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    Quote from Gabriel_Logan

    Agree with the OP, which is why I sold all of my gear in RMAH today and am not coming back. As a person who played Diablo 2 for 5 straight years (from release through the LOD ladder resets and patches) without complaining a single time, and who killed Hell Diablo as a naked Sorceress (that requires at least a fair amount of skill), I can honestly say the skillcap is nearly non-existant in Diablo 3. DIablo 3 is littler more than money and time sink, one that completely excludes skill. All of these 'firsts' are by people who exploited game mechanics (see goblin farming/resplendent chests, life on kill/hydra, force armor invincibility, infinite smokescreen, Monk invincibility, etc), or had a Wizard/DH clear content for them in advance. Those achievements weren't earned by a longshot.

    Currently, those who are actually clearing A4 are those who either also exploited the game enough to become part of the 5% or less of people rich enough to buy the ilvl63 gear, or those who are AH masters. Those of us who played the game as it was designed to be played, cannot do such things as farming A1-A2 is completely non-profitable, as the richest players control the market entirely, and inflate the gold prices accordingly. This is why nerfing/patching all previous exploits in the game only further increases the divide between the rich and poor in this game (pretty much the same as reality). There is no way to fix this game now but an expansion pack that wipes the entire market, as the current gold market is completely ruined. If you're not at least at 10m gold right now, there is no way to progress. Further attempts at controlling item drops/item farming rates merely decreases the overall fun in a game already lacking in it.

    I hate it when people make BS claims like this.

    If that was in any way true, I would not have found a piece of gear to upgrade my current gear (all i61/i62/i63 gear) EVERY SINGLE DAY I PLAY.

    Yet, that is EXACTLY the case.

    My current weapon was upgraded from a drop on Sunday (i63 1h 867dps +str +crit dam), my shield a couple days before (i61 Hallowed Set +60 res, +str +vit +block%), my Ammy on Monday (i62 rare, +50 res all +str + vit), my Belt the day after (i62 rare, +res +str +vit), and last night a i61 Helm (legendary, Command with MF + slot + Str + Block%).

    Also found a Blue i63 2h at over 1k.

    You CAN farm for gear, its not hard. (I think the only things I GAH'd on my current gear is my Gloves and my Boots, I gotta spend the excess gold on something? I sell a ton of jazz on the GAH/RMAH)

    No exploits, no vase runs, Barbarian.
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    Quote from FadeBlack

    Anyway...i will ask a real question to everywhere, the qq'ers, the fanboys, and the neutral-guys.

    The whole point in the Diablo 3 franchise was doing certain builds work under certain conditions...(Infinity sorc come to mind in d2).....why they didn't make the other stats more appealing rather than nerfing ias to the ground ?. I don't want to "Balance" everything in my character, i want to make the build i want. Be it 50%+ crit, 500%+ crit dmg, insane IAS, etc. Why i can't have my little sandbox of stats to play with ?



    its like you guys cannot think at all.


    Just not a completely broken must have.
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    The only people crying are the nubs who were rolling broken DH builds.

    This patch is GREAT.

    Better loot tables, direct hit to botters, harder bosses (with unique Inferno stuffs), cheaper BS/Gemcraft, and NERFED DAMAGE IN INFERNO.

    All of these things are GREAT.

    If your entire build is 100% reliant on IAS, your terribad.
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    Quote from Kayzer

    It was a great read but as I stated in that thread, Blizzard aren't the same Blizzard anymore. Diablo III was a huge success for Blizzard but in terms of quality it was terrible. It's painfully obvious Blizzard rushed this game out to the shelves. Any future Blizzard games story will be destroyed just as Diablo III was and it's a damn shame.


    Case in point right here, read my above post; then, please show me a SINGLE Blizzard game of old that had "better" storytelling.

    From the mouth of the OLD Diablo lead dev "We just tacked on the story after the game was done" (Diablo) Whats HILARIOUS is your "Blizzard of old" did EXACTLY what you just blasted the "New Blizzard" for, they slapped together a story to rush out the game, and they straight up admit to it. (take those rose tinted glasses off FFS)

    Guess your "Blizzard of old" was not exactly how you seem to remember it eh?
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    I am still surprised at people crying about D3's story, when literally every single Blizzard game ever has had a pulpy/cheesy story.

