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    Ok, far to much whining, but whining isn't banned on forums (in fact, it seems to be part of forum culture, based on every forum I have ever visited) so people telling people to stop whining is just as unhelpful.

    I am one of those who doesn't think the name Wizard is all that great. Some alternative names could be:

    Conjurer (not, in fact, identical to a summoner)

    And I invite others to think of more. However, the name Wizard isn't that offensive, I would just prefer another if at all possible.

    Also, I keep hearing people refer to the class archetypes left, and mention the rogue and knight, but also mention a ranger.

    Has no one ever played Diablo here before?

    Rogue = Ranged class, morons, remember D1? There has never been a stealth class like the rogue is generally associated with in Diablo, and probably never will be. Diablo is about killing lots of people, not sneaking around.

    So we have:

    Barb - Melee Class - Offensive
    Wizard - Magic class
    Witch Doctor - Pet/magic class... the summoner

    What's left?

    Knight - Melee class, balanced or defensive, possibly with secondary abilities like pally had
    Rogue - RANGED CLASS, uses primarily bows, probably not stupid nature rangerish class, something more along the lines of the rogue and amazon before, BOW SKILLS, with magical bow and other ranged weapon attacks.

    As for the Wizard, I don't know what exactly is so wrong with it. It's just a repackaged sorc. I want the sorc back, so aside from the mildly annoying name it's a great class. Make it's name better, and it's ideal, or just make it the returning Sorc.

    And the old skill system in d2 was, frankly, bad. I love D2, but the skill system was terrible. There was limited flexibility and wasted points because of prerequisites, and any system that encourages saving points at low levels shows just how broken it is.

    Plus, there were so many redundant skills! For example, on sorc there are three different fierballs... They are all the same in terms of usage, with only minor differences like splash damage or whatever. Why not just have ONE fireball skill, and scale it so that it doesn't suck at high levels if you keep putting points into it?

    The new skill system is better than the old in some of these respects, and for that I congratulate blizz. Spells are pretty much unique (at least in their trees) and they seem like they are built to scale with level better.
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    Wizard is officially the awesomest class they have announced. So much awesomer than the lame-ass witch doctor or the barb--not that barb is bad, but we've already played it, and it looks only pretty cool this time.

    Admittedly, it's mostly a sorc copy, but hey, sorc is awesome too.

    I'd really like to see their last two classes though... We don't have a zon-ish thing yet (one wonders if they will continue that tradition) and we will probably have another melee-ish class, like pally, with some auras or healz or something.
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    posted a message on New Class Announced: The Wizard
    Where is the gameplay video!?
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    posted a message on Diablo III To Appear On PC Gamer October Cover
    They were pretty late with their Starcraft 2 cover too.
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    posted a message on No Diablo 3 at ActivisionBlizzard 2008 Non-E3 Press Conference LIVE

    And lame :( But whatever, blizz wouldn't show more until more was ready anyway, probably.
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    posted a message on Diablo III Thoughts From Ex-Blizzard Employee
    Definitely very interesting, especially since this kindof illustrates the conflicts that eventually led to Blizz North's being consolidated with the rest of blizz.
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    I'm glad they are trying to control the economy a bit more, 1.) because D2's economy was a disaster, and 2.) because it's more noob friendly, which I think is good--as long as it does not detract from the gameplay, which I don't think it does.

    Also good to hear that their MIGHT be BOE in small doses. Makes it so people gotta work for their epically good items, and helps the economy some.
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    Quote from "DarthKarnage" »
    I would like to ask them what there reaction was (if any) to the childish reactions of the many internet users regarding the graphics of the new game.
    Unnecessary, and somewhat belligerent :offtopic:


    I want to ask about the skill trees and character advancement, but for some reason I doubt they will answer any of that stuff.

    So I guess my question would also be "is that in fact a female druid shown in the artwork trailer?"
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    I was initially going to post in support of full respec, but after thinking it over I have to agree, full respec just doesn't make much sense.

    It would be great to have some ability to go back on abilities in the short-term though, as some people have suggested. This prevents accidental skill spending, which is definitely and issue.

    Actually, it might be cool to have like a one-time-only respec that's obtainable through a quest or something. That way, if people want to try out new things without rerolling, they can, but only once on a given character. It also means that noobs who just kindof placed abilities whereever have a chance to give themselves a better setup without rerolling, if only once.

    Not totally sure the one-time respec would work out, but I like the theory.
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    Yeah, I had the right realm (US West) and checked and rechecked user and pass. Retyped each of two CD keys three times (the D2 one and the LOD one) for use with the account.

