low. I absolutely love this series, but I'm very hesitant to hope for anything that I'd really enjoy playing (a very lore heavy game with all of the elements that made D2 and D3 enjoyable, but modernized). I'm cautiously optimistic for something new being announced at Blizzcon, but I'm annoyed by the Diablo Immortal debaucle, and the "multiple diablo projects in 2019" blurb with absolutely zero news.

    Honestly, I'm Diablo trash, so I'll probably play whatever is put out, but I'll see what comes up in the future before I start getting hyped for anything.

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    posted a message on Demon Hunter cinematic trailer vocals

    Hello! If you download MPQ extractor you can rip audio files from the game itself, but if you mean the animated CGI Demon Hunter intro when they introduced the class, that's not actually part of the game installation and the music for it alone may be impossible to obtain. It may be possible that the music exists in a game file, but you'd have to search for it with MPQ extractor.

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    posted a message on Diablofans is back! ? !!!

    First good Diablo news of 2019!

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    posted a message on Where to buy Diablo prints?

    Check out the art section on the official diablo site to get an idea for what the official art looks like and what's been available. Other than posters sold in the blizzard store, you're probably not going to find much else. Diablo historically doesn't get much merchandise.

    You might be better off getting high res art printed yourself.

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    posted a message on Barbarian's Tattoos

    The blue warpaint is very reminiscent of scottish warpaint (famously seen in the move Braveheart) but seems like that block color style was used more for the D3 Barbarian, rather than D2. The D2 Barb looks like he is wearing something closer to viking or norse paint/tattoos. Since it might be difficult to recreate exactly what you are looking for, a nice compromise might be an enlarged rune tattooed on your forearm in blue. Then it will be recognizably Diablo, and also have that Barbarian blue warpaint style you are looking for.

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    posted a message on 2018 in Review: The year that changed everything?
    Quote from Mob Dylan»

    It's not just Blizzard that's changing. The entire AAA video game industry is imploding, with a few exceptions of course. I believe there is gonna be another crash like the one we had in '83. The signs are all there; lack of innovation, predatory monetization tactics, releasing incredibly buggy and unfinished products, Ivory tower syndrome, graphics and wow factor while game play takes a backseat, single serving gaming mentality (mobile gaming), alienation of core fan base and damaged reputations.

    Companies that actually care to craft products of superb quality will come out of this ok, others are gonna fall far from grace (already happening). Indie and AA games will get the lions share of the "gamer" market in coming years. Indies are already on a massive upswing while AAA games are having increasingly poor numbers (there are a few that continue to grow and are exceptions).

    This is just my honest opinion about things and in no way to be taken as facts. Research this on your own to come to your own conclusions.

    I feel that this is the most accurate. I don't trust Activision Blizz, even tho I'm very hopeful for Diablo 4, any other new Diablo title, and even a tiny bit for immortal being fun to play. I used to expect top quality from Blizzard games and a dedicated team who valued gameplay and story over pushing microtransactions and money. Those who keep their integrity might make it to the other side, but AAA developers are already going down the shitter because people are tired of the predatory money grabbing and unfinished game releases.

    Maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised by more news this coming year, maybe not, but I'm hopeful because I really love the Diablo series. I have loved it since I was ten watching my best friend play on her old shitty mac computer before I was able to purchase it for myself. I'm not willing to give up on it just yet.

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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Black Soulstone video question?

    I would guess it to be Khanduran or "common western kingdoms" but some of the Diablo books might get more specific.

    The wiki has some info about languages also https://www.diablowiki.net/Sanctuary#/editor/4

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    posted a message on Diablo Immortal: What a MMOARPG should be IMHO

    Not only would I love an open world like that, I'd love it even more if it was in the style of Witcher 3 or similar.

    But it seems as tho they're using the MMOARPG label to tell people that you can play with multiple individuals and the game is ARPG, but doesn't necessarily resemble the traditional MMO that we're used to. I assume this is because of Mobile limitations or an unwillingness to develop in between spaces.

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    posted a message on Different view on Diablo Immortal

    I think if they had announced or said ANYTHING else about the "other projects" while also having diablo immortal it would have done a lot to stem the flood of disappointment. They started a hype train and got people excited for a game no one really asked for.

    That said, while I am disappointed that it's a mobile game with D3 assets, I'm always interested in more lore/stories and zones to explore. I think there will be things to like in DI, but the platform is not ideal.

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    posted a message on Diablo Immortal

    I'm not happy. Hopefully they realize how upset everyone is and pull something out of their ass at the panel.

    I'm still gonna play the mobile game, because I love Diablo, but it's pretty disappointing....

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    posted a message on The Future of Diablo
    Quote from Skelos_bg»

    we won’t be ready to announce all of our projects

    Well, this could mean:
    1) Community manager is trolling.
    2) They show only D4 teaser/cinematic without anything else from D4 and not announcing its genre/gameplay etc.
    3) They announce D4 and show gameplay as we predicted - this then leads to what? They are making Diablo World parallel with D4? Hitting both the aRPG and classic MMO genres with different games, but parallel story? Or going for next gen VR MMO game?

    Could be any of these. We need more clues - that Adria comic coming soon?

    I feel like the blog posts directly indicates that any kind of D4 announcement will be just about the only thing they AREN'T going to announce. A cinematic for a new game and gameplay I think is wishful thinking. But I'm looking forward to any news and comics, etc. :)

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    posted a message on Future diablo 4 Ideas. what do you think

    Diablo at its core has always been an ARPG dungeon crawler with heavy emphasis on item hunt. It would be a risk to deviate from that original model, but the culture surrounding those kinds of games has changed. I'm hoping to see a nice heavy ARPG element with that item hunt still present, but I really want set items and legendaries to change, I want runestones, and more build customization, I want to explore more zones and meet new characters and get good character development, and I want a creepier atmosphere.

    Act V Reaper of Souls was heads and tails above the vanilla game in terms of characters, exploration, writing, and spookiness, and even the new zones were really interesting and creepy. It felt more like an M rated game. I want more time to explore and flesh out zones with things to do (questing perhaps?) I don't want an MMO, but I'd like a similar kind of experience, only with single player. I guess a bit like the Witcher, tho that would lose the top-down look of a dungeon crawler.

    I'd love to see less quest driven dialogue that beats us over the head with telling us where to go so much that we could go through the motions asleep. Having to think for even 5 seconds about where we are, what we're looking for, and where we should be going would be an improvement. Diablo 2 never had a blinking yellow circle on the minimap telling you exactly where you needed to go. D3 was a little too linear with leading you through campaign by the nose. Also bosses were always too easy, normal mode was too easy. I think there was too much emphasis on making the game too accessible for new players. People aren't stupid, they can learn new things without it being dumbed down.

    I'd be incredibly disappointed if the nephalem became an evil character, and I'd also be incredibly disappointed if everything was retconned. I LIKE the characters, I LIKE my characters, and I want them to do well. Making us choose between good and evil sounds lame tbh, because it's always been a game about maintaining the balance and fighting the minions of Hell. I don't want the characters I've grown to like to be forgotten, I just want them to be written better. I want the game to get a great lore treatment like so many of the diablo novels did.

    This got a little long lol, but I'm very passionate about the characters and world, and I want to see more of it, and to see it handled well.

    Edit: I personally don't much care for PVP, but I want it to be added to the game because I know a lot of people missed that. Also I think D3 still has a lot of cool end-game content that should stay, but some that needs heavy revision.

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    posted a message on Diablo tv series
    Quote from Bleu42»

    This has already been disproven a couple times. He isn't tapped for Diablo, from Blizzard, it's a show with the word Diablo in it.


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