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    posted a message on 60K dps no SS and I still am bad?
    I'm not gonna rehash all the suggestions because most of them are good. I will give one piece of advice...

    You can easily upgrade your bracers. The price of good bracers has bottomed out over the last 2 weeks and you should be able to get a 200 dex + vit + resists for almost nothing. I salvaged half a dozen pairs last night better than the one's you're wearing.
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    posted a message on Post Your Sick Flips!
    I bought a killer bow when I hit 60 for 15k. Used it all the way through Belial and sold it for 5 million. I'd say that was a nice little profit. I'm guessing the seller forgot a zero or 2 or 3.
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    posted a message on Can someone please explain player skill in d3 to me?
    Designing and testing builds is a skill that most players are lacking. Sure, people can say there is no skill involved when they just come to an internet site to learn what gear, skills, and stats they need. Then proceed to youtube to watch how to progress and how to use those skills, then go play the game.

    How many people would be breezing through Inferno without the internet to hand their "skill" to them?
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    posted a message on Experiences with the new drop rates?
    Quote from AudioCG

    So guys, how was last night for YOU?

    Did some Act 1 speed farming. (Cemetery, Festering Woods, Northern Highlands, Manor, Jail, Butcher)

    In around 3 runs, notable finds were: 1K+ 1H Xbow, Tal Rasha chest piece, +int +vit +armor +res all belt, +Dex +IAS +Crit damage +Crit chance quiver, +Armor +Vit +socket Helm, 1K 2h Axe +str +crit chance +socket, bracer with +dex +vit +res all. (oh, forgot to mention, found a Legendary when I was fooling around in the Fields of despair with a 5 stack, "Sever" 1h sword, kinda crappy, but, still, really rare.)

    And of course a whole host of soso 60/61/62/63 items for gold. (after all runs done, repairs done, and vendor items sold +650k gold)

    Not to shabby at all.

    Exact same run as me and pretty much the same results. I hadn't read any notes before I started playing yesterday and knew something was up when 2 hellion xbows and a revenant bow dropped within the first 15 minutes.

    I found a few very good items, a bunch of meh items, 2 legendaries and a set piece in about 4 hours.

    Honestly, it's fun getting all this loot but I don't see anything good coming from this. What's the point if everyone will be able to get BiS items in a week of farming? The AH will go to crap because only the very highest quality items will sell because nobody will want just "good" items. I'm geared up pretty good now and have no idea what I'll do if I get a few more upgrades. There just won't be any point of grinding, knowing that it will be impossible to find an upgrade.
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    posted a message on DPS Increase or Crit Bow?
    Use the DPS calculator, use the DPS calculator, use the DPS calculator.

    Seriously, though... use it.

    The spreadsheet is the only way that you can really tell what effect each weapon will have on your overall stats. Take a look at the topic that I posted a few days ago. It is similar to your question.

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    posted a message on frost arrow w/ cull of the weak
    Quote from tepor

    Quote from BobBobson

    Quote from izick

    does the 15% damage from cull of the weak apply to 170% damage on impact?
    Quote from MandyMemory

    It applies to the second shot and on.

    Actually, it does apply on the initial hit of frost arrow. Furthermore, Cull the Weak applies on the inital hit of Entangling Shot, as well every hit you make with a weapon that has cold damage (on attacks that apply weapon damage). You don't need to prime them with a slow first to get the extra damage on such attacks. This was relatively simple to test in act 1 inferno using a low level weapon.

    Also, the 170% damage from Frost Arrow ONLY applies to the secondary targets. The primary target takes the base 155% damage of Elemental Arrow. This doesn't seem to be a well known fact, but I just tested it and I'm 100% it's true.

    ok so just to be sure, if you have a weapon with a ''+frost dmg'' stat on it (not sure it even slows) it will apply the cull the weak debuff so to speak and every attack will benefit from the 15% boost, even if you dont use ele arrow/frost arrow or a slow at all ?


    This is the primary reason why I bought a crossbow with frost to give to Scoundrel. Equip him with a frost damage weapon, set him up with to fire 3 arrows at once, and collect the rewards from the CoTW bonus.

    Or use entrangling shot to hit 4 monsters and blow through them with Ball Lightning... kills things pretty quick.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Player Drop. O.O!
    Standard. A good many of the casual players that I know consider the game over when they beat Diablo on Normal. For a good many people, this is just another ARPG and not the life-long committment that was D2. Spend your $60, play through to the end, and never play again.

    Soon, the only people still playing will all be registered on the forums.
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    posted a message on wait until 1.0.4?
    Quote from thatoneman

    Quote from Catalept

    I don't want to be a grumbletrousers, but I just don't see the point of "Inferno is kicking my ass" posts that don't mention the relevant stats (DPS/vit/armor/RA).

