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    1. i would remove set items or nerf them a lot. They are to powerful.

    2. i would nerf legendary gear drop rate. 1 pice every 20-30 minutes of average game play would be good enough. There is nothing special about legendary gear if there does drop 5 of them every minute.

    3. i would remove half of the torment levels. There is no point to have so many Torment levels, people skip half of them anyway. playing torment 6 then finding a set item and skipping right into torment 12 is just stupid game design.

    4. i would make a cap on paragon level.

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    blizzard spit in our face with hyping blizzcon for diablo fans months before and now giving "us" a mobile game that no one wants. WTF Blizzard?? did you loose your mind.

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