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    posted a message on FPS drops? Lag spikes? Stuttering? SOLUTION here! WORKS!
    Hi all

    Ive been through all kinds of solutions for the FPS drop during gameplay. None of them worked until I found the following solution. This is happening to many players as we can see. This issue only involves multiplayer, especially when 4 players encounter a lot of mobs.

    Blizz has no solution but I give it a good try:

    Head over to this location:
    C:\Documents and Settings\username\Documents\Diablo III

    Open up D3Prefs.txt in a text editor and modify the following highlighted options to match the image.

    source: http://www.fixmylag.com/diablo3-lag-latency-ping

    This SOLVED THE MAIN PROBLEM for ME! I won't go through all other possible tweaks - as there are too many (which dont work ;-)).

    Before changing this I had FPs DROPs DOWN TO 15-20, now I DO NOT DROP BELOW 50FPS! When shit hits the fan with crazyness going on I might drop to 40ish. If nothing crazy is going I play at a constant 80-100 + - FPS during 4 player and casting.

    My System:

    Asus GTX 780 ti

    i7 4790 @3.6GHz

    16GB Ram

    D3 on SSD

    BenQ XL2420z Screen @120Hz


    V-Sync OFF, other settings dont really matter I suppose. I did limit the FPS in fore- and background to 120/50. Rest on max quality.
    No NVidia tweaks. All on performance - as your PC settings dont really matter - the problem lies within the corrupted D3 settings/programings.

    Try this and let me know please! GL
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    posted a message on [New Method] 1-200 Paragon in 1 day (1-70 powerlevel in under a hour) | Safe T6 HC | Faster than Merc Runs
    Quote from 2xgaming
    Much faster than merchant runs and gives more xp+gold
    Powerlevel from 1-70 in under a hour You can go from paragon level 1 to 200 in under a day
    I myself won't be using this method to farm paragon as it seems like a major exploit but who knows. Maybe blizzard may patch this so take advantage of it as you wish.
    So you can reach the end of the game within a short time and then lose all the fun, throw the game in the trash and start playing something else. Great stuff man!! I like!
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    posted a message on [Poll] Would you like old trading system back in D3?
    Why is playing D3-ROS so much fun compared to D3? Cos you can actually find your own stuff, with your own effort.

    At least that's what keeps me playing and I'm having a lot of fun IDing every single Leg I get! I dont want no items from other people, and I sure dont wanna buy my items from an AH. D3 was fckd up cos of the AH. Blizz has done a great job in removing the AH and the normal trading system.

    As soon as BLizz implements anything that helps people "buy" their items, it's all going to fall apart. Cos trading is in a way also "buying" items. Lets say I offer a good leg in the chat for 10M gold - guess how many people will be going to their chinese colleagues on ebay and start byuing gold?

    Nah nah, it's perfect this way!
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