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    Quote from Timmylol

    Two common ways to get banned:

    - Using the RMAH where the credit card or Paypal account used to fund the purchases does not match yoru battle.net information.
    - Buying gold through the black market.

    Did they state the reason for the suspension in their email?

    The only thing they have stated in the email was:

    This Diablo III account has been locked due to an auction-related issue. Until this issue is resolved, the account will be unavailable for play. Access to the Diablo III auction house is restricted until the account is unlocked.

    I have not even set up a paypal account yet. All RMAH transactions prior to the suspension were purely bnet balance.

    I have never buy a single gold online.
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    I was just browsing on AH the other day when the game bounced me off due to some "suspicious activity". Checking my account on bnet shows:

    Penalty Record
    Account Name:D3
    Game:Diablo III
    Penalty:Suspended until 9/5/37 6:41 AM (in 9,124 days, 23 hours)

    WTF? I really have not done anything remotely close to exploits. No 3rd party program, I have authenticator so my account couldn't have been compromised. I don't even do gearswap macro.

    I contacted the GM but so far haven't heard a single word and it's been almost a day already. Not only i lost all the bid I was placing, my sales were cancelled, but now I can't even play the game until this is resolved. I really don't have a single clue why I got suspended.

    Has this ever happened to anyone else?
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    Quote from FIreFistAce

    hi typho, thanks for making the guide, i was struggle with my barbarian til now, i havent try the build it, but it looks very promising. currently i have tank sword shield barb and it is very boring, i cant kill shit fast but like you say i die often sometimes. anyways. im ready for a change.

    here is my questions, i cannot afford skorn yet but im using vigilance as a replacement. what do you think? if it is not good what weapons do you recommend for a 3m price range that i can afford?

    the vigilance im currently bidding has
    1077-1584-> this is important like you seay
    40% damage
    CRIT damag 100%

    what do you think? please help me!!! what stats i should look into my 2h weapons. thank you!!

    Skorn is nice, but I'm personally trying to avoid skorn because, well, it's ridiculously expensive. Besides, skorn being axe has fast attack speed making the min-max damage not really that high.

    I'd suggest searching for 2h mace only, as it has 0.9 speed.. The priority for stats are Critdmg > Strength > Lifesteal. If you have money, get all of them, if you don't try to get critdmg and either lifesteal or strength. The choice depends on your playstyle. I would recommend avoiding ias as it will actually decrease your min-max given same dps on weapon.

    2h are pretty cheap nowadays. You should be able to find 1.2k+ dps weapon very easily.
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    Quote from Serefkana

    I find that Ancient Spear-Dread Spear is a very good option to use on ranged mobs, and if it crits it usually 1-shots and heals you for full hp. And can help pull back an ungrouped Rare mob back in so you can Rend the whole group.

    I just started Inferno, and I have 25k HP, like 600 Resists, 34% Crit, 272% Crit Damage, 11% Lifesteal, 30k dps, and around 57% reduction from Armor.

    Will I be okay for Act III, or do I need more HP? I find that usually surviving comes down to can your Rend out heal the Rare/Elite's damage, or if you manage to Rend before getting cc'd...

    I don't think ancient spear will work as well on tougher content. You're probably better off having leap to close the gap with range.

    25k hp is definitely too low for act3. You will be one shotted by fallen maniacs and probably two shotted colossal golgor or skull cleaver. I'd suggest getting a lot more hp and if 600 is with warcry, a lot more res as well.

    Although 30k dps is probably bare minimum for act 3, and that's only if you have decent hp/res.
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    Quote from Dyekid217

    Hey guys mind taking a look at my gear?? I'm having a bit of trouble clearing the later parts of act 3 efficiently... I had a higher dps weapon with 99% natural crit and a socket that I added with a 90% crit emerald but I find I need more LL.. i have 12% right now but I still see that ranged enemies still kill me pretty fast as I can't get to them fast enough to hit.

    Let me know on things I can improve


    With your gear you shouldn't have much trouble. I don't think you really need the Bloodthirst passive as LL is only meant to help and not a sustainable source for infinite hp regen. You will probably have a better chance with +20% dmg from berserker rage passive.

    It sounds like your biggest problem is range. Against range in particular LL would not help much since they will kill you during the time where you can't get your hits to land. Best thing to do against range is use either charge or leap to close the gap, then hit them once with rend before they run away.

    Also, you could use a bit more hp. I personally feel like if I'm below 40k in act3 I will die a lot more often. Sure, the more hp the better but at around 800-900 ares 40k hp seems to be the minimum required to survive through most mistakes before you can gets your rend up.
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    Quote from laonar

    Ok I need some pointers. I love this build and have no problems in act 1. However act 2 I find I am dieing a lot more then I think I should be.

    Perhaps its how I am using my skills?