    They just had MORE story/dialog in D3.

    The hypocrisy in this community is hilarious.

    Also; the funniest part?


    The OG creator/lead dev from Diablo 2; "I like how they told the story, though. It’s interesting and I’m compelled to listen to it and I like how it’s related. The method they used to tell it is nicely-done, and it doesn’t feel tacked on. I will admit that in previous incarnations of Diablo the story was completely tacked on after the game was complete, and it felt that way. I think Diablo III did a great job integrating the story into the mechanics. "

    Did people just forget the space hicks in SC1? Or basically ANYTHING ever said in a WC title? Or the "tacked on" dissconnected story from Diablo? (Zug-zug? Y U SO NOSTALGIC?)

    Blizzard has never been known for deep engaging storys, they have always been "cool" and "fun", and a background for the feature of thier titles, the gameplay.
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    posted a message on What did Blizzard do wrong in D3?
    Quote from Tyraen

    Quote from brx

    Spoiler hiding wall of text.

    brx - that block of text can be rendered down to the following points (and my thoughts) per item in the linked post, and my thoughts on how useful the item is after:

    (1) game was dumbed down. Disagree - the complexity just doesn't come out until Hell/Inferno, and is broke ATM due to Inferno difficutly. opinion, excepting Inferno.
    (2) chat is weak. Yup, but it is enough, or could be with tuning. only so much you can do with chat. Invalid point
    (3) story is weak/basic. So were the previous games. Opinion, Invalid point.
    (4) see (1)
    (5) No offline. BTW, tons of botters got banned, and no duping as of yet. They are a business. If you stodd to lose millions of dollars in sales, you would think differently on the subject. Likewise if you had ever lost a job at a game company because your game didn't sell well enough, but enough people to have kept you employed are playing it. Opinion, but sorta failed.
    (6) Bad UI. nothing wrong with the UI, it does what it needs to. Opinion.
    (7) fewer legendaries. No, fewer legendaries than D2+LOD. More legendaries than D2 vanilla at launch. Invalid point.
    (8) fewer gems. No, technicaly 24 differnt types of gems, depending on where you put them. The other crap doesn't apply for an apples-to-apples comparison. Invalid point.
    (9) Different affixes. D3 has just as many affixes, some are just item specific. Beyond that, some of them were moved to runes that applied to specific classes. Also, you only chose to list the D3 affixes to make your point, and some of the D2 ones were item specific. Invalid point.
    (10) You have to balance different stats. Invalid point.
    (11) Less at low levels, more than enough at high levels, to the point they are even nerfing IAS. Invalid point.
    (12) Inferno *is* broken. Not cheap, because that implies that did it that way on purpose. Inferno was aded for people that didn't want to mow down creatures for a 4th difficulty, but wanted a challenge. Invalid point.
    (13) Main quest guides you through the game. Just like D2. Side quests aren't required, just like D2. Invalid point.
    (14) Fixing Inferno drop rates will fix this. That being said, up until then, RMAH isn't required at all, and doesn't need to have any effect on fidning good items. Invalid, excepting Inferno currently. Invalid point, excepting Inferno..
    (15) Same answer as 14.
    (16) Sort of agree. I liked fighting hordes of monsters, as opposed to fewer strong ones (not including elites/champs of course). Good.
    (17) D2 vanilla didn't have these til an expansion, keep it apples-to-apples. Invalid point.
    (18) Disagree, but it is most opinion and perception. To me, the monsters felt weak, with later difficulties getting harder, as I expected, and wanted. For inferno, I liked struggling at first, then getting more powerful as i got better gear, and tried different abilities (cleared Act 1 without the recommended health/armor/resist/dps or skills too). The feeling of growing power as you gear and tune your skills is awesome to me, but again, it's all perception. Opinion.
    (19) Character permanence has nothing to do with using different skills at different times. If anything, it increases character customization, and increases a characters ability to deal with different circumstances and group dynamics. I am *more* attached to a character I can do many things well with, than a character I am locked into doing only 1 thing well with. Build diversity in Inferno will change with the upcomgin patch and gear. Opinion, excepting Inferno points.
    (20) Lol, game has better, more useful customization than D2. D2 had cookie-cutter specs to gear/level with, and once you had the best gear, you could use any spec you liked because they all worked - it wasn't diversity, when the choices were all meaning less. And since none of them affected your ability to kill things, they were all meaningless. Invalid point.
    (21) PvP isn't in, and PvP was crap in D2, so why expect anything more in D3. Conjecture, and invalid point.
    (22) Agree, but not based on any of the reason stated, excepting the lack of horror atmosphere. Good point, poorly supported.
    (23) Sort of agree, but mostly not. There are ten character slots for a reason - 5 softcore, 5 hardcore. Replayability is technically gone (without expansions) when you have leveled each class once, and leveled you best/favorite class through at least Hell, I would say. unique builds can be tried it in the course of an hour maybe, after the 30-40 hours minimum needed to get level 60. All the other points about low customization/itemization are to be fixed, and the dislike of PvP with it not even being in the game is plain retarded. Opinion, but mostly invalid, or just downright bullshit.

