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    This is old, and simply states without pointing to any testing, but... I can't help shake the feeling that they are indeed different effects. I was still totally off with the SSS suggestion though, because that's a frost effect too. So yeah, I don't see great potential for this item with the current end-game monk builds that are being used.

    And easy way for you to test it is to try it with a couple of freeze abilities (to confirm that it doesn't work with frozen enemies) and then with abilities that specifically stun.

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    Ah right, a true testament to my reading skills this is, but of course you are right, I only focused on the base effect of the skill and didn't actively process "Wall of Wind" :P

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    Cyclone strike is a knock-up effect, not a stun. And the item only works while the mob is under the effects of the stun. If the stun only lasts 0.5s, you only get the damage reduction effect for 0.5s. You may know this already, I only point it out because if Cyclone Strike is your only "stun" ability you would never get much benefit from these bracers anyway. SSS with the frost rune is an example of an ability that synergizes well with that item. But keep in mind diminishing returns on elites. If you carry onwards with this build, when you reach the point where elite fights last more than seconds, the usefulness of this item goes down the drain, at least for GRs.

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    Aw man. That sucks so bad lol.

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    With a double unity, any of the top 20 rated builds for any class on Diablofans that aren't pure support will do.

    Every class has up to several builds (each with several variations for playstyle) that work. The monk that builds around lots of cooldown reduction and near-permanent epiphany with the 50% damage reduction rune should give you what you want. There are several ways to build it depending on your gear. I'm running a build that works great in groups for clearing trash, but I am useless against a rift guardian on solo. But I always play with friends and public so I've built it that way to be the most efficient in my preferred style of playing.

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest an advice for you. A good way to snare in your choices is to start with the class itself. Barbarian, Crusader and Monk fit your preferred category. The three classes are designed differently. From a purely aesthetic and lore-oriented point of view, which of the classes appeal to you? Do you want to be a savage barbarian that whirlwinds and leaps and charges with earthquakes and battle cries? Or does it fit more with your fantasy to be a lightning quick monk that controls the battlefield with stuns and dashes and teleports and cyclone strikes and chain explosions? Or do you want to be a steamrolling knight in armor that smites your enemies in the name of the holy light? I'm purposely being cheesy, but this is the first question you should think about. If you narrow it down to a class, it's easier to give you some suggestions. But as your question stands now, I'd have to link to 30 different builds with explanations and etc. Just a lot of work.

    Or come to think of it I could've just said "all three of the melee classes will give you what you want". Lol. Doh! But they will, when you get the right gear.

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    I played a pet doc for about 200 hours so I have some amount of time invested in trying to make it work. I don't think I ever reached past around GR35-ish though, just like you. I ran quite a different setup, with Zunimassa's. And due to not having a SMK I don't run with BBV. You can see my setup here:


    It's nowhere near perfect, and so, I'm pretty sure pet doc can go a lot further. I've got no legendary gems on because I switch them between several characters. So about your questions, I'll just leave some thoughts I had because, hey, why not.

    First, I wanna talk about Piranhas. I see you are running Piranadho with Strongarms. How much do you benefit from Grave Injustice? Do you have full uptime on Piranhas? I ran with Bane of the Trapped with Frozen Piranhas, I found that to be a reliable 40%+ damage taken increase with 100% uptime, placable every ~7 seconds. I'm asking because you miss both Midnight Feast and Fierce Loyalty passives. This is all down to playstyle, but added movement speed helps both with getting out of the way of stuff before you take too much damage, and a huge damage increase to your pets. If you ran BotT in stead of Enforcer (With BotT, affected mobs will take more damage than with Enforcer once it's above rank ~20 or so), Frozen Piranhas instead of Piranadho, and Midnight Feast instead of Grave Injustice, wouldn't that net a higher effective DPS? Another alternative is to get a Hellfire Amulet with either Midnight Feast or any of the other passives you use. You should get an amulet with Int/Phys%/CHC or CHD/Socket, and try playing around with:

    - Higher rank Bane of the Trapped with Frozen Piranhas

    - Zei's coupled with less survival stats on your gear, more skill %, and trying to stay more behind while your pets tank. Definitely get rid of Tall Man's Finger if you do this.

    - If you are running say Zei's in your amulet and Bane of the Trapped in one of your rings, and you get a 25+ Efficacious Toxin in the other ring, that's gonna beat the hell out of Pain Enhancer.

    Even with +Phys% on your gear, you get so little of it total that I don't see the Pain Enhancer being that good. Plus it invites you to come into the fray to benefit from it, which forces you to have all those survival stats on your gear. In effect, changing to a more ranged playstyle would let you play with different chest and shoulder options. Going Frozen Piranhas would open the bracer slot to some options. If You also considered changing your pants and shoes (because the Blackthorne's bonus isn't that good on its own) you have five slots where you could put sets like Zunimassa's, which would give you complete uptime on your fetishes. You can even run Zunimassa's with Aughild's and Blackthorne's if you switch around the slots a little. With SMK that would give you pretty much 100% uptime on BBV. With Midnight Feast, your dogs and garg would do 50% more damage (which then also ?probably? gets multiplied by Mask of Jeram, so 100% in effect?). With legendary gem change, a more precautious playstyle, and more Zombie Dog/Gargantuan/Fetishes skill damage % on your gear, your DPS should be a lot higher. AFAIK your pets don't benefit from your increased toughness, only your damage and the skills that increase their survivability, like Jungle Fortitude.

