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    One good thing about this build is the health globes. Somehow, I often find that there are plenty health globes around compare to other build, perhaps because I kept charging pass the mobs so I didn't pick them up as soon as they dropped.

    If I find myself low on health sometimes I just aim my charge pass some health globe and just heal myself back to full.
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    This build definitely work for act3 since I've just killed Cydae+Azmodan with this build. Cydae is a joke with so many spider adds giving infinite charge, while Azmodan can be a bit challenging (but who farms boss anyway?).

    As far as gearing goes, I feel like 30-40k hp is plenty for this build since life leech does not scale with max hp like revenge. You will want to get "enough" res and armor to survive long enough between charge (you will be a bit vulnerable while stuck with charge animation). Life leech is actually optional, since even with some you will be depending mostly on health globe and IiB to heal back to full (Remember, the goal is to kill them before they kill you), however with life leech you will be able to lasts longer with the heal you're getting. On tougher mobs you will have to manage health globes a bit in order to heal between Ignore Pain cooldown. Sometimes you might just have to kite until charge and ignore pain cooldown comes back up again.

    My stat when I did act 3:
    life 3.5k
    armor 5000
    res 500 (unbuffed. You want to aim for 800+ buffed for act3)
    dps 30k
    life leech 3%
    LoH 0

    For act 2, I find that only 600 res buffed is enough and I was able to swap in some more mf/dps gears. I steamrolled through act2 with 40k dps unbuffed (which brings me to ~60k buffed), but act2 can be easily done with much less dps and a bit more patient.

    The only real trouble with this build is the elites (the more mob you're fighting the easier it gets, really). On tougher mobs you will have to manage your cooldown a bit and perhaps just keep kiting and only damage them with furious charge without getting hit until your gear allows you to take more damage. If you're having trouble staying alive then try wotb + ignore pain combo and just aim at taking one down before you die, but this build you can actually kite and charge them to death if you're careful enough.
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    The answer to this depends a lot on how geared, and which act.

    Farming undergeared content all the ranges are better since, well, melee classes can't really progress without going completely defensive and depend on mobs dying from boredom.

    However, once melees are overgeared then it becomes trivial. Killing mobs only take slightly longer than running in straight line. If you're talking about massively overgear farming act1 then I think classes that can run the fastest will probably be best.

    Factoring in how fast barb kill elites, I'd have to say it's barb once he's massively overgear the content.
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    I personally find that the fastest way to farm act 1 is with this spec: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#bURTPk!ZYh!abbbZc

    I don't think whirlwind build is the way to go since mobs die so fast and you spend most of your time in between packs. Plus for each pack ww build takes a while to set up and let the damage build.

    act1 mobs are so weak that with some decent 2h, every trash will die within 2 swings of cleave with rupture. For champion packs you can alternate between EQ+Ignore Pain and watch them die in 5 seconds or just wotb+Ignore Pain while waiting for EQ cooldown. You only spend your rage on one ability and that is to sprint as fast as possible to get to the next elite pack.
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    Barb here. If you're not geared enough to effectively farm act 1, then go farm act3-4 hell. You can actually get upgrades from act3-4 hell enough to farm inferno.

    You will feel like you gear up incredibly slow at first and nothing you find will sell for much. I've been there. However, once you pick up and start farming act1-2, the rate at which you will gear up will become much faster (especially with the drop change in 1.03) then it will slow down again once you've almost reached maximum gear.

    I've played all spec, range barb, sword and board, 2h, double tornado, etc. and I can tell you that you can make all of them works. Sword and board will give you plenty of room for error since you can outlast anything and just take all the damage, but you will just kill things slower.

    I agree that the gear requirement for melee is a bit steeper than range since it's impossible for melee to avoid damage most of the time, while range can just not get hit. However, the change in 1.03 made that gap a lot closer and I feel like the gap is almost at acceptable range now.
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    Quote from khanbg

    How about to maximize the dmg/heal output to replace Ignore pain with Revenge:provocation since you always are into the fray you get it more often than Ignore pain. :?:

    I've thought about that. The problem is, you actually won't get to use revenge that much since you should never ever be in the middle of enemy packs (you should zoom past them). For normal mobs they are staggered after charge anyway, so they won't be hitting you, and for elites the heal from revenge will not be enough to outheal the damage they deal. I feel that ignore pain buy you just enough time to burn them down before their damage becomes too much to handle (unless you massively outgear the content, it will be very hard to sustainably tank elite packs as 2h relying on revenge alone).

    Plus, I find that with a bit of lifesteal from weapon (working on getting a good mighty belt), one well placed charge is more than enough to heal you back to full. Do not underestimate lifesteal with the amount of dps you're ditching out.
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    Quote from aldrek

    You know, this looks fun. I'm currently using a different 2H spec, but I always did like that Charge rune. I remember facing off against an Illusionist Unburied pack somewhere in the Cathedral and just chain charging them for 10 minutes. It was a blast.