    So, tallying up, we have (some items were multiple categories, so they don't add up):
    Good points - 4 (2 in regards to Inferno specifically)
    Invalid points - 17
    Opinion - 5
    Conjecture - 2 (both regarding PvP, just in different places.

    So, as we can see here, that huge diatribe comes down to 4 useful complaints, each of which are being addressed. 17 bullshit points of either crap comparisons or downright incorrect information, 5 points that are pure opinion, and 2 that are complete conjecture, and ridiculous to include in any sort of post expected to be taken seriously.

    Before you reference someone elses work to support your stance, make sure the work in questions doesn't make you look like a dumbass.

    So damn good it deserves a quote! And a RED background!
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    posted a message on Don't use RMAH if you don't like it.
    As it stands right now, the GAH has waaaaaaaaaaaay better gear.

    Just an observation.
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    posted a message on Refuses to make offline version; justifies "pay-to-win" model to fund server costs.
    Also, to the OP, and anyone else complaining about no offline mode/RMAH.

    Blizzard announced that D3 would be online only well over a YEAR ago, then shortly after, they announced the RMAH.

    There is literally NO EXCUSE for not knowing about these two things, they are plastered all over their main site, every gaming website has reported time and time again on these two things.

    So, if you BUY a product, knowing about these two things, you are DIRECTLY SUPPORTING those decisions, period.

    Over 8 MILLION people have just voted "yes I approve" to these features, if you do this THEN bitch and whine about it after the fact, no one cares, the message is heard loud and clear at retail, and no where else. If you truly are AGAINST Online Only and the RMAH, you should have had the balls to actually stand by said convictions and NOT BUY the product, buying it is literally saying "I am ok with this".

    If you want to act like you have these convictions, then actually back said convictions up, no one forced you to buy anything, if you dont have the backbone to stand behind something you say is important to you, then no one, and I mean NO ONE will care, why should they?

    You obviously did not care when you bought it.

    The whole reason the RMAH even exists is because of the wildly successful marketplace for Diablo 2, D2jsp funneled MILLIONS into 3rd party pockets, there is an old saying that applies DIRECTLY to this situation:

    If you cant beat them, join them.

    A big portion of the COMMUNITY made this happen, obviously, there are a large amount of people who WANT this, within MINUTES of the RMAH going live, a metric TON of items were sold.

    Everyone can get gear in this game, EVERYONE, they are even increasing the drop rates, and nerfing the damage in Infero to make this EASIER.

    They have banned thousands of botted accounts, they will ban thousands more, that right there is already more then they ever did for Diablo 2.
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    I really like the coming changes, they look awesome!

    Cant wait for the Legendary/Set items buff! (in the next patch after 1.0.3)

    I do wish they would make the bosses a bit harder, and maybe make class specific items have a slightly better chance at class specific stats rolling.

    And thats about it.
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