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    posted a message on Campaign progress on "rebirth" characters

    When you rebirth - you lose everything except your name, class and time played - it is intended. Consider it a shortcut for deleteing and recreating a new character in season. But if you progress through the season - you will keep everything, when the season ends.

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    posted a message on Is possible to add PvP to the game? YES!

    You've just pulled all this numbers from your ass. That is not how it works..

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    posted a message on New player, first play through and I'm pretty sure I broke the game

    The leveling used to be more challenging, but it was nerfed alot. The only purpose now is to tell you a story and get you familiar with your class. The real game begins on 70th level now. You will unlock more difficulty levels after you beat the game first time.

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    posted a message on Legendary items worth crafting?

    The only thing worth crafting - few items from aughild set http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/artisan/blacksmith/recipe/aughilds-power . You need 2 or 3 items for set bonus, it depends if you have a ring of a royal grandeur or not. If you do not have the ring - you should farm it from act1 bounty caches.

    Nevertheless, you will replace it all very soon with class specific sets and legendaries.

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    posted a message on TOP-1 world Barb
    Quote from FEIF81»

    Grats to the rank 1.

    but i hope blizz implant som kind of penalty when u die in Grift in SC. Looks so lame when ppl dies many times and still get the rank 1 AND brag about it.

    HC ftw

    i hope blizz remove exploit on reseting your death prevention talent with relogging in HC. Looks so lame when ppl proc many times, relog and still get the rank 1 AND brag about it.

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    posted a message on boon of the hoarder question
    Quote from eTaF

    The easiest way to do it is, just before you begin the gheed fight just teleport to town unsocket the gem and drop it in town and start the fight with gheed and you will get another boon hoarder again. I done it and it works
    It is not a wise thing to do in the game, where everything from the ground is lost after a disconnect or an accidental logout
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    posted a message on [Idea] A simple solution that would fix Build Diversity and Stash Space
    One of the strongest current <class+build> uses hybrid cold+fire skill setup, and i would not say that they feel *restricted* now, because all together synergizes very well(m6)
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    posted a message on Rank 1 HC (2pGR44+3pGR46) WorldWide
    Quote from Drahque

    Ok, now i can understand why you are doing this and overall dedication is impressive, but if you could make it without such arguable things, it would be even more impressive )

    Probably such "2nd chance"mechanic with cooldown was not designed properly for HC.
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    posted a message on Rank 1 HC (2pGR44+3pGR46) WorldWide
    On the first minute you exploited a cheat-death by relogging and clearing the debuff, are you calling this "achievement"?

    I have nothing to do with HC, but if that is how tops get their spots - that is kinda disappointing. I used to think that HC players have balls of steel, progressing on such level.
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    posted a message on WTT Raekors Helm
    Quote from PaulAcid

    I believe it's because the PC is the "pure" version. The console versions will be hacked, duped, etc. all over the place. I would think the console is the "casual" version of Diablo.
    That is true, consoles do not require permanent internet connection and are flooded with dupes, so small trading acts will not affect a general casual non-competitive environment.
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    posted a message on There's only one reason I'm not playing seasons
    Leg gems are currently my only easily obtainable source of upgrades because my gear is almost maxed out. I have no incentive to play seasons otherwise, and I think this applies to other people with nearly maxed out gear.

    OP, armory link please? always interesting to see ppl with maxed gear, to see how we can improve ourself
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    posted a message on D3 2.05 & the Loot Meta Game -- Is it off?
    tell me more about that..

    i've wasted about 2000 shards on pants and got 5(!)Hammer Jammers, rest - yellow/blue.

    Once it was like: leg pants, 1 yellow, leg pants.

    If rng does not like you - all your 'targeted' intentions worth nothing )
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    posted a message on [funny build] Pimp my Globe! (Maximus edition)


    1) The addon killed life leech (my favorite stat in all ARPGs, Q_Q)
    2) Life regen is boring
    3) LoH is boring
    4) Fury-spend heal is ok
    5) Globes are.. awesome!

    If you agree with these statements, have a further look on a funny build

    Pimp my Globe! (Maximus edition)

    The build is focusing on a very stable healing and pretty good aoe damage, while spinning in the middle of a battle.
    Single target damage is pretty mediocre, possible problems with fury.

    Items required

    http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/maximus (must have)
    http://us.battle.net/d3/en/artisan/blacksmith/recipe/reapers-wraps (must have)
    http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/razor-strop (optional, but very good)
    items with +fire damage%

    secondary stats that might present on your gear already:
    Items with bonus healing to health Globes. The bonus buffs both Globes and bloodthrust passive, do not underestimate it.
    2-3 items with bonus pickup radius

    The core build

    note the rune on battle rage - it gives you more Globes.

    Additional skill depend on your play style
    i am using Charge+stamina, and Warcry+impunity for more fury, 4th passive - brawler for dps.


    Maximus fire chain damage is insane, you can kill trash just by walking(or spinning) through them. Learn to use it well.

    Whirlwind is the main dps skill:
    1) it gives you a nice aoe fire damage
    2) it gives you constant healing with healing on fury spend
    3) you can move through the crowd - it is very usefull for maximus chain, to move away from a danger or to pick up a Globe.

    Globe is your precious:
    1) it heals you
    2) it gives you fury
    3) it explodes for 400% fire damage (with belt)

    Do not use many pickup bonus items - you must control when you pickup a Globe.

    Try to gather elites/trash together with stomp and aoe them down with whirlwind + maximus chain.

    My profile (able to farm t2-t3 portals, but having some problems with some nasty packs/bosses on t3. fast + fire chain, argh!):

    i am aware about hota globes and stomp Globes bonuses, but they did not fit in the build for me - may be they will work for you.
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    posted a message on Looking for some Rend Barb advice
    a weird build.. you could switch to HotA + rend/bloodlust build and clean up to mp7-8 without problems.
    or get an amulet with ~900 life-per-hit and switch to WW-skorn barb, it will be more efficient on MP5, when you get used to it.
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