    Yes, Merciless Assault rune itself is a pretty fun rune to use. With enough mobs around you could chain charging all day long. Only thing stopping you from charging nonstop tend to be the fact that mobs kept dying in 1-2 charges (which is actually a good thing). I can easily land 200k crit (w/o wotb) with this build. The mini knockback is pretty nice at stopping enemies from hitting, too.

    You just have to be a bit careful against mobs that are immune to knockback (like the big turkeys in act 3, and some elite packs) and you tend to get stuck in the animation after charge. But these problems can be easily avoided by carefully aiming where your charge lands.

    All in all, this build can be pretty fun :)
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    The Vanguard 2h barb build

    edit: Thanks to suggestion from Leh I'm going to call this build the "Vanguard 2h barb build", due to similarity in playstyle with vanguard class from ME universe.


    After gearing up normal sword and board tank barb until I can tank all the way to diablo, I've decided to start gearing up 2h dps spec for faster farming. I've experiment around with a lot of build and eventually came up with my own build: http://us.battle.net...RTik!ZYc!cZbbac

    With this build you are no longer a tank and spank barbarian. You do not stare into enemies until they die of boredom. With this build you are the unstoppable juggernaut. Blood splatter and explode as you spearhead through ranks of enemies. Wherever you charge into, you leave a trail of destruction littered with dead demon corpses.

    The main key around this build is the passive berserker rage (gives +25% damage when full fury) and Battle Rage (gives 30% damage buff and 3% additional crit chance). Both of these combined gives you 55% damage boost with 100% uptime. One thing this build is really good for is inflating your paper dps to make you feel better about yourself. My paper dps went up from 39k to a whopping 61k.

    Now, let's get into the specifics.


    Bash - Pulverize:
    I choose bash over frenzy because, let's face it, if you use 2h you won't be standing still and let the stack builds up. If you are doing 2h build correctly, mobs will be falling left and right and you will not be able to let it build up anyway. You will be doing hit and run for single target most of the time so bash is the clear choice here.
    For the rune, I choose Pulverize mostly by personal preference. Onslaught gives the best single target dps so that's also an option. However if you haven't tried Pulverize, I strongly recommend it mostly because it feels AWESOME. Seriously, it has one of the most satisfying animation/sound effect ability in the game, imo. Pulverize also offers you option to finish off multiple weakened mobs and also combo well with Bloodshed and Slaughter rune if you have high crit. Punish rune might also work if you can find the window to stack up.

    Furious Charge - Merciless Assault:
    This will be your main nuking ability. It has one of the hardest hitting ability in barb's arsenal. It does a whopping 195% weapon damage in a straight line (compare to only 155% from slam), dash into/out action, gets you out of jailer, and even do a mini knockback to enemies in the path. Merciless assault rune allows you to spam this abilities when you hit 5 mobs or more. If there's only a few mobs you will want to bash them into smithereens anyway.

    Battle Rage - Marauder's Rage:
    I know what you're thinking: Why have a rage spender when you're using berserker rage passive, right? The thing is that Battle Rage lasts for 30 seconds, consume 20 fury. But I've found that Warcry (which is a must have skills for all barb anyway) is also on 30 seconds cooldown and generates 30 fury. This means whenever warcry is off cooldown, you can hit battle rage, then warcry again to regain fury back to full, giving 100% uptime for berserker rage passive buff.
    For the rune, Marauder's Rage is the simplest choice if you just want to have mad dps powerhouse. Another possible option is the Bloodshed rune if you have high amount of crit. This also combo really well with Furious Charge since Furious charge does so much damage, the chain explosion will basically wipe out anything near the path of your furious charge.

    Warcry - Impunity:
    Self explanatory. The 30 seconds cooldown works great to refill your fury whenever Battle Rage needs to be refreshed.

    Ignore Pain - Ignorance is a Bliss:
    Emergency button that gives you heal and reduce damage done. Basically whenever you find yourself low on health, pop this bad boy and use furious charge at as many mobs as possible and you should heal back to full.

    For the last ability, we need a "burn" skill that will take down elite quickly (ideally before ignore pain runs out), I present to you two options:

    #1st option => Earthquake - The Mountain's Call:
    Earthquake offers a highest burst damage in barb abilities. In fact, I dare to say that it is the hardest hitting burst damage among all the classes. It also stacks with the current damage buff you already have. With the 2 passives giving you 55% damage, most elite packs will die before the Earthquake duration is up, freeing you the burden to figure out their abilities and silly notion like avoiding damage. The rune also works perfectly since the free cost will not ruin your berserker rage passive and the reduced duration is also nice when you found the next elite pack so quickly because stuff die so fast. The downside with this ability is against range mobs and shielded mob (but if you time it correctly shielded mob still dies before their shield could come up again).

