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    posted a message on top 10 why d3 will be good
    1. Improved graphics.
    Cartoony? no, and definetly do not want life like. Its a fantasy style game not real life.

    2. New skill system,awesome and complely cool. Each ability has 6 different effects and looks!
    -aww cant stat ur char? or skills? who gives a shit this creates viability based on gear. You can find the same end game armor as me BUT mine could have 6 diff stats then yours!

    3. RMAH, OK IDC ABOUT THE RMAH BUT GMAH is good. No more in game trading and scammers. You can legit get rid of your items and gold is now valuable.

    4. No pvp toggle switch like d2! yes their putting a real pvp system in with meaning. No more pk at fence.
    So what it wont be at launch! level up,get gear focus on the game!

    5. Shared mf! just awesome,dont like it? go solo and stop crying.

    6. Replayability. Over 2trillion builds? say what jay wilson

    7. Crafting,simply put thats just cool.

    8. B.net 2.0 cleaner,smoother. And still has a chat function/channel not a big deal.

    9. Blizzard rocks even tho their nit picky but thats gd for us (:

    10. I so forgot the 10th so you fill here (: people will be trolls about how the game is being made. Overall if we wanted diablo 3 to be exactly like diablo 2 then this game would suck. New mechanics and feautures create a better game. ITS STILL DIABLO! With a 2012 taste to it. If you like d2 and not d3,then stick to d2 and enjoy ugly graphics and such.
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