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    Quote from slamaskin

    I'm not praising them there are stuff i dont like about them and Diablo 3 but nothing major that i would go nerd rage

    Not thing major? are you serious? People were hacked WITH authenticator and virus free computer. People lag with top gaming machine. Game breaking bugs 3006 out of no where. We are not talking about game play, customization or skill/status/balance here. We are talking about unable to play the most anticipated game of the century here. Perhaps they might not making as much money as WoW but are you telling me they are not making bank with just all the wow annual passes and all those digital copies and collector edition?

    You should be really grateful and just not post here. Where are the understanding for our follow gamers that cant play the game they love? and just voice out that the game blow cause they cant even freaking play this awesome Diablo 2.5. Instead you have to call people ungrateful and defending the money sucking developers that fail to recreate Diablo 2 at launch.

    Tyrael will go mortal just for this.
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