    #2nd option => Wrath of the Berserker - Insanity:
    Used to be my #1 burst ability only until I've discovered that EQ actually gives better burst. The main appeal for this, however, is the crowd control immunity. If you want to just kill stuff fast, then EQ is slightly better, but if you want more controlled fight, wotb is also great. Test both out for yourself and choose one that suits your style better. If you have very high crit, slaughter rune is also something nice if you're hitting many mobs with furious charge or pulverize rune.

    Passive: Ruthless, Weapon Master, Berserker rage:
    All these buffs should be self explanatory since the goal is to ditch out as much damage as possible. Remember that dead enemies do not deal damage.


    The playstyle is relatively straight forward. You open with CHARGE! CHARGE! CHARGE! until you cannot charge anymore. Aim your furious charge so it pass through as many mobs as possible. Try to make it so that you don't land somewhere nasty as the animation lock after charge can kill you sometimes (Desecrate arcane etc.). Once you charge back and forth most of the mobs will be dead on the floor. Good thing with furious charge is that most mobs will be temporarily stunned when hit so you won't be taking much damage from them. Finish up the remainders with some well aimed pulverize.

    For elites, first make sure you have battle rage up and your fury is full. Then, walk into as many elites as possible, pop EQ and ignore pain and watch as they fall besides you. If after EQ mobs are still alive you might want to save furious charge for those frozen/jailer/nasty ground aoe. use IiB to heal up whenever you need to. Shielded mob might give you a hard time but with a well timed EQ they can still be burned down no problem.

    Since there really isn't any fury spender, you don't have to manage your fury at all. Just make sure you use warcry right after refreshing battle rage and your berserker rage buff should be 100% up while fighting.


    Good thing about this build is that it works with any type of gear, unlike some build that requires a lot of loh or crit chance. The only thing is you will need enough dps for this to work (and of course, some minimal survivability). Remember that the goal is to kill the enemies before they kill you, not outlasting them.

    The single most important piece of gear is the 2h weapon. For 2h weapon you will only want to look at the min-max damage number and not the dps. This is because furious charge takes the same animation time regardless of your attack speed. I would suggest going for 0.9 speed mace here for the damage and the weapon master bonus. However, if you find bash animation taking too long to avoid some damage, this also works with slightly faster weapon.

    Another stat that actually helps a lot with this build is lifesteal. I know you're thinking "but lifesteal is only 20% effective on inferno". The thing is even with 3%*.2 = 0.6% lifesteal, with the amount of damage you're dealing you will heal you about 1-3k for each furious charge (lifesteal works really well with aoe). Lifesteal stat is mostly ignored at the moment so it shouldn't be too expensive to fetch those gears on the AH. You can only get lifesteal on weapon or mighty belt. Try to get the one with close to maximum 3.0% as possible. Life on hit will not be as effective given how slow the swing timer is, but lifesteal will heal you more than life on hit could possibly give you with this build.


    While this might not be the best spec in terms of survivability, it has very high maneuverability and gives you very high damage number. If you're bored with going sword and board and watch as mob dies from boredom, pick up your 2h and dash forward to enemy lines and start mowing them like a true barbarian would!
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    posted a message on iLVL means nothing in this game? Blizzard Trolling?
    Quote from irzerg

    Quote from phoulmouth

    Quote from irzerg

    Not sure if everyone agrees but when a so called ilvl 63 item has really bad stats, does it even deserve to be called a ilvl 63 item?

    I know Blizzard buff the ilvl 63 drop rate, but what they didn't tell us is that "YES, we will buff ilvl63 item drop rate BUT THE STATS WILL BE SO BAD LOL IN YOUR FACE!, There you go, WE HAZ BUFF THE DROP RATE"

    isn't ilvl63 > ilvl62 ?

    What i'm really interested to know is what kind of % are we talking about to get a really decent stats gear (doesn't matter which class). RNG roll has a formula too.

    Eg. if out of 1 million drop, 8% is the ilvl 63 item, and out of that 8% drop, only 1% (800) of it is "so so stats" (where you can just barely use), 0.1% (80) of it you can "actually use" or AH, and 0.01% (8)of it is uber stats.

    Drop rate is meaningless in this game, and so does logic down the drain.

    If i didn't explain myself clearly, please feel free to correct me :)

    Drop rates don't matter? Didn't your false math completely disprove that?

    Of course drop rates matter. The more drops (higher drop rate) the better chance of getting the good stats you want.