    I have 700+ all resists, 36k life, very little loh and a 5.60 life steal weapon. Here is the link to my character.

    The build is so much fun, I was having issues and switched to a WW build. NO problems but it just was not as fun. Even with the dieing its so much more fun watching things fly across the screen then walking a few screens up and there is the body! It is actually the most fun I have had on any character. I got 4 60s with good amounts of playtime on all! Great build.

    With your stat you shouldn't have much trouble with act 2. My guess is it might have something to do with playstyle. It could get a bit of getting used to to not die a lot.

    As a general rule, you should always Charge until you cannot charge anymore. As long as you can charge and have some lifesteal you shouldn't really be dying to anything. Just be a bit careful about where your charge lands as that's the only vulnerable moment you will get. Try to aim charge past the pack back and forth.

    Most enemies in act2 will die in 1-2 hits with the dps you have, so rend will not really be necessary. Against elites or anything tougher than that you want to have rend up as much as possible. Dart in with charge or leap and rend then dart out. Kite after rend if nothing is off cd. Remember that you can always just rend and kite if the combo proves to be dealing too much damage.

    You actually might want to try swapping out Nerves of Steel to Berserker Rage. I know it's not intuitive when you're dying to swap out armor passive. However, in my experience sometimes that 20% extra damage could mean a whole difference between life and death, much more so than the extra 1k armor. Being able to go from 2->1 shot enemies will reduce the damage you receive by more than 70%.
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    Quote from Kredes

    yeah, i've been using this awesome build for a week or 2. Lifesteal is recommend, and atm i only got 2.80% lifesteal, from my belt.. would it be a good idea to buy a new 2hander with lifesteal on?

    My current 2hand is:

    179 strenght
    11% IAS
    140% Natural crit

    should i instead go for a 2hander like this:

    200 strenght
    3-6 lifesteal
    around same natural crit
    maybe a socket

    IAS is pretty much useless for this build, so getting weapon with the same dps but no ias would mean the base dmg must be higher. With the bigger base damage that means your rend, charge, EQ, etc. will hit harder. It's true that if you're just holding down bash/cleave you will do the same dps, but with application of rend losing the ias will result in more dps overall.
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    Quote from GT4

    While under the effects of Battle Rage, Critical Hits have a chance to cause an explosion of blood dealing 20% of the damage done to all other nearby enemies.

    So it's either horribly worded, a fixed chance for direct damage abilities or, what I'd expect, the proc chance depends on the proc coefficient of the ability, just like CM does for Wizards.

    You're right. The crit chance needs to be modified by the proc coefficient. A skill with proc coefficient will still leaves the math unchanged. However a skill with, say, proc coefficient of 0.5 will require (roughly) twice as much crit chance to gives more damage.

    That being said, I can see that if you have 300% critdmg or so lots of crit, it's easy to see that bloodshed rune will outdmg marauder's rage in many situations.
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    posted a message on 2h Barbarian build: Merciless Assault build
    Quote from Rencol

    How viable is this in HC mode?

    On SC I rarely die on act3 inferno anymore (99% of my death only comes from the godforsaken fallen maniac...). So I'd say it's at the very least somewhat viable, but that depends a lot on your gear and how good you are at dodging the fallen maniac.... (tbh if I'm playing HC I'd avoid keep area altogether just because of those fat bastards).

    Quote from fer

    http://us.battle.net...XckP!ZYb!aZaZcZ is what i have been using since 1.0.4

    differences to your build:

    1) Cleave instead of Bash (i love rupture, but i can see bash being better overall)
    2) WotB instead of Battle Rage (again flavor, i like the CC immunity and increased runspeed vs some champ packs, when my DPS gets better i might switch)
    3) Nerves of Steel instead of Berserker Rage (need the defense)

    Thanks for posting your thoughts on this, i really love this build, especially the Merciless Assault rune which i used during most of the time leveling to 60 until i had to switch to dreadnaught in inferno.
    Thanks to the buff to Rend and Lifesteal on 2H Weapons i could now switch back to Merciless Assault.

    You should try cleave w/ the rupture rune, it is really fun to make corpses explode and fly away...

    I've tried some cleave variations. I agree that rupture rune is probably the best rune for cleave. However, I feel like the cleave is either redundant with furious charge/rend in terms of aoe or the aoe is too limited and hard to use. The dmg loss also often makes it require more hits to finish off the few mobs left which is what I need my normal attack to do most of the time (after the charge period settles).

    For Wotb, I find that I kill too fast to have it come off cd reliably against elites. If I'm using a long cd ability I'd recommend EQ instead of leap. EQ scale much better for 2h especially with battle fury+berserker rage. rend+EQ = dead elites in almost all the cases.