    If you've jumped into Inferno with 10k DPS, 20k HP, 2k armor and <100 RA... you're going to have a bad time.


    I got base dps around 16k and 34k with SS. Armor is around 2200. Res are around 200. HP is 14k.
    I usually get 1-2 hit lol.

    Maybe I just using wrong skills and need to improve my game.

    How is your DPS that low? Seriously, if you're on a NA server, I might just give you a better weapon. I'm sure that I've vendored stuff better than you're using.

    You should post your stats, build, and troubles in the DH forum section to get help.
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    posted a message on How are you Guys so RICH!!??
    Quote from ootie

    I make a solid 5-10 mil each day by just crafting. Don't even have to play that much, just craft around 100-200 +6 items, put 10 good ones up on the AH, go out, return 2 hours later to pick up gold and fill my auctions up. In the long run it's always been profitable, even though I've had bad days, losing around 15 mil.

    The old saying here is that "you need money to make money". First, even after the patch, crafting is not cheap and if you get some bad crafts at the beginning, you're suddenly out of money. Second, the rare plans cost a ton and are unreachable for a new lvl 60. Third, the AH seems to be going to crap and soon we might not be able to sell anything for a decent amount.
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    posted a message on Quiz - which is better
    Quote from ArenaceusMaga

    Do you have a solid bit of crit? If so that crit damage increase will help you quite a bit. Add that in with the dex and it makes a bit of sense. As long as its just a slight bit more on the old one. Main stats really do add quite a bit of dps/defense. I lost a bit of strength the other day and went down 500dps on my character sheet. Was a bit surprised myself.

    They were very close on DPS... like only 200 damage difference. I'm going to experiment with changing out some other equipment to see how it impacts the crit damage. This made me realize that the impact of Dex is really higher than I thought.
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    posted a message on Quiz - which is better
    I found a couple of bows this weekend that had over 1k damage rating and realized that I had no idea what I was looking for. Luckily, I downloaded the DH spreadsheet from this board and it worked great. Seriously, if you're not using this spreadsheet than you're probably making mistakes.

    Take a look at the attachment and you can see my dilema. My bow, on the right, is over 200 damage less than the bow on the left, but the Dex is considerably higher and it had crit damage vs the IaS from the other bow.

    So, which do you think is better? I was shocked to see from the spreadsheet that my existing bow had slightly higher DPS, and my defense was better because of the higher Dex dodge and Int.
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    posted a message on How are you Guys so RICH!!??
    I was in the same boat as you. I had 600k when I hit 60 and immediately went to the AH and was suddenly down to 350k. I farmed Act 1 for 2 weeks and still only had 2 million.

    Luckily, in the last week, I've gone from 2 million to 50 million just from drops. I found 2 bows with over 1k damage, 1 crossbow over 1k, a 1-hander that was 950 with great stats, a few armor pieces, and a killer ring. As strange as it sounds, most of these were found the same night.

    Just don't give up. Try to get your GF and MF up and it will help more than you'd imagine.
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    posted a message on P/C on ring and possible sale... 50 million?
    I had this ring drop last night and was immediately offered 10 million.

    I searched the AH using IaS = 6, Crit = 4, and Crit dmg with no minimum. There was just over 1 page of results and the lowest starting bid was 50 million???

    I searched RMAH using the same criteria and 2 were listed with minimum bid of $100 and rest were around $200-$250???

    Most of these rings also didn't have a slot.

    I know it's a valuable ring, but I'm not sure how valuable. Help?
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    posted a message on Rare, Legendary, Crafting recipe trolling :(
    I went 160 hours with 0 legendary and 0 set items. 15 minutes after I logged in after the last patch, I'd found 2 legendaries - both crap. I haven't found any since.

    I have 3 BS plans - all different.

    What is interesting is that I had 2 ilvl 63 crossbows drop the other night from the same elite mob in Act 1!!! They were around 900 dps and were almost identical in stats. I practically gave them away at 7 million each.
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    posted a message on Fast/Invulnerable minions affixes, please tell me how you do it
    The combination of entangling shot - caltrops - ball lighting works great on invulnerable mobs and even fast mobs if they don't resist. I also use Scoundrel with a cold damage bow shooting 3 arrows to try to slow everything down.

    Once slowed, ball lightning will blow through the minions to get to the boss. As Tol said above... know where you are on the map and have an idea of the best place to kite. Finding an area where you can run around in circles is great, especially with ball lighting because its slow. You can unlease 4 or 5 shots before the mob even comes around the corner and they will come around the corner and run right into it. Using Tactical Advanage with SS helps and increased movement speed is a must.
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