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    Quote from slamaskin

    I'm not praising them there are stuff i dont like about them and Diablo 3 but nothing major that i would go nerd rage

    Not thing major? are you serious? People were hacked WITH authenticator and virus free computer. People lag with top gaming machine. Game breaking bugs 3006 out of no where. We are not talking about game play, customization or skill/status/balance here. We are talking about unable to play the most anticipated game of the century here. Perhaps they might not making as much money as WoW but are you telling me they are not making bank with just all the wow annual passes and all those digital copies and collector edition?

    You should be really grateful and just not post here. Where are the understanding for our follow gamers that cant play the game they love? and just voice out that the game blow cause they cant even freaking play this awesome Diablo 2.5. Instead you have to call people ungrateful and defending the money sucking developers that fail to recreate Diablo 2 at launch.

    Tyrael will go mortal just for this.
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    First we waited from the news and how long we waited? and again one last delay from korea. Fine.. lets wait. Wait........... no pvp??? Oh my ... god.. not even real money auction house?

    Than I personally have to deal with the Collector Edition problem not being able to play at launch. (Fixed paying the digital copy) 160 dollars gone.

    After that I'm stuck with another person (2 players game) almost via the entire Normal act 2-4 and Nightmare to 3. All good cause I'm kool and I love Diablo.

    Guess what? All my items and gold are gone!!! HACKED?? Who knows.. but I got good ally that I played with willing to give me free gold and items so I can atlest start again. All my shit is crap anyway. My HTC Mobile Authenticator are now protecting my account! (crossing my fingers)

    Hmm how come I'm doing the Nightmare act 4 part-1 again and again and again is it going to be like this until 60? so many freaking bots already?? Oh good finally having a party that is clearing Nightmare.

    "Lets go to Hell~~ OMG this is easy as hell".. until we fight the first rare packs at act-1 Cathedral lvl 4... than 2nd packs... than the 3rd packs.. omg wipe wipe and wipe.. time to go upgrade before the boss ...........

    Finally camped some decent items that doesnt cost 100000. So lets solo the hell act1 with out all those nubs making the act harder... than BAMMM "Error 3006". Spent 4 hours trying to get it fix with no luck. Now we are having a 8 hours server update. By the way this is my day off today.

    Say all you want.. this game can be alot better and more fun to play consider how long it took to launch. If this patch dont fix the hacking and 3006 issue.. YOU are just waiting to be next victim and YOU will start being your so called "ungrateful ppl".

    1st post and consider this as a RAGE and seriously what are they giving us? a broken game in many aspect. I'm sure they will fix all that or else every one will either have no items or cant log on. Blizzard wront let that happen but we have a new standard for their games... and we know what to expect from the next Blizzard's game.
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