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    Okay, since i actually have a Tyrael tattoo, i gues that i am the best person to answer this question. Do i regret getting a Tyrael tattoo? Not at all, although i was a bit disappointed that he lost 99% of his awesomeness and is now mortal with a different voice, i did not like that at all. However we all have the memories of how bad ass he was back in D2.

    Besides, who says that it HAS to be associated with Tyrael later on in life? I usually just refer to it as an arch angel or just an angel when someone who doesnt even know who Tyrael is asks. Its even better looking than a traditional arch angel tattoo if you ask me, especially the wings and "wing armor".

    Here is a picture of the unfinished tattoo, its finished now but i havent got an updated picture here atm:

    And also the original thread i created:
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    Heya! I have been a huge fan of the Diablo series all the way back to the original Diablo dungeon crawl when i first played it in early 1997. Over 15 years after i first played the first game i have finally decided to pay my respect and tribute to the game and its developers by infusing my skin with ink from the bowels of hell itself!
    Well..I eventually had to settle with normal ink, and the real hunt began for a character from the series that was worthy of being carved into my skin:

    Why not Diablo himself you ask? Because Tyrael is just about 10 times more awesome, and this fan art piece made by Brom is the very pinnacle of awesomeness in my opinion. Too late to change my mind anyway, going to the tattoo artist in 15 minutes. So wish me luck and hope that it will be as awesome as i think it will be!


    Keep in mind that it is not finished yet, so it is far from perfect. I'm going back in approx three weeks to finish it up, as you can see there are several details missing on the sword, waist and other minor details that will get added later on. The skin on several parts of the tattoo is also shedding like hell when this photo was taken so its not as crisp as it was when i did the first part almost a week ago. :) Overall im very happy with the result so far, and im certain that i will be even more happy with it in a few weeks!
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