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    posted a message on Conqueror for stash space? Too hard for casuals

    So.. . OP wants everything to be given to him on a silver platter?

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    posted a message on The "Help me Re-roll" Thread (Barbarian)

    6-7% damage reduction for sure. That's an insane chest, man.

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    posted a message on Paragon Leveling

    Make a Crusader and level him to 70. Craft Born's, and Cain's set. Make a Hellfire ring. Gamble on shields until you get the Shield Glare shield. GO for something like this: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/ArniQQ-1949/hero/60050996

    Immunity amulet is nice but not necessary. You can go either strongarms or nemesis. Don't be a dick and use both hellfire and leorics signet, with Born's sword instead of In-geom, and cain's boots instead of illu boots.

    Now get a party and rune gr42+. Runs should take less than three minutes. If it takes any longer, go down a gr tier or two.

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    posted a message on [RSq] Rift Squad NORWEGIAN reqruitment post


    Jeg er paragon 741 wizard. Har også en DH og zdps sader og wd. Ble rank 34 season 2 med barb, og har fullført grift 54 solo på 11min uten egentlig å ha prøvd og pushe denne sesongen. Jeg har alltid vært en solo player, men nå er jeg en utkikk etter en klan, fordi jeg har kyst til å få mer erfaring i høye rift i group play. Siden jeg alltid har spilt solo classes, har det blitt dårlig med det.

    Btag: ArniQQ#1949


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    posted a message on Greater Rift 56 Solo Wizard! PS4 - Legit!


    And I really think you should create your own thread to post updates in instead of making a new one every time you do something.

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    posted a message on Need an explanation about Barb and Dh comparison

    Barb was the best class for solo gr season 1 and 2. It's not currently at the number 1 spot, so it's time to QQ. Just wait until Alkaizer and Klanksters start pushing on their barbs.

    Group play is another story though. But if they reintroduced the bracers in its current form barbs would be completely broken anyways. The top barbs understood well why they were removed, since they were just waaaaay too good.

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    posted a message on Best 4man 50-55+ dps builds?

    I think my question is pretty suitable for this thread, so I'll hi-jack in for a moment.

    I'm currently playing UE Fire. I have no Krider. I'm used to playing zDPS in cruader, so I have no exdperience as a DH in a group pushing high grifts. I'm very unsure of what skills / passives to use. Some are obvious, some seems obvious. some are not. To my understanding, the curent meta (for UE fire) is to manage their own hatred. No Solanium, nor Laws of Hope. Should I drop Reapers Wraps for Lacunis? Is Hatred Regen on chest important since I have no manage my own hatred?

    I've read the post from Wudi, but I'm still left with a lot of questions. He was talking about the power of one-handers. Calamity and Balefire. I currently have a decent Ancient Balefire, but it's only 4% more DPS than my 2h xBow, so I guess it isn't worth it.

    What's the "last" best stat for a DML? Imagine you have crit, ias, dex, disc, %multi -- what's the most desirable last stat? %elites? RCR? Hatred reg?

    If someone wants to enlighten me, I'd be very greatful. I don't really want to join a good group with this lack of understanding which I currently have.

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    posted a message on TOP-1 world Barb

    People that always have to talk down on accomplishments on SC while proclaiming themselves as HC heroes are really, really lame.

    That's pretty much the dream rift. Very well done. WIll be hard topping that. I just hope they remove pylons from grifts and rebalance the guardians.

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    posted a message on New Raekor Barb
    Quote from Gorok»

    Quote from undefined »

    That added nothing to the discussion. Just that in some cases, there is no reason to replace a piece of your set for an equally potent piece (or how this piece is less powerful than a specific ring). Then yes, a SoJ would probably work better for you, or any other ring, depending on your preference. But what if they implement a piece of gear which is indispensable for your build, and it just so happens it matches a slot in which one of the set pieces resides? What if you refuse it then? Then you are a... 'stubborn irreversible idiot'. Just because in 1% of the cases it is probably better to use another ring and go full set, doesn't make this ring NOT the best in slot, by the contrary.

    I don't know what you are up to, but it would be nice if you gave helpful advice instead of being wrong. RRoG is a shitty ring that you want to avoid if you can. And with the Raekor build you actually can compared to some other classes' builds. Yey! So the "stubborn irreversible idiot" comment . . . yeah. No comment. Having a RRoG is fine and all - sure! If you don't ahve the best rings (unity+soj) it lets you use Leorics Crown. That's the ONLY reason why you will EVER use RRoG for a raekor barb; it's when you have a nie leorics and dont have both unity and soj.

    So what this guy added to the discussion was a better suggestion.

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    posted a message on Best use of Microtransactions

    Microtransactions should ONLY be cosmetics and quality of life changes. Not bonus xp, bonus mf, bonus goblins or whatever.

    You could buy more stash space, more character slots, higher bloodshard cap (should be fixed for free though), new transmogs, new wings, follower transmog(?). These things are fine. It will really help the game. All these changes are nice. Most of them dont matter to to me, but I bet they do to others. It will make the game (blizz) earn more money, and they can put more people on it. This - in return - will give more and better content (quicker and larger patches). That what im hoping for, at least.

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    posted a message on Quitting the season2 already...

    You didn't get all what you wanted in a week perfectly rolled? Well, then there isn't really anything to say.

    You can pretty much clear grift 31 with the shittiest, random 2-hander you can find.

    And I see you don't like high hp mobs. Well. Last season i prefered just rifting and building up my character and I didnt really do much grifting. The grifting was fun, especially when you get high rankings, but I couldnt stand the trials. Or cheese your way to high keys by having DHs carrying you.

    You can also try "speed grifting" for xp. I play monk too and this is the most fun I have had so far this season. Speed running grift 35-38 in a 4- man party in about 5 minutes. The new pull/palm monk is hilarious. You can support AND blow up the whole screen. And this by wearing xp gear, and even the xp gem. FUN.

    What im trying to say is that if you enjoy killing shit fast-- why not do normal rifting? Or maybe mid lvl speed grifting? I prefer killing shit fast too. You dont have to farm the highest solo grift you can possibly do-- do what you think is fun. Im looking for an ancient torch too. Ive found two(3) regular ones so far this season (im paragon 550). Both with only 3.2k dps and one pre-lvl 70 . So i kind of understand your frustration. Though I find the hunt thrilling. If oyu do not, I guess this isnt really the game for you.

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    posted a message on LF players for speed grifts 30-35+ [Season]

    Looking for people to farm some experience with. I'm a pull / palm monk. Especially DHs.

    If you wanna grind- add class and bnet tag :)

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    posted a message on The Fist of Az'Turrasq yay or nay?

    Yes. I think it might be one of the top builds this season (perma serenity). Stack CDR on like all pieces. You lose some DPS but you will never die. Amazing for speedfarming mid-lvl grifts too.

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    posted a message on Best amulet EU?
    Jelly people here, I see.

    Great amulet. Best I've seen. Best? Probably not? One of the best? For sure!

    .. and I love the clueless people bashing the secondary stat because they are clueless.
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