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    You've just pulled all this numbers from your ass. That is not how it works..

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    Quote from Bagstone

    Please, for the love of god:

    Don't write kk for a million. It's 300m, not 300kk.

    Don't write m for a million. It's 3e8, not 300m.

    could not resist..
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    Quote from gosant

    @aldoran: smash is the rune to go. radius may be small, but crits are very high..thunderstrike only works on kill, so for pure dps and high mp level i don't think it's very viable..

    about the build itself, besides leap (i'm using overpower - ca) i'm using the same skills and only 2 different runes..my advice: either use wotb-toc & battle rage - into the fray, or use insanity & marauders rage..i'm using the first combo..and regarding passives, you should think about alternatives..i'm using superstition, which helps a lot in certain situations to keep wotb up (e.g. rakanoth & ghom).

    thunderstrike does work better for high MP wiht enough dps(~130k is enough for mp8, for example) - i can stay in crowd and survive, and it has a higher aoe dps, than smash rune, because of two main reasons - bigger range -> more fury gain, that allows to spam it.
    But it does suck for single targets, tho.

    wotb-toc sucks for 2h - you will never get enough fury to get some meaningfull uptime, +=5 sec will not make such difference, like insanity or even slaughter
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    i do not like smash rune on HotA - the hit area is too slow and it does not give enough fury back, with thunderstrike rune i can stunlock elites, surronded by adds - it helps alot on high mp (i farm mp8 for keys), and i do not even need a basic attack for fury generation.

    take a look at build in my sig (no gear in that stupid armory, since i've been doing naked achieve and it recorded me in that state ))
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    I do not want to be rude, but you do not play the game? There are a lot of playble builds for barb, each with unique stat composition. There are tons of guides around - they did not help you?
    sword&board - slow, but surely; 2h smasher - requires a good 2h weapon; double tornado, requires 2 good 1h and some special itemization. All of them are viable in inferno with good flexibilty to tune for your own playstyle.

    Choose what you like, try it, feel it. You will clearly see what you are missing on your gear.

    You did not even link your profile - your post sounds like "i play barbarian. how to win?"
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    Quote from ballon

    Draken states otherwise:

    what he think "stacked rend" is not a stacked rend - it is a critical rend. i've been using rend since patch day and i've done some testing.
    rend's tick can not be critical, but the inital application of rend can crit, and all next ticks will do increased damage

    different damage ticks come from the displaying system:
    it displayes an average damage for last X time interval, and if you apply a rend in the middle of that interval - firts tick will be shown as half of the tick damage. if you refreshed a normal rend with critical rend, you may see a damage value like (normal rend tick + critical rend tick) / 2
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    Quote from thomasmgp30
    So I finally gave up on farming because its a waste of time.

    lol, guess what you are going to do in next X monthes of your life, for beating inferno without AH
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