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    Make a Crusader and level him to 70. Craft Born's, and Cain's set. Make a Hellfire ring. Gamble on shields until you get the Shield Glare shield. GO for something like this: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/ArniQQ-1949/hero/60050996

    Immunity amulet is nice but not necessary. You can go either strongarms or nemesis. Don't be a dick and use both hellfire and leorics signet, with Born's sword instead of In-geom, and cain's boots instead of illu boots.

    Now get a party and rune gr42+. Runs should take less than three minutes. If it takes any longer, go down a gr tier or two.

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    People that always have to talk down on accomplishments on SC while proclaiming themselves as HC heroes are really, really lame.

    That's pretty much the dream rift. Very well done. WIll be hard topping that. I just hope they remove pylons from grifts and rebalance the guardians.

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