    Nothing has worked:(
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    posted a message on Battlenet
    Is there seriously no one who knows how anywhere here?

    No wonder everyone posts here:P It's too damn hard to figure out the bnet forums.
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    posted a message on Blizzard Comments On The Classes In Diablo 3
    I think 5 is pretty good. With LOD it did seem like the Assassin and Druid were kindof overlaps of the Barb/Necro and Necro/Sorc respectively, the former because it was just another combat focused class with tons of attack moves and a few poison things which could be considered like necro stuff, and the latter being that the Druid has pets and casts some elemental spells, both already taken.

    I want to see the rest of the classes!!1
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    Ok, for the hundredth time I finally decided to go through and get out a CD key and make a battlenet account so I could use the official blizzard forums. I got farther than I had before: I actually got my goddamn CDkey.

    However, I got the the battle net site, and there is no where to make a goddamn account. Nothing. I went to the forums and tried to post, and it asked me for account, password, and cdkey, and I was like "ok, where do I GET an account!?" There's no signup button anywhere.

    THEN I get the brilliant idea "hey, it must mean like my battlenet account ONLINE, like the one I use for Diablo 2" So I tried using that account name and password, along with my CDkey. Another failure.

    I am 100% sure I will feel like an idiot after someone finally posts how to join the goddamn blizzard forums, but I maintain that they are stupid, designed by stupid people, and are the worst failure I have seen in a long time.

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    Ok, just so we're clear, I am NOT all that opposed to the current graphics (IE I would like to see a little more grit, but not enough to make a fuss), but some stupid things people are saying require response.

    1.) "OMG the concept art looks totally cool/roxxor, it's not too dark!1"

    Does it really MATTER? It's the GAME that we'll be playing, not the concept art. The 3D artists have deviated far from the concept art, clearly. Again, not a criticism, but I don't see the same goddamn game when I look at the art and the gameplay vid.

    2.) "Just fiddle with your graphics settings!"

    Not even gonna mention the fact that this shouldn't be done for moral principles.

    If the whole goddamn point is for the game to have contrast, with some light areas and some dark, what happens when you change settings on your card? Suddenly the darker areas are pitch black, just so you can have the lighter areas you don't like look darker. No one will be able to see, and they won't find their way out of the first dungeon.


    3.) "You guys are dumb/fanboys/etc" (ESPECIALLY in response that stupid open letter to "Diablo 3 fanboys" found here: http://www.bingegamer.net/index.php/2008/an-open-letter-to-diablo-iii-fanboys)

    Well, if we're going to play that game, that makes you WoW-loving, basement-residing, twenty-five-year-old virgins, does it not? TBH I'd rather be a fanboy. Not even gonna argue point by point in the open letter--I don't even disagree all that much, but some of those things were mindblowingly idiotic--I just wanted to state that he and everyone else who is unwilling to be constructive is an asshole.

    Please, can we remain rational in our arguments?

    Oh, and for those who continue to point out that the gameplay video isn't necessarily representative of the entire game, you get a big thumbs up:thumbsup: People need to remember this.
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    posted a message on Blizzard needs to implement at least a BoE or BoP system (Bind on Equip or Pick-up).
    One for BOP and BOE. Diablo's economy was crap and anyone who denies it is delusional. ANY online game with any sort of trade going on requires the same economic mechanics as all the others: there needs to be a way to take money/items back out of the system once they have gone in from drops. It's not an argument. IT HAS TO BE DONE, or we will end up with all but a few items being totally worthless. I liked D2 very much, but I hated playing online because it wasn't a challenge to get good loot.

    So BOE and BOP implemented, definitely, more so with the former. BOP should be reserved for situations like items earned through PVP (assuming there is a reward system) or for quest items.

    The last issue needed to address though, is using alternate currencies. TBH, it would be difficult to design the game so that gold remains necessary in online play, and therefore remains the currency standard (though I hope blizz will try, since that is much easier to work with) but if not, then there needs to be a way to take runes/SOJs/whatever out of the economy, so that it doesn't become inflated.

    One is already in place, socketed items (for runes/other socketables) but TBH it's not enough. What is needed is like a trade comission; a tax on trades or sales. Like the autionhouse commission in many MMOs, but applying to item trading as well. Now how the hell would you do that? No idea. Which is why it would be easier to try and keep gold as the main currency, because that's not as difficult to control. But one thing is for damn sure; if there aren't items being taken out of the economy, it will go south, just like every other online game that didn't have them. D2 was not the first, for those of you who are unaware.
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