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    1. i would remove set items or nerf them a lot. They are to powerful.

    2. i would nerf legendary gear drop rate. 1 pice every 20-30 minutes of average game play would be good enough. There is nothing special about legendary gear if there does drop 5 of them every minute.

    3. i would remove half of the torment levels. There is no point to have so many Torment levels, people skip half of them anyway. playing torment 6 then finding a set item and skipping right into torment 12 is just stupid game design.

    4. i would make a cap on paragon level.

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    posted a message on Diablo 4 Reportedly in Development Under Code Name Fenris

    i sure hope other countrys will ban MTX and game developers will have to create good games to earn money. Not like now some shitty mobile games and making big bucks on kids.

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    posted a message on Mobile game isn't the problem, delivery was.

    The problem is they hyped us about diablo since blizzon 2017. Devs told people that 2018 will be a great year for diablo.

    Then they release the video hyping everyone even more about a possible diablo 4 reveal or diablo 3 expansion.

    Then they reveal the blizzcon shedule with Diablo being on the biggest stage right after the opening ceremony so it would be a huge Diablo anounncement.

    They try to do some damage control with the post on the forums that some things take longer to make so people dont expect a d4 reveal but we still hoped for a d3 expansion or even a class DLC.

    But what did we get ? a Diablo mobile no one was asking for. Yeah you dont reveal a mobile game before a hardcore PC playerbase. Its like a BMW driver going to a Honda meeting.

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    blizzard spit in our face with hyping blizzcon for diablo fans months before and now giving "us" a mobile game that no one wants. WTF Blizzard?? did you loose your mind.

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    posted a message on Diablo 4 - Possibly leaked on Reddit

    Before even readin this post my biggest Diablo 4 wish was to be a Isometrick Hack&Slash MMO with some features taken stright from WoW and if what i read here is true i will be very pleased.

    What i want for D4 is a loot system like in WoW with item levels and every difficulty in game droping a different item level, So if you are a better player you might play on higher difficulty and get better rewards. Also the warforge/titanforge system would be nice to have so the not so skilled players could have a chance to get better revards than the difficulty they are playing. I want Legendary items to be rare but not as rare as in vanilla d4. I want stats to be normalized like in WoW where your character normal stat would be to have 10-30 % crit and not crazy ammount like in d3 where the damage is out of control. I want fun challenging weekly quests with chance for better loot than usual. I want raids that require a party of 5 players. And a game that gets new patches with content every few months.

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