    I am so tired of seeing these posts pop up, it's stupid. People need to pull their heads out of their asses and realize RNG is RANDOM and you can't control random. If you aren't getting drops to upgrade your own gear and you are surprised then you are obviously completely clueless as to the concept of random. While you probably aren't dropping things that are upgrades for you, you are definitely dropping items that are upgrades for other people. USE THE AH. USE THE TRADE CHAT. SELL THESE ITEMS. GET GOLD. BUY UPGRADES. If this is so hard for a concept for people then those people really need to quit.

    I sell most everything I list on the AH because I know what I am listing are things people want. I know what other classes are looking for in their gear. I list at a bid with a buy out of double my bid price according to what other similar items are selling for on the AH. I dropped a nice Dez/Vit/%life belt earlier today, ilvl62. I looked it up on the AH and the closest thing I saw was bid/bo or 2mil. Mine was way better so I listed at 2mil bid, 4mil BO. It had a bunch of bids within an hour then someone bought it. Yesterday I sold a ring for 3.5mil. And I have made mroe than 100 bucks on RMAH in the past week. You can't sit there and tell me your not getting useful items.

    Ohai...I really don't feel like starting a "Flaming" Topic...btw, if you do read what i'm saying "If i didn't explain clearly, please correct me"....What i'm trying to say is...for example, Price of an item (clothing/car etc etc) cost $100, but due to end of the year clearance, i might just mark up to $200, and give customer's a 50% discount, and this is what i see from this so called "Buff".

    And btw, the loot i was getting in act 3/4 pre nerf was at least abit more consistant (stats), guess that ilvl thing gets my hope high...and i think it affects the "logic" in alot of ppl too.

    I'm pretty sure 1.03 only affects the chance you get ilvl 63 but not the roll on the affixes of items.
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    Quote from phoulmouth

    Quote from Splintrix
    then my random i63 bracer drops are showing: +magic find, +experience gained from monsters, +health from globes, +chance to freeze and thats it.

    You're lying. +experience is not a viable roll on items ilvl 61 or higher. If you are going to join in someone gripefest don't lie about it, just makes you look like a fool.

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    Quote from Narlugh

    Learn to not click on the mob.

    Run past them, shiftclick for attack, rinse and repeat if the mob keeps running away.

    What this guy said. The way attack works is if you click on them it will stop and attack once you've reached mid range. Normal mob that runs away will run past your maximum range by the time your swing starts. If I'm chasing a goblin what I usually do is I hold click until I get up close and personal to them then I press shift. The attack will connect since mobs will now be at max range to me.

    This also applies to when you're kiting mobs. You could attack them with shift click farther than your "normal" range if you were to just simply click on them directly. With a bit of practice (and mob staggering from damage) you could theoretically hit and run mobs without getting hit back.
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    Quote from Fare84

    but bloodthirst is not affected by the reduction, so the full 3% come to play, meaning if you hit for 60k you have a base heal of 1800, so 2500 crit heals kind amakes sense

    Bloodthirst goes into your lifesteal stat in your character sheet as any other slots. I know this because I have both bloodthirst and 3.0% lifesteal weapon and the heal doubles.

    Also, lifesteal can start to become important for 2h barb with high damage. My bash crits heal for about 1k and my slam can heal up to 5-6k, depending on how many target it hits.
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    posted a message on iLVL means nothing in this game? Blizzard Trolling?
    Let's say an item with 6 affixes has a chance to roll all 6 particular affixes that you want. Then for each affix, there is a chance that it will roll the maximum number allowed for the item.

    Now, each of those chances are exactly the same for all ilvls. The only difference is ilvl 63 has higher maximum value so when it's perfectly rolled it's capable of having the best stat you could possibly ever get in this game. Of course, it's possible that an ilvl 63 item will roll worse value than ilvl 62. It happens that you see ilvl 62 10x more often so it's 10x more likely to have the perfect stats that you want.

    That's how the random affix item works. There's nothing wrong with it.
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    I kind of see "gearing up" as an investment.

    You need money to make money. Simple as that. All the gears you've invested in will help you farm faster and thus gets more chance at good drop per hour. Eventually you'll be making up for the investment you've put in.

    And let's not forget, you could always sell back those gears you've bought after you've done with them/get better upgrade. Sure, it might become obsolete and sell cheaper by that time, but at least you get to use it and farm more stuff in the meantime. Besides, you'll never know if you might even make profit from reselling them...
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    I used to be a tank but I've switched to play dps lately. It's definitely doable. However, I think with the way most barb skill works going 2h might be a better way to go. As far as farming elites goes I found that the best way to kill elites is to go wotb+eq+ignorance is a bliss. I mean, why bother avoiding all the affixes if you can kill them in 5 seconds?
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