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    Quote from inzynier_osamix

    Didn't get the beta, so I have few questions about transmog:
    1) can i transmog an item to look like a normal one? change a legendary or high tier item to look like an tier 1 item?
    2) can i transmog, lets say a WD knife to look like some sword or a normal helm to look like a voodoo mask? (probably not, but how fun would it be to watch a barb with a voodoo mask on :D)
    3) hom much does transmog cost and does the price change depending on item lvl or something?
    From what I've seen:

    1) Yeah, you can change to low tier gear too. This was confirmed by a blue.

    2) What they've been saying is that as long as the weapons have the same attack animation, you can transmog it. So no, WD knives can't look like swords. Just like my 1H axes can't look like 2H axes, ala Titan's Grip style.

    3) Transmog only costs like 5k now I think right?
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    posted a message on What about "Split-Farming" with individual rewards?

    Personally, I don't see much point in joining a multiplayer game if you aren't going to be doing the same things working towards a common goal.

    Seems like trying to make this work would be a waste of concentration on things that should take precedence.

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    posted a message on So do people here actually like the game?
    I'm absolutely loving the PTR! The new class changes were what I was most excited about! I feel like there is a great overall balance and much, much more build potential.
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    Not flaming, just a friendly reminder.

    You guys, it's only in beta phase... not release.

    Many things will change, such as:

    - Weak items/skills/passives becoming OP
    - OP items/skills/passives getting nerfed (but in reality, "fixed")
    - Costs will fluctate
    - Drop rates will fluctuate
    - Undesirable builds will become desired and vice versa
    - Some items/skills/passives will still be very niche

    Just take 2 seconds to think about things before you post.

    Thank you. Carry on.
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    Since everybody seems to know how to fix items better than Blizzard, I would like to hear what you guys think would make the itemization/update patch the best entertainment you've had in years.

    Personally, I would like to see a complete revamp of the main stats. Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence should be more appealing to all classes.

    Strength should be increasing all melee damage, not just Barbarian damage. Along with that it should increase block chance, a bonus to crit damage, and keep the current bonus to armor rating.

    Dexterity should be increasing ranged physical damage. And then of course some of the fun DPS stats, like attack speed and crit chance. The defense stat would still be dodge chance.

    Intelligence should be increasing elemental damage dealt. This would still increase Wizard and Witch Doctor damage because everything they cast has an elemental property. Along with this should also be an increase to resource regeneration/decreased resource cost and a bonus to damage of resource spenders. Elemental resistance would still stay as well.

    Now, Vitality is good as is, but I feel like they could decrease the amount of life it gives. I would also hope that they change monster HP/damage output scaling in line with this. I like to see big numbers, but not so that I can't tell if its 100000 or 1000000.

    I could keep going but I'm on my phone so typing sucks.
    Lend me your thought, I know you guys have them.
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