    Side question: are you usually running Unity while Grifting? I see your follower has it on. I'm assuming yes but I just had to ask.

    And a final disclaimer; all my thoughts are to be considered mere suggestions that you may or may not attempt at your own discretion.

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    • Normal: 0% Legendary drop bonus, 25% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.
    • Hard: 0% Legendary drop bonus, 25% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.
    • Expert: 0% Legendary drop bonus, 25% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.
    • Master: 0% Legendary drop bonus, 25% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.
    • Torment 1: +15% Legendary drop bonus, +44% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.
    • Torment 2: +32% Legendary drop bonus, +65% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.
    • Torment 3: +52% Legendary drop bonus, +90% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.
    • Torment 4: +75% Legendary drop bonus, +119% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.
    • Torment 5: +101% Legendary drop bonus, +151% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.
    • Torment 6: +131% Legendary drop bonus, +189% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.
    Does anyone know how the anniversary buff worked with the current legendary find bonuses, and what the new permanent bonuses are?
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    Yeah, I see. I guess I'll just keep making them, come RoS and the new ones it won't matter much anyway. I'm really only interested in a good one for paragon farming, the 60-70 grind will probably be swift. Thanks for the responses.

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    That's awesome. The reason I ask is I'm wondering if I should hold onto mats for making the ring and craft it after loot 2.0.

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    What happens to it? Does it roll new stats when you make it on the PTR?

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    Quote from Zeyk23

    Life Steal is broken because all you have to do is add more DPS and you get more survivability for free. The idea is that survivability is a tradeoff you have to make.
    Quote from JohnnyDesolation

    A ton of awesome items, I just don't understand the replacing of lifesteal with life on hit. It's not like they don't know how to do math and scale it to a reasonable level. that said, other than all the BOA nonsense, I'm still really excited to get my hands on this.
    I think it's the actual mechanic of life steal they disapprove of, not the tuning of the numbers. Someone talked about "think a million dps and % life steal" but that argument falls flat when you factor in higher health pools. If our DPS is doubled by four in RoS, and Blizz intend to have the same relationship between damage dealt and health pools for player characters, it is fair to assume that health pools will be proportionally expanded along with damage dealt. That's not why life steal is a problem. It has more to do with what the dude said about survivability coming as a property of damage rather than a choice of either/or. And because it trumps any other healing stats once you exceed a certain damage threshold.

    With only LoH, LoK, life on resource spent and health globe+ remaining, all healing numbers are static. Which first and foremost makes survivability stats a bigger deal, which in turn means players should want to gear for survivability to maximize the effectiveness of their healing affixes. You open up scenarios where you have to think along the veins of "Once I reach 9000 armor I'll have enough damage reduction that I'll only need LoH on two items instead of three" and suddenly you are presented with the choice of wanting more survivability to make your healing even more effective, or more damage. It just creates a meta-game with less obvious choices and more niches. Which goes to make the whole item game more interesting, which I think is the core aim of this change.

    Quote from DamienJohn
    Of course! But we already knew cow level was in the game from datamining months ago. KingKongor is saying (and others are under the impression) that this is the actual cow level, I'm just saying I don't think that's the case.
    I think you're on the money. What's more, I bet the fact that the bovines spawned in a rift is a bug that'll be ninja fixed, and that this can be considered an unintended leak. For it to be a true cow level, like you said, it'd have to be a contained area with its own theme.
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    This is so money.
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    posted a message on Travis Day on "Legendaries/set items being soulbound"
    Quote from Game Over

    Quote from maka

    Everyone that frequents this forum knows that I've been a staunch opponent of the AH and mass trading from day 1.
    But this is just ridiculous. I guess "overreaction" is the new buzzword at Blizzard.

    They've all been affected by

    Like the Mass Confusion ref :-)

    It's like a total role reversal currently you can trade nearly any way you want, but have limited options for game play, id RoS you have lots of optins for game play and zero trade options. I like to min max but without somesort of trade that aint gona happen,

    Blizzard One: Guys we need to do something about the AH it's crazy.

    Blizzard Two: Humm good point lets get rid of it.

    Blizzard One: How will players trade now?

    Blizzad Two: Sod em they can find all there own gears.

    Blizzard One : I don't know...

    Blizzard Two: Took ages to build the AH I sure not making a replacement, Aint nobody got time for that!

    Blizzard One: Nuf said.
    No offense, but how high are you? :)
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    posted a message on 9/27/13 - New Datamined Passive Strings
    Quote from shaggy
    ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_604_x1 - Frost Hydra now periodically casts Frost Nova
    Awesome idea, IMO. If I found this item I'd definitely give strong consideration to putting Frost Hydra on my bar since it would double as a defensive ability. Good placement of Frost Hydra would be greatly rewarded with this item.
    First, imagine this item paired with the other wizard item that lets you have two hydras out at the same time.

    ..........Then imagine this paired with the first iteration of aforementioned item, which spawned a hydra on enemy deaths.
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    Oh, sorry, original post updated :)
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