    On a more general note, I've tried swapping Berserker rage for other defensive passive including bloodthirst many times, the result often is that I actually survive better with the 20% damage buff because of how much faster stuff dies.
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    posted a message on 2h Barbarian build: Merciless Assault build
    Quote from Nuvian

    Back to topic... started using the build listed by the OP with cleave instead of bash, having a blast, a bit more risky then double tornado build but its nice with a change.

    I've been experimenting a bit with cleave, too. I have to say I'm not a big fan of cleave. The aoe provided is too limited as it only works if the mobs are standing shoulder to shoulder and in an arc in front of you. The damage gimped by not using bash is also enough of a significance. Also, in this particular build I feel like there's enough of an aoe option that cleave is not necessary. you can either charge or rend if charge is on cooldown.

    However, among all the cleave runes I'd have to say either rupture or broad sweep is probably the best. Rupture can be pretty good since it can chain and wipe out a whole pack in one swing.
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    posted a message on Furious Charge/Seismic Slam build
    If you really want to, stamina rune for charge might work better with slam.

    You can use charge to get out of tight position, or when ur rage run dry. Charge past the mobs and then your fury should be maxed, allowing you to chain slam until charge is off cd again.

    No point getting merciless assault when you already have slam, tbh (and vice versa).
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    posted a message on Furious Charge/Seismic Slam build
    I've tested similar build before, problem is furious charge and seismic slam is kind of redundant. They both serve the same aoe purpose and you're probably going to do just as well using one or the other.

    I've created a 2h build revolving around charge over this thread: http://www.diablofan...-assault-build/

    With enough fodder mobs to hit you could chain furious charge forever, eliminating the necessity of having to use seismic slam. When charge is on cooldown it usually mean there's only 1-2 mobs left to be finished off with bash anyway. Plus if you mess up on charge cooldown, you could at most wait for less than 10 seconds before it's ready to go again.

    Slam build also works, but then again you're probably better off replacing furious charge with something else. Usually you just go for wotb/eq/iib to burn through elite pack quickly.
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    Not wanting to use AH is fine, and I can understand why you might want to farm your own gear.

    However, don't you always hate that feeling when you got some super awesome gear drop that your class cannot use? Or how about an awesome gear drop right after you just got a super awesome gear that made the second one outdated.

    Now, if there is some way to turn those gear that could've been good otherwise into some kind of a point system.... Perhaps you could turn those point you've collected and turn it into some gear that you could use. To make that even better, we'll let the community decide on how much the points should be awarded for each gear you decide to "turn in". This way you still farm your own gear but you get a chance to turn 100 mediocre gear into the one gear that fits your need.

    And for simplicity's sake, let's call those point "gold".

    You see where I'm going with this?
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    Quote from Indimix

    Quote from K21Nova

    I killed inferno Diablo a couple days ago on my WD. I've got around 2500 regen, some 3500 or so thorns, 800-ish resists, using 1h+mojo so armor is a bit low, 45K health and 22.5K DPS.

    My pets rarely die on anything. On Diablo the only things that killed them were the fire pool (run away and port your pets to you), and the clone which sometimes killed the dogs.

    The thing about leeching beasts is that with it you gain 50% (10% on inferno) of the thorns damage as life to the beasts, as it counts as their damage.

    All the four other characters of mine, each 60 and in different acts of inferno, have basically been quite underwhelming, as I'm very bad in making money in the AH. However, I just started buying these int/vit/res all/regen gear, some pieces with thorns, each piece less than 100K, and I had found a 1100dps Echo (the fear is very nice), and when I started hitting inferno act 2 and 3, and realizing I can pretty much kill anything with no problems whatsoever, I knew I had something special on my hands.

    My gear cost like 700K or less (I did find the legendary mace though, of course), and I can do a full clear of acts 3 and 4 with 0 deaths and no skipping on anything.

    I'm not sure whether having leeching beasts makes a difference though. I've not tried the other dogs, since these ones seem to do the job quite well. :)

    Why is it that ppl 90% of the time post to show off their AH'ed gear?, the only useful part of your post is that they heal throught thorns, wich I didnt know, the rest is gear-pennis.

    Because with 3 billion gold worth of gear you could make any randomly generated spec work? The whole point of quoting AH price on gear is to tell you that it's not that much of an investment you'd have to make.

    Or would you rather prefer me telling you a skill/spec that only works once you have 100k dps and 500% critdmg which cost you additional 1 billion gold?

    Also, he didn't say they heal through thorns, I did :D
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    posted a message on Leeching beasts.. useless?
    One cool thing is that leeching beast also procs off thorn damage if you have Fierce Loyalty passive. I once tried just for the kicks stacking thorn to 17k dmg (it actually doesn't cost me more than 300k to get enough gear to do act2). With that amount of thorn each hit the dogs take actually heal you for 1-2k.

    Of course the actual dmg my WD heal were garbage with full thorn gear. But considering thorn is a "garbage" stat most of the time I can see getting some decent gear with really high thorn damage